Top 5 Things To Do In Dubrovnik | Croatia

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll almost certainly know that I’ve recently come back from an amazing trip to Croatia with the beautiful Rachel from The Runaway Rat.


The first stop on our whirlwind coastal tour was of course Dubrovnik.


^^ Dress| ASOS, Sandals| Topshop.

We didn’t even contemplate staying anywhere other than the old town and that’s because the beauty of Dubrovnik is encompassed by the walls of the old town, meaning we wanted to be in the hub of the action.


What I will say is that majority of the accommodation in Dubrovnik is a good hike up steep steps, which can be problematic if you have prams- not impossible but certainly not an easy feat.


Our particular hostel for example, was near the top of the steepest set of steps and once inside the building we were up a further three flights.  I think on the first day we calculated we’d walked up nearly 70 flights of stairs.

The other thing I’ll mention is that the heat is almost unbearable in July (and also August supposedly).  It was unrelentless and for that reason I’m glad I didn’t have Little London with me.  If I did I probably would have stayed in the new town in a modern hotel with full air conditioning facilities and a great pool, and I would have made do with popping into the old town to see the main sights.

But luckily I was without child, so tolerating the heat was an individual task which involved a lot of water and ice-cream.

So without further ado, here are my top 5 things to do in Dubrovnik.

1. Lokrum Island

A mere 15 minute boat ride from the port in the old town, is the island of Lokrum.


It’s a beautiful nature reserve with crystal clear water you can just jump into and enjoy- a blessing in the hot heat of the summer.

DSC_0672 (1)

^^ Playsuit | Calzedonia.

Getting the very first boat from Dubrovnik at 9am is worth it to enjoy a spot of swimming without the heaving crowds that start to arrive later on in the day.


^^ Swimwear | Banana Moon.

You’ll notice peacocks and their chicks roaming freely and the sound of millions of birds chirping away although you physically can’t seem to see where they come from.  And every now and then a little black rabbit will run across your path.

If you stray from the walkways it’s quite easy to get lost in the shade of the trees, as we found.  We accidentally managed to hike to the top of Lokrum and although slight panic set in due to the diminishing bottle of water we had, (our inner Bear Grylls survival techniques aren’t quite harnessed) we did get to see some amazing views.


Oh and I can’t forget to mention that Lokrum is also the home of the authentic Iron Throne from the tv show Game of Thrones.


2. Game of Thrones tour

Talking of the show Game of Thrones, a lot of it was filmed in Croatia with Dubrovnik featuring a myriad of times.


^^ The gates used for Jaime Lannister’s arrival back in Kings Landing.

With both of us fans of the show, we thought we’d book ourselves onto one of the Game of Thrones tours and really up the geek factor.


^^ Steps from Cersei’s walk of shame.

It’s actually a great way to see the old town, and perhaps be introduced to areas and buildings that you have either overseen or haven’t noticed.  Having the Game of Thrones reference makes it all the more interesting.



^^ The pier where Sansa discusses her escape with Lord Baelish.

3. Cable car

Dubrovnik is a beautiful city and it can be appreciated from the moment you set eyes on it.  It’s literally more picture perfect than you can imagine.

But to really see it for everything that it is, you need to see it in its entirety.


The cable car runs from the old town all the way up Mount Srdj and it’s worth it for the spectacular vistas, which also includes seeing the island of Lokrum and its proximity to the city.


Try and find an angle which doesn’t involve getting the cable car lines in the picture though.  It is possible.

4. Banje beach club

Being on the coast, the old town has its own beaches.


But there are more people than beach space.  So again it’s worth turning up early morning to make sure you get the best spot.

You will have to pay for sun loungers and umbrellas if you want to use them, but it’s worth it.


We went to Banje Beach which is a short stroll outside of the walls, and it was very reminiscent of our hedonistic Ibiza days but with a view that can’t be rivalled which looks back at the old town walls.


5. Food and Bars

Croatian food is a medley of Mediterranean goodness and delicious seafood.



^^ Street food eating on the steps at Barba.


The fish doesn’t get fresher than the coastal areas and Dubrovnik is a great place to get some delicious meals.


^^ Even the cats appreciate the fresh sea catches. 

Add the fact that Croatia produces some excellent wine- of which I had never tried until I got there, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how delightful an evening out in Croatia is.


The bars and restaurants are buzzing and full of activity pretty much all night and people really dress up for the occasion- bar us because we more or less stayed casual for our entire Croatian stay.

One evening we discovered a little bar built into the cliffs above the sea called Cafe Buza.  If you’re a daredevil you can jump off the cliffs into the water below and use the carved away steps to get back onto terra firma.

