West Thirty Six, Notting Hill

There are parts of London that are ultra exclusive.  You have to know someone, who knows someone, who might be able to get you a membership to one of the big London townhouses; after you’ve gone through the rigorous application process.  Inside they’re decadent and offer a chance to escape the outside world, a great place to write-up that blog post, or have that meeting.

But don’t be forced into buying a membership to these places, because there’s a new place in town that offers the same benefits and being a member isn’t a requirement.  You are welcome to walk through their doors and seat yourself in one of the many quirky spaces they offer.

West Thirty Six is Notting Hill’s home for West London creatives.  It’s set over four floors and is located on Golborne Road not far from Portobello Road.




From the outside it almost looks like a gastro pub, and actually as soon as you step through the door that’s what you immediately think you’ve walked into.  A really suave gastro pub.



Seating is wherever you please, if the weather’s nice the terrace or the Potting Shed might be calling your name.  Or if you’re looking for maximum comfort just sit back in one of the many casual sofas and relax into the soft furnishings.

With a baby in tow, we decided to stay downstairs and hide ourselves away in a wonderfully beautiful cordoned off area.  It honestly felt like we had our own private area to just enjoy being a family and not having to worry too much about Little London and his occasional loud outbursts!

We needn’t have worried, we luckily hit gold as Little London decided he wanted to put his head down for a nap.   So we happily took the drinks menu off our delightful waiter; Catlin, and ordered the cocktails!


A peach and quince Bellini for me, and a 36 Collins for Mr London Mum.  The cocktails at West Thirty Six are top-notch, I ordered the same again a bit later, but Mr London Mum decided to venture out and try one of their Thyme Out’s as well, which is whiskey based with fresh lemon juice, thyme liquor, rhubarb bitters and an egg white.  It’s hard to have a favourite drink here, because they’ve nailed the mixes.


In fact flavour seem to be important throughout their menu.  If you like fine dining then West Thirty Six can serve you up a feast!

We started with a good healthy portion of beef tartare…


…before following up with different mains.


New on the menu was the monk fish, which is served with greens and barley…


…if I recall correctly, after his first bite Mr London Mum’s response was simply  ‘oh my‘ before fork and knife went straight back in for more.

But if like me you’re a lobster fan, you can not go to West Thirty Six and not order their charcoal grilled lobster, garlic and hazelnut butter with a portion of shoestring chips.  The flavour was just spectacular.  Not one bit of that lobster remained by the time I was done with it!  Yep that meant cracking the claws and nibbling on the legs! I have no shame 😉



On the side we ordered a portion of the artichoke which came with broadbeans, hazelnuts and saffron, and we also ordered an extra portion of the beef dripping chips- which I preferred to my shoestring ones.  They even got the thumbs up from Little London who decided to wake up and join in on our feast.


While we waited for dessert I decided to have a wander around the townhouse to see the other beautiful rooms.




The upstairs bar no doubt gets busy in the evenings with the DJ set ready to be spun for those that want a late night party atmosphere.


And the downstairs Potting Shed would be the ideal place to host a private function where the charcoal grill can be fired up and used.



But I wasn’t gone long, because dessert was suddenly presented.  A creme brûlée topped with raspberries and a champagne jelly for myself and a chocolate bar, peanut crunch for the man, both with coffee on the side.



Suitably stuffed we waddled out of West Thirty Six after saying our hearty goodbyes to Catlin who is the best waiter I’ve ever come across.  A throughly enjoyable experience and one we want to repeat again- soonish!


(Disclosure: Complimentary meal)


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