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Most parents will have experienced nappy rash issues with their babies at one time or another.

After all up to a third of babies and toddlers in nappies have nappy rash at any one time.  You can count us in that figure right now.

It can be brought about in many ways.  Ours is the result of a viral infection which led to severe spots on our daughters face and nappy area, and only now after a trip to the doctors for some strong medication are we able to use the soothing protective barrier of Bepanthen to help her heal.

As the winner of the best nappy cream by Loved by Parents in 2016, the easy flip lid tube makes applying the cream a simple process.

The ointment creates a breathable, transparent layer to protect the area prone to nappy rash and the pro-vitamin B5 encourages the natural recovery of the babies’ skin while keeping it soft and moisturised.

So what is nappy rash?

It’s an inflammation of the baby’s skin found in the nappy area.

What causes it?

Baby sitting in a damp or soiled nappy for a long period (overnight is often the cause of this).

The nappy rubbing against the baby’s skin.

Not thoroughly cleaning the nappy area.

Bath products can cause irritation i.e. soap, bubble bath etc.

An aversion to a brand of baby wipes.

An aversion to a brand of nappies.

Medication and in particular antibiotics.

Teething can create more acidity in the stools causing the skin more irritation


Why choose Bepanthen?

It contains no unnecessary ingredients including sensitisers such as fragrances, preservatives or antiseptics.

There are no toxic ingredients.

Enhances natural protection of the skin.

Clinically proven.

All ingredients are safe to use and beneficial.

Maintains optimum moisture levels.

Where can I buy Bepanthen?

Bepanthen is sold in all leading supermarkets, chemists and independent pharmacies.  It costs £3.99 for a 30g tube or £7.99 for a 100g tube.

Although you can buy it currently on Amazon here direct from Bepanthen for £4.86 for 100g.

Or you could enter my competition to win a 6 month supply of Bepanthen along with a £50 John Lewis voucher and a Bepanthen toy.

Just use rafflecopter below to enter and a winner will be drawn in two weeks time.

Good luck!

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This post is sponsored by Bepanthen.



  1. No I have never tried it, we use sudocrem…..will give this a go though!

  2. I haven’t myself but I’ll be sure to pass some on to my sister, who told us all she is pregnant with her first after seven months of trying 🙂

    • Oh wow, huge congratulations to her! This would be a greta way to help her prepare before little ones arrival 🙂

  3. I haven’t tried it before actually! Always like to try out new products though 🙂

    • We tend to stick with what we know when spending money don’t we? So this would be a good chance to try a new brand 🙂

  4. I haven’t used it yet as our go to is normally sudocrem but definitely going to give it a try to see if it’s any better

    • Would love to know your thoughts after trying it for a while if you win the 6 month supply 🙂

    • We like it too, plus I use it as a lip balm (I have two tubes.. one for my daughter and one for my lips lol)

  5. I don’t think I have used Bepanthen to be fair, but it sounds like another amazing product.

    • I suppose it’s one of those things you buy as and when it’s needed

  6. I have used it with both my children, its a great product and trustworthy.

  7. Yeah I’ve used bepanthen before. Used it with my first daughter and now with my second. It works brilliantly as a barrier cream.

  8. Bepanthen was a godsend with my children when they were babies, It was a godsend when I was nursing my mum at home.I can’t recommend Bepanthen enough

  9. yes used it several years ago, not had the need for a while

  10. yes i used it for one of my daughters who had sensitive skin as a baby and toddler it was recommended to me by my doctor

  11. i have for my niece, actually heard its great for bputting on new tattoo as well lol

  12. Yes I have and I found it to be really good and would recommend it to anyone.

  13. After using sudo on my first child and not finding it very affective, we switched to Bepanthen and what a difference ! It was almost like a miracle cure, I would never use anything else now 🙂

  14. Yes we have tried it and think its really good , always have some in my bag now

  15. i have to be honest my fave nappy rash product is drapolene not sure if that’s the correct way to spell it but its hard to find its a pink cream in a tub if that helps 🙂 i usually find it in the bigger boots and lloyds pharmacies but whenever i cant find it i use bepanthen as its a little wonder product and sold everywhere fab giveaway thank you xx

  16. I’ve used Bepanthen before many times, I tend to buy this and sudocream, they both work really well for me.

  17. I have used it before and it worked a treat when my little boy got sore

  18. Never tried it, but it sounds like it would be a great alternative!

  19. Yes I prefer Bepanthen to sudodrem and cleared up any nappy rash quickly

  20. Yeah, I used it on my 2 children when they were babies, it’s my favourite nappy rash treatment and their moisturizer is lovely too.

  21. No I haven’t tried it before, but I’ve heard very good reviews from it!

  22. Yes I use it often during my baby’s nappy change at the first sign of redness & it works wonders. The redness disappears after one use.

  23. havent tried it yet, am still using all the little metanium samples I’ve had from all the mother and baby freebie packs Ive been given

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