What To Expect When You’re Expecting| Kiddicare & NCT

Before you embark on a having children, notions of babies and how to raise them never seem that hard.

And then that first pregnancy starts to take its toll.  It’s the first time that you suddenly realise that perhaps raising a family isn’t all that easy.  After all that pregnancy glow is lost somewhere and you’re struggling to find it.

On top of feeling out of your depth you start to look at baby items, only to fear how this small new addition can cost so much.

Do they really need everything that’s listed on the websites you’re scouring?

Thankfully, the NCT; a well-known family charity who support parents throughout pregnancy and into childhood, have joined forces with Kiddicare; a baby equipment retailer since 1974, to provide advice to parents while passing on exclusive offers on the necessary products for your nursery.

The NCT is certainly a charity I’d encourage all first time expectant parents to get in touch with and to consider.  It’s something I didn’t do with my first-born, and something I regretted.  Consequently, I felt out of my depth after he was born.  Simple tasks such as bathing a baby and soothing them properly were not within my understanding.  I was anxious and nervous about making mistakes.  I felt I was expected to just know what to do, but those aspects of parenting just didn’t come naturally.

Life has changed, and the notion of a village helping you raise your family no longer exists.  That village is something you have to arm yourself with before the birth, and knowledge is the new village.  And over 90,000 parents yearly choose the NCT to provide them with that knowledge.

With Kiddicare now part of the team, that support and knowledge is growing.

The two companies will endeavour to provide joint information, awareness campaigns and in store events for parents.  Kiddicare have already produced a helpful car seat guide to support antenatal class members better understand the latest safety regulations to help them make well-informed decisions when it comes to purchasing.

Kiddicare stores; which are part of the Dunelm family, will also provide free requested car seat checks and will make sure the car and the car seat are compatible.

Plus with baby friendly facilities it makes buying for your child after they arrive a much more enjoyable experience.

Customer Director at Dunelm and Kiddicare, Leonie Foster said: “Pregnancy and early parenthood is an exciting time but we also know there is a lot to think about, especially if it’s a new experience for you, so we are delighted to be partnering with NCT to provide additional support and advice for parents and their families.

Sam Grimstone, head of partnerships at NCT said: “We think Kiddicare and NCT are a great match and we’re really excited by this partnership. Through sharing knowledge and information with Kiddicare it’ll help us achieve our mission to support parents throughout the first 1,000 days of pregnancy.”

Disclosure: In partnership with Kiddicare.



  1. I know my idea of expecting and becomming a parent were totally different to real life experiences. The NCT are great. I brought my Daughters Travel system from Kiddicare they are a great company

    • It’s terrifyingly different.. I was so lost with my son. Thankfully with my daughter I was able to reference my son by that point. I think it’s a great partnership and will definitely help parents 🙂

  2. I had no idea there was a charity out there that offered such support what a great idea! Definitely, something all first-time parents should know about.

  3. I had no idea there was a charity out there that offered such support what a great idea! Definitely, something all first-time parents should know about.

    • I agree, and with the partnership it’ll help so many parents make wise choices going forwards on products.

  4. It’s so nice something like this exists as I can’t imagine how daunting it would feel to be presented with a kid and just be expected to know what I was doing x

  5. Oh gosh, I having a new born is such a daunting time and I’d take any help I can get. The Kiddicare service is amazing and something so many people would appreciate

    C x

    • Very daunting.. you think it can’t be that hard and then the baby is given to you! eeeekkk!

  6. I wish I knew about the NCT when I was expecting with my first child as I could have done with some sort of support and advice. I am so glad charities like this exist to help support new parents who are lost and in need of help.

    • Exactly how I feel. I’m gutted I didn’t know about the NCT when I was pregnant with my first.

  7. It’s quite overwhelming the first time around and useful to have people supporting you that have experience. I’ve had 3 so I have been there done that.

    • Utterly terrifying! TO know where to go for support is so useful. x

  8. the partnership between Kiddicare and NCT sounds so helpful and will definitely benefit so many new parents!

  9. Such a lovely idea to support first time parents. It’s overwhelming being a parent, let alone for the first time. Great partnership!

    • It really is, so I’m glad this partnership is happening. It should help many parents.

  10. This is such a great partnership, I would be terrified to take care of a baby as I know nothing about the proper steps you take for them. I hope all first time parents find out about this

    • It’s terrifying… it’s ridiculous how I was too scared to bath my son for a looooooong time, but I honestly just didn’t know what to do or how to do it.

  11. What a great partnership! It can be scary becoming a first time parent and schemes like this st emu has needed.

  12. I didn’t think Kiddicare still existed, our nearest one closed a couple of years ago. Sounds like a great partnership

    • I think they’re online now predominantly, but there are some in Dunelm home stores- I quite like the mix!

  13. NCT have been wonderful in their support to expectant mothers and also after the birth.Good to know kiddicare have joined forces to offer additional support.

  14. Definitely needed to read this! 16.5 weeks and bricking it already! Having had a horrendous first 4 months being in and out of hospital on drips and anti sickness injections it’s good to know there is help out there! I’m told it’s all worth it in the end though! I’m sure it will be.
    I will be following your blog closely! Consider me your newest follower 😀


    • It’s hard not to freak out, but it really is worth it. Sometimes you can’t see that when you’re struggling but then when they’re all blissfully asleep and pouty and gorgeous you just melt again. If ever you feel like you need to chat or you feel overwhelmed, feel free to contact me. Sometimes just knowing you’re not alone is all you need. But certainly get in touch with the NCT if you haven’t already. The group is so good for creating those connections. x

  15. This is such a great partnership! I remember when I had my little girl it felt like there was absolutely nothing out there like this

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