Whitstable, Kent

Ever since we returned from our Bluestone adventure, we’ve been meaning to get ourselves to a coastal region as quickly as possible.  But life as always gets in the way.

We desperately wanted to squeeze in a little family day trip before the schools pack up for Summer, and the coastal areas start heaving with families.  So on a sunny Thursday we jumped into the car and drove the short distance to the coast.

One of the areas myself and Mr London Mum fell in love with pre baby was Whitstable.  We are both sea food aficionados and seeing as some of the very best oysters hail from the shores of beautiful Whitstable, we figured we may as well head back with child in tow.  He can dip his toes into the British sea, while we polish off plates and plates of oysters.  Win win.

With excitement we jumped into our car and drove the short distance to the Kent coast.  We parked up and strolled to the glorious open beach front.



We were presented with the very edge of England.  Beyond the shoreline was just the sea which went out as far as the eye could see.


With the taste of salt on our lips and fresh air permeating our lungs, we all turned our attention to the little beach shack we were stood in front of.


With wood cladding it couldn’t have been more authentic in terms of what we wanted.  Somewhere to dine that was local, fresh and cosy.  With the coastal winds picking up we decided to sit ourselves inside and order some seafood to stop the grumbling bellies.

Not being able to resist the lobster I devoured it in seconds, while Little London helped himself to my chips.


With bellies satisfied, and coffees drunk we popped our Son into his iCandy Raspberry* and went in search of the famous Whitstable beach huts.


Painted an array of colours, they perfectly frame the coast line and bring a beautiful injection of colour to the outstanding natural beauty of the area.



The colours put a big smile on Little London’s face, perhaps because he knew the canopy of his pram was giving a big nod to the coastal lifestyle.  The Atlantic blue colour pack couldn’t have been more fitting.




With Little London content to watch the world go by from the comfort of his stroller, we decided to potter down to the harbour front, which was bustling with activity.



Fishing boats were tied up waiting to go out for the next haul, and shoppers were delighting in the purchase of local handicrafts being sold at the Whitstable Harbour Villlage.

With the sun now out in full force and the wind settling down, the sea became ever more tempting.  So we found ourselves a quiet part of the beach front and stripped Little London down to just a T-shirt, and let him lead us to the rippling waters edge.




(Boat T-shirt: Mini Myo)

With his toes dipped into the cold English sea, he bent down and splashed around until his face was glistening in the drops of the waters as well.




Clutching hold of my hands, we walked as far as we dared into the sea and danced by the water’s edge.






After playing by the water for some time, (and with Little London starting to get a bit more daring by it), we decided to carry on into the centre of Whitstable and let Little London dry off in the heat of the day.  Settling himself into his foam padded chariot he happily relaxed.


With the Whitstable oyster on our agenda we came across the perfect place to grab ourselves half a dozen each (toddler not included of course).





Happy we finally got a taste the local sea (doused in lemon and mignonette sauce), we continued on our journey around Whitstable.

The fresh sea breeze obviously worked its magic on our darling Son and he nodded off in the comfort of his iCandy Raspberry, so we reclined the seat and let him snooze away.




With the little one in the land of nod, myself and Mr London Mum got straight back on the food trail, and stopped by another seaside shack serving oysters on the go.  Shying away from the extra-large oysters (probably the size of a giants hand), we opted to try the large oysters and got two of them freshly shucked right there.  Still too big to eat in one go I had to actually use my teeth to tear the oyster into pieces, while Mr London Mum attempted his whole.  Death by oyster was a very near reality for him!





A hilarious experience, but I recommend using a knife and fork on those biguns!  In terms of taste though, the smaller oysters are by far superior, but those huge ones are an experience in themselves you won’t want to miss out on 😉

We finished off with a fresh donut each before making our way back home.  A day by the coast is always worth it in my eyes.




(Disclosure: PR sample marked with a *)



  1. What a brilliant BRILLIANT post LondonMum!!!! fabulous photos!!!!! We laughed seeing you all having such a great time – especially W!! Sea air & sun cure everything except ‘Death by Oysters’ – that’s just got to be the latest whodunit??? ‘L’ loves W’s seaside haircut – he must’ve been beachcombing (sorry) ha. Hey, Dorset’s got it’s good points as well LondonMum – Sandbanks open 25 hours everyday- next on the Oystercard travel list?? Anytime LondonMum … anytime! (Swamped with grockles now & no painted beach huts – good old Cuprinol – but you’re welcome to ours – not as palatial as your pad tho I’m afraid haha!) Shortlist audition this afternoon. Onwards LondonMum. ‘O’ later.

    • Gosh if it’s not as palatial as my pad then it must be smaller than cat swinging proportions! New pictures were taken with the new lens- do you like?

      • ‘L’ thinks that depends on the size of the cat ha – another ‘smart 1’. “Do we like?” NO! … we LOVE IT !! We’re so pleased you’ve eventually eagle-ed . Happy unBirthday! Things to play with now ha. Any problems ask ‘W’ all insured from down ‘ere. Big Salisbury audition shortly L’s more nervous than I am ha. Hope all’s well? Any ‘L’ thoughts?? Onwards LondonMum.

        • I have the typical issue of needing a cd drive, I always seem to have laptops that don’t have them- but don’t worry I’m on it!

          • Just got back. ‘O’ from studio address. Might help you.

  2. What a lovely post and an absolutely lovely day!! I looveee seafood but have never tried oysters, I must change this. I love the iCandy too it’s stunning I don’t know why but the hood looks so sleek and stylish and the blue is gorgeous. Glad you had a lovely family day at the beach- nothing better!:) xx

    • You have to try oysters! they’re so yummy once you get over how ugly they look hahah. It’s a beautiful pram isn’t it? It reminds me of the bugaboo bee, I love the colour flavours they have! x

    • Th oysters are raw, but there are places you can get them cooked throughout Whitstable if you prefer them that way. If you’ve not tried them raw definitely give them a go though- they look gross but taste amazing!
      Thank you for posting the link, I’m off to check it out now xx

      • Raw does sound a bit scary as they do look slimy, but I don’t have a benchmark, as never tried them cooked either. I do like most seafood though

        • It took me a long time to try one actually, I remember just taking a nibble of my partners the first time I tried one. I’m not the biggest raw fish fan either, I like my food cooked lol x

  3. Wow, great pictures, i love the Atlantic flavour pack with the colourful beach huts, that looks amazing. Im glad to see the Raspberry was able to tackle the day at the beach, im looking for a lightweight pushchair for when i go to the beach, though ill skip on the oysters. I used to love going to Whitley Bay when i was a child and i hope to do the same with my family.

    • The pram isn’t great through sand, it’s definitely an urban pushchair, but it’s so easy to open and close and wheels like a dream. It’s very similar to the Bugaboo Bee and is definitely a top top stroller! I’m not sure there are many lightweight strollers that are good for beaches to be honest, we find the uppababy vista takes all terrain really easily but it’s a big full scale pram that isn’t convenient at other times because it’s a heavy pram with a toddler in it. But as long as you keep to the coastal paths etc you’ll be fine with the Raspberry 😉 x

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