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With both my kids asleep finally I slumped myself down in front of the tv with a hot mug of horlicks- because that’s how I roll these days, and settled back to watch some form of brain numbing TV.

In the middle of an advert break the pyjama mama advert came on.  And it resonated with me.

Parenting is hard.  It’s tiring.

Some days I have my sh*t together and other days just making sure everyone is fed and watered is challenging.

It’s why I’d never judge another mum.

So when Vauxhall asked me to test drive their new Crossland X a.k.a “the pyjama mama” car I jumped at the chance.

Could this car give me that i’ve got this parenting lark down kind of feeling.  Could I be the ultimate pyjama mama?  It’s what they promised on their advert so I hoped it transitioned well.

With Little London’s last week off before returning to pre school we thought we’d take a drive up to Norfolk as a family for a couple of nights to just put the car through its paces.

We decided to go camping.

By camping I do of course mean glamping.  I have basic comfort needs.

We filled the boot of the car with every essential item we might need for a three-year old, a baby and two adults.

Its been a long time since we’ve had sufficient boot space and the Crossland X certainly gave us that.  The fact that I could sit down in the passenger seat without extra bags around my feet was a novel feeling.  And Mr London Mum was able to get his seat right back without encroaching on the space our son likes to have to wiggle his feet- with his Dad being 6ft2 the wiggle rom is usually an issue for Little London.

Width wise though the car wasn’t any bigger than the car I’m used to driving (an Audi A3 convertible), which is a relatively small car.  But the space in comparison was massively different.  The car was roomier for all of us.  It’s well designed internally to make sure it’s not cramped.

In fact it’s so roomy that I was able to sit between my children’s car seats and feed my daughter a bottle of milk as we made our way over (we were running late as per…) to catch a boat to Blakeney Point to see the seals.

It made a much nicer drive compared to the screaming we would have had to endure, which inevitably puts me on edge and makes me feel like an awful parent.

The big multimedia screen was an exciting feature to slowly learn about as we spent longer in the car.

It of course functioned as a satellite navigation system, but it could also connect to our personal phones.

We were able to play our own music including spotify through the speakers of the car, and even have any new text messages read out to us and our replies sent back without touching our phones at all.

In fact so many of the cars features I just fell in love with.  The windscreen wipers and headlights were just left on auto the whole time, and came on and off as and when required. The hill start assist which is an essential tool makes confident driving a breeze.  The video footage of what’s behind the car as you reverse being displayed on the multimedia screen made getting into tight spaces and parallel parking much easier.  The simple button at the front of the car that controlled the child lock system was swiftly pressed when Little London wanted to find out what the door handle was all about.  And the fact I never needed to find the car key…

Yes.  Really.

I left the car key in my bag and whenever I approached the car it would automatically unlock (and lock as I walked away of course).  I can not tell you how amazing that feature was for me as a mum.  With torrential rain pouring down at times it was great knowing I didn’t have to search for my car keys to get my children out of the rain.  Once we were all in the car I didn’t even need the car keys to drive the car.  As long as the car keys were within close proximity I could put my foot on the clutch and use the start button to get the engine to start.

You can also open and close the car using your mobile phone after downloading the app and you can track the car via the app should it ever go walkabout without your permission 😉

Although we didn’t use the OnStar features of the car after reading about it I just loved the concept.  The only reason we didn’t use OnStar was because we didn’t realise it existed until the day before we handed the car back- typical.

The OnStar features a mobile 4G WiFi hotspot that can be connected to up to seven devices at the same time, meaning for long car journeys if a little Peppa Pig comes out on a device or two the connection won’t just cut out leaving an inconsolable 3-year-old.

It’s also possible to connect through to an advisor if you need help finding the nearest petrol station or the nearest supermarket.  You can also request roadside assistance and check the diagnostics of the car such as the tyre pressure and the oil life.

Something that I particular loved learning about was the fact that if an airbag deploys an advisor will automatically connect to the car to see if the driver requires assistance and if there is no response the emergency services are dispatched immediately using the GPS location of the vehicle.  That kind of quick response could easily be the matter of life and death in an unfortunate situation.

For me the Vauxhall Crossland X is everything I would need and more when looking for a new car.

The designers seem to have really thought about what a parent might need to make life easier when driving whether that’s doing the school run, the supermarket shop or driving long distance on a holiday.  I like the way the car looks and if I’m honest I did get that pyjama mama buzz that I so desperately wanted to find.

Shame I got the dates of my son’s pre school return wrong.  Oh well, you win some, you lose some and he got an extended holiday.



  1. Looks like a great car and makes me wish I could join the pyjama mama crew. Love the feature of the car unlocking with keys still in handbag, I’m always scrabbling to find ours whilst holding on to the little ones which is especially unpleasant when raining which it does a lot here in Wales! Also love the roomy boot, the idea of no bags under my feet when being a passenger on days out or holidays with the whole family seems like a dream. Love your photographs of your holiday, those seals look adorable.

    • The key thing was just amazing! An absolute god send. I spend most of my time usually with my normal car keys hanging out of my mouth as I unlock the car and try and get both kids securely into car seats!

  2. Those are some very snazzy pjs I must say! I love the idea of not needing you key. that must be so useful when you’ve got your hands full with the kids. Heck, I’d love that feature just for doing the big shop!

    • The key feature comes in so handy for a big shop! Just being able to open the boot and put your shopping in without searching for the keys! simple things eh? 😉

  3. This sounds like a great car. I too saw the advert and found it resonated with me lol. You look glam even in your pyjamas!! x

    • I have to say it was extremely liberating going out for the days in my pjs! lol

  4. Sounds like a fine car to have,lots of cool features as well. Glad you had a chance to test drive it.

    • I’m not even sure I managed to list all the features. I’m sure their are loads I don’t even know of!

  5. Wow! I want one! The extra space would be incredible, we’re always so squashed even on a trip to the shops. And peppa pig for long journeys too – sold! Looks like you had a lovely break too, I love the seals.

  6. Being comfortable especially during long hours of ride is really one of the criteria when looking for a car. I love that the navigation feature as well to make our lives easier.

    • Our normal car in comparison is so squashy for long journeys so it was nice having the extra space to make the drive enjoyable!

  7. Sounds like the perfect family car! I’d loooove a new car. Your trip away sounds wonderful. I’m all about glamping too. I went actual camping once when I was pregnant. NEVER AGAIN!!!

    • When pregnant?! you crazy lady! lol. I’ve done it way before kids and hated it then. I just don’t do well without comforts lol.

    • We had a great time.. largely down to the car because it made the journey so enjoyable.

  8. It looks like a great family car. I don’t drive so I can’t say much about cars, but if it’s spacious then I would definitely like to be the passenger in it.

  9. That is one heck of a mama car!! I love it already!! It definitely suited you all as a family and love that there was ample boot space, that’s always something a I look for in a car! Love all your holiday snaps too what a great time!!!

  10. Ok, that Vauxhaul looks like a really great family car! We’ve been using a small Hyundai i10, which is great, but I want a step up once it’s paid off, haha.

  11. My other half is a mechanic so he’s always going on about cars and whilst I know nothing, this car sounds impressive. I love that text messages can be read out loud and replied to without even touching a phone.

    • So useful! I don’t touch my phone at all when I’m driving but I know my other half gets quite anxious because work for him usually requires an instant reply. So for us that’s a great feature and so helpful in terms of not having to stop a thousand times!

  12. Looks like a beautiful car. I’ve never heard about the feature where you can open it using your phone before, but it sounds very handy!!!

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