What I Wore #6| Topshop & Zara

True to form, spring is certainly here.  And along with it the weather is proving really indecisive! Literally, every day seems to bring a different weather variety.

But with some hot days under our belt, it’s been tough to wear full on winter clothing once more even when the chill is there, and instead I’m preferring to layer up in cosy wear that is light-weight.

My winter coat has been replaced by this thin navy Zara coat which is handmade with a flared sleeve.

DSC_2209 (1)

Even though it’s lovely and light, it still has a certain protective element from the cold wind due to it being made of wool.

I love the loose boxy shape of the coat, and it feels very Scandinavian in style.  The two button do up is perfect as well as it helps maintain its loose structure when done up.


This coat I’m hoping will take me through the spring to autumn.  And on those cooler summer nights I’ll be using it to cover my shoulders when the sun goes down.

The cream coloured jumper from Topshop is also boxy in shape, which instantly made me fall in love with it- I’m obviously having a moment with loose-fitted clothing.

The high neck definitely helps bring this knitwear from winter warmer to fashion item, and if you’re daring the cropped nature shows a flash of skin above the waist line.


However, I decided to buy this jumper in a size larger, simply because I like my jumpers loose and I actually preferred where the hemline of the larger jumper just skimmed the top of my hips.


My jeans are rather appropriately named Mom jeans, and they’re also from Topshop.  I’ve been looking for a pair of jeans in a boyfriend style, but with a bit more of a tapered look for months.  And I finally found the perfect pair.


The Topshop Mom jeans are high-waisted and comfortably loose but as they go down the leg they taper nicely into a cropped turn up ankle.  The light denim colour added to that 90’s look I was trying to nod towards and being 100% cotton they are ridiculously comfortable.  These will be worn to death no doubt.


To finish off the look I decided to add a splash of colour to my otherwise neutral outfit, by wearing my red Primark heels.


For me this is the perfect casual outfit for those grey spring days.


Coat | Jumper | Jeans



    • It wasn’t too expensive either. Because it’s so loose I love that when it’s cold I can layer up more jumpers under it 😉

    • They’re an old par of Primark shoes- probably my best purchase from Primark because I’ve worn them with so many outfits.

    • I love the colour of the jumper- it’ll go with literally everything. x

    • And they’re comfy heels too, I rarely wear heels these days but if I do they have to be running appropriate so I can catch my son when he runs off lol. x

  1. I don’t really have an inbetween season coat but this one is gorgeous. I need to have a look and get myself something otherwise i’ll always be too hot or too cold x

  2. The weather has been a bit weird lately hasn’t it! Sunny and warm one moment, rainy the next. This coat looks ideal.

    • It’s all over the place, yesterday we had sunshine, rain, hail stones and snow. I just can’t figure it out!

    • These ones are nice and low and really quite comfy. I bought them about 4 or maybe 5 years ago from primary and they’re still going strong!

    • Comfy is the most important thing to me. I hate uncomfortable fabrics or clothing cuts. x

  3. This is a great outfit. I love how you have used the bright dash of colour with your shoes! That jumper looks really comfy and cosy too.

    • I love my little red shoes hahah. I’ve worn them pretty much everywhere lol x

  4. Love the outfit, it’s perfect for this sort of weather as it’s very up and down.

  5. I love the sharp burst of colour with the red heels! For me a boxy coat is ideal for Spring and I like my coats to be oversized anyway. This Zara coat is so cute.

    • I lvoe oversized coats, just that extra bit of space feels so good! lol. x

  6. Loving the entire outfit, you look awesome and those heels just added the much needed colour to the outfit

  7. Very nice! I went to the mainland recently and picked up a pair of Zara summer sandals for my daughter. She was over the moon. 🙂

    • nice low heel to run after my son too when he decides to leg it away from me lol. x

    • It’s such a lovely jumper. I wish they had it in other colours too, I’d bulk buy them. x

  8. Oh I love everything about this outfit! I love bold accessories, be it shoes or a bag, to go with a simple outfit and I’d wear this myself 🙂 You look great too!

    • It’s so hit or miss isn’t it. Yesterday we had the full range, lovely sunshine, hail stones, a bit of rain and then snow!

  9. Another great fashion guru post LondonMum, (looking wowiee great btw) – you & shopping have a lot to answer for ha! These posts’re costing the B+WC a king’s ransom in ‘L’s’ bursting “I’ve got nothing to wear” wardrobe now ha! Got to sew the hole in your jeans up though – I’ll staple it for you? (I bet you’ve just ‘tutted’ me – & I bet I know what you’re going to say haha) Got to go, gigs galore (to pay for another wardrobe ha.) Hope all’s well. Onwards LondonMum. (“O.”)

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