Wedding in Chester!

I might be a London mum-to-be now but I do have some Northern routes having spent my University years in Leeds.  So I’m often popping off out of London for various catch ups and in particular going to weddings! Oh I love a good wedding.  There’s nothing more beautiful then seeing two people stand up in front of friends and family promising to be with each other forever.

This was however my first wedding as a pregnant woman.  So I didn’t quite know what to expect.  All my London friends decided to trek up to chester on the day of the wedding (saturday).  However my other half had an early shift on the Friday so we thought we would casually drive up there, check into an inexpensive hotel and just relax until the ceremony started the day after at midday.

Things didn’t run quite as smoothly…

The hotel I’d booked as recommended by the Groom just wasn’t up to par for a pregnant woman, and take it from me I’m not one to complain.  I’m shy and easily embarrassed and never make a fuss.  But the room was just sweltering from the overbearing summer heatwave.  The hotel provided a fan, but it was that hot the fan just blew out hot air.  The room was too hot for OH and he’s not the pregnant one!

So off he went to speak to reception to ask for an air con room only to be told that they’d all been snapped up earlier on in the day by other guests staying at the hotel.  After a 4 hour drive this wasn’t what we needed.  He explained our situation but there literally was nothing the hotel could do.  They couldn’t even provide another fan.  So we went online and looked for another hotel in the area after securing a refund from hotel 1.

We went from being thrifty at hotel 1 to splashing the cash at hotel 2.  But when you’re hot you want to make sure you have a decent hotel that has air con.  We were too hot and bothered to spend ages searching so we just booked the best hotel in Chester.  The Grosvenor.


Oh my what a hotel.  They were made aware of my situation through the booking we made via and they even upgraded us.  I could have kissed the check in lady.  From the moment we pulled up to the end of our stay we were treated like royalty.  The room was cold with an air con unit we could control.  The bed was huge.  The suite was just divine.


Our bed was even turned down and bottles of water left on our bedside tables.  They kept the kitchens open for us for dinner because we ended up arriving so late.  Unfortunately the Michelin star restaurant the Simon Radley was fully booked unsurprisingly so we went to La Brasserie.  Which actually suited us better because we didn’t plan on staying somewhere so suave so we were limited in our ‘casual yet appropriate dining attire.’

The food was spectacular.  Unfortunately they did have a lot on the menu that wasn’t suitable for pregnant women but I was salivating reading it all.  All my favourite foods… I just can’t eat them for another 4 months!

My starter was heaven on a plate. Piglet, crispy belly and squid cassoulet.


If I could have licked the bowl I would have!

My main was much more simple.  I went for the mushroom tagliatelle.  Which was beautifully made, but I am finding large meals hard to eat.  I think I’m running out of space. So most of it was given to OH who manages to devour everything and anything!

Our stay at the Grosvenor was only for the night so we got up in the morning had a beautiful breakfast, (I picked at the continental selection because I was still full, OH went for a full english), and got ready for a long day ahead sharing in on a special day for friends.

The problem I had here was that I didn’t want to spend a fortune on an outfit for a wedding that was something I’d only wear once or maybe twice during my pregnancy.  Plus with the heat I didn’t want to feel hot and uncomfortable sat in a church.  What was important for me was to remain as modest as I could in my clothing choice.  To wear something I could wear again casually and to be able to feel comfortable all day long.  So this is the number I picked out




I realise the last picture looks suitably disturbing with the blurred out face while I stand amongst the graves at the churchyard! But I hope you agree the dress did the trick and the heels managed to dress it up a little bit along with the purse.

The dress is from my shopping spree at New Look, it’s the ‘Maternity Blue Floral Crochet Collar Dress’ and cost me £19.99.  The shoes have been in my wardrobe a while, I bought them from Zara so I don’t think they’ll be available to purchase in store anymore but Zara do great staples for wardrobe basics.  The purse I also bought a while back and is a New Look number too.  I’m not typically a fan of the New Look bags and purses because I do think they can look cheap.  (I think you can be thrifty and still make something look expensive), but this purse because it’s so plain just works for me.  But again because I bought it so long ago I don’t think that particular purse will be in store anymore.

The wedding was beautiful, the bride looked stunning in a custom made gown sewn and created by her mother.  And the day was a success.  All in all not a bad weekend spent! 🙂
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    • Thank you. It’s hard to maintain a sense of style while pregnant but I’m trying 🙂

    • Thank you, and fingers crossed it won’t be long until you’ll be blogging similar things 🙂

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