Top Experience Gifts For Christmas

Christmas is one of those occasions where you can either get something very right or very wrong when it comes to purchasing a gift for someone else.

I’ve found that most adults tend to live much more in the moment with this generation, and we typically buy things that we want as and when we decide they are needed- those new jeans, those brand new shoes, that gorgeous bag.  We don’t often wait for a special celebration where someone else might buy us that much lusted over item.  This means trying to find a unique gift can be so difficult.

Some of my favourite gifts have been gifts that have provided me with a change in the monotony of my life.  I enjoy my life of course, but it’s nice to have something exciting to look forward to and to enjoy that time where you can just have fun and be part of something that you wouldn’t normally experience day to day.


So I thought I’d offer a selection of top experience gifts which should hopefully cover a range of people, whether it’s for your husband, your mum or your grandparents.

1. Hotel Stay

There are some amazing deals out there where you can book hotel stays at some amazing hotels and often they’ll include a complimentary breakfast and on occasion even dinner and wine.  This is a brilliant gift especially for a couple who you think deserve a little bit of time away- two gifts in one hit.  Order a bottle of champagne to be ready in the room and make the occasion extra special.

I enjoyed a recent break with my son to the Royal Berkshire Hotel.  Just being able to relax with him and not worry about the typical home chores was a blessing.


2. Driving Experience Days

For the adrenaline junkie, a driving experience day is a great gift.  With so many different kinds of experience days, you’re bound to find one that will tick the box for the person you’re looking at gifting.  Whether that’s driving a Ferrari, going off road or even truck driving.  Take a look, even for those too young for a license there are some driving options where they can enjoy a spin as well.

3. Rosetta Stone

For the person that loves to learn why not encourage them to learn something new.  Rosetta Stone is brilliant for helping people get a grasp of a new language in a fun interactive way.  If you want to splash a bit more maybe choose a language such as French and pair it with a couple of Eurostar tickets.  If ever there was an incentive to learn a new language it would be making use of that language in its homeland!

4. The Crystal Maze

This present can’t fail to make anyone smile, in fact get the whole family involved and buy everyone a ticket for The Crystal Maze and make it a fun day out that you can all talk about for years to come.

Hopefully some of these have given you some ideas on potential gifts, there are experience gifts for everyone out there.  And I think they’re great as they provide that little extra something as a present.



  1. I love experience day gifts!! Theatre trips are a fave of mine but a hotel stay would be amazing too

  2. Great suggestions here lovely…i think experience gifts make such a welcome alternative to the norm! I had no idea you could actually visit The Crystal Maze…i used to love that show! xx

  3. Such a lovely list of ideas! Last January we stayed at the Chessington Hotel and it was fab! Love the Rosetta Stone idea too xxx

  4. I think these are such a great idea for an alternative Christmas gift. I’ve bought a driving experience for a family member actually.

  5. i would love an experience with the crystal maze. reminiscing my childhood and actually being involved is a whole new level.

  6. I would love the gift of a night away just to switch off I would also probably be asleep for 9 but it would be amazing

    • Hahah same! A romantic night away now is just an early bed time with a book and an uninterrupted morning! lol

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