Or you can just sit down and relax with some wine while looking at the most beautiful view.


^^ Top| ASOS, Skirt| New Look.



  1. I heard about Croatia being one of the new holiday hotspots but it’s nice to see the scenery and towns rather than raves lol. I’d definitely like to go x

    • The raves are meant to be amazing, but I would never have coped. The heat was too much. Plus I’m getting old now so a glass of something and I’m done! hahah x

    • I know right.. they aren’t silly 😉 There are a few street cats (they hide in the strong day time heat though and come out at dawn and dusk) but they seem really well looked after and people feed them early morning by leaving out kitty nibbles and food.

  2. Sounds like you had such a wonderful time! I spent two days in Dubrovnik about 5 years and I promised myself I would be back. Reading this post and seeing your Insta pics has made me want to book a holiday right now LOL xx

    • I knew it would be pretty but it is just so much more seeing it in real life. Most places don’t live up to the pictures, whereas I think Dubrovnik far surpasses any image in reality. Ps book it 😉 hahah

  3. Dubrovnik looks amazing! Definitely added to the bucket list. The cable car in particular sounds great, what incredible views from the top!

  4. The views are dam amazing gosh never seen anything like this before just an outstanding setting to visit.

  5. Looks beautiful and I love your images too. At least with all the steep walks it’s easy to justify lots of dining out 🙂

    • Exactly hahah. Probably the most exercise I’ve done in a while! lol.

  6. Wow, it looks incredible! Lokrum Island looks gorgeous and my boyfriend would love the Game of Thrones tour 🙂

    • The island of lokrum is stunning and so quick and easy to get to and from.

  7. Croatia is on my list of places to visit for sure – this looks so beautiful. And wow, the view from the cable car! x

    • I know, it’s stunning! We thought it might be a bit breezier up there…but it wasn’t lol.

  8. Oh Donna! As if Croatia wasn’t already on my travel bucket list already, you’ve managed to shoot it right back up to the top with all your beautiful photos! Can you please take us next time? Blogger vacaaaaay ???? x

    • As if I’d say no to a blogger vacay! hahah. It’s seriously beautiful!

    • We did a 2hr one, but there are longer ones which include boats and food too which looked amazing, but we just didn’t have that kind of time.

  9. How utterly beautiful is this place?! I think GoT must have done wonders for the tourism for this place. I never would have considered visiting it until I saw the tv series.

    • Definitely, it put Dubrovnik back on the map and on peoples radar. Our tour guide worked on the show for a bit (as a runner I think) and I loved seeing how he set up the tour company off the back of that and makes a living out of it.

    • I’ve got a couple of the places coming up on the blog to as we hopped about quite a bit so check back in case you’re visiting those areas too. x

  10. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Croatia! I actually wasn’t aware of the GoT stuff, but I think that’s the hook I need to get the husband to agree to go to Croatia for our next hols

  11. Good you had a break. Looks like you had a good time except the heat part.

    • Shockingly hot, but it did mean I had a lot of excuses to eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner 😉

  12. My best friend travelled to Croatia with work recently and I was really surprised by how lovely it looked from her photos. It wouldn’t have been somewhere I would consider visiting previously, but now I’m so keen to check it out!

    • I know, it’s one of those places you don’t think of until you’ve seen pictures of it and realise it’s just so god damn pretty!

  13. Oh wow, I had no idea Croatia was so beautiful. I think we’d be fine with that hike with a sling or something, definitely worth it by the looks of it 🙂
    I didn’t know about the GOT throne or filming locations either, you learn something new every day!
    X X

    • A sling would be perfect. I saw a lot of mums and dads with their babies in slings. My son hated a sling though so it would have been the pram for us! *sigh* lol. x

    • It’s so worth going, you can get cheap budget airline flights and they only take 2 hours!

  14. Great read. Dubrovnik looks amazing, we are headed here in January. Guess we won’t have to worry about the heat and the crowds so much in Winter. Very keen on the game of thrones tour.

    • I’m not sure how cold there winters get because it’s a very mediterranean climate so it may be a great time to visit!

  15. Five awesome things to see and do! I will not missed the beach and the cable car if I am in Dubrovnik. And oh, your outfit are all perfect in every destination. 🙂

  16. This is why i love blogs, I never even knew of Dubrovnik but it looks like the perfect place for me. Love anywhere with beautiful views and fresh fish to enjoy!

  17. Hi neighbor,

    Looks like you had a great time in Dubrovnik and thanks for these suggestions. Great views from the top!

    Going back to that part of Europe in September and maybe with some time to spare to visit Dubrovnik. Will keep these ideas in mind!

    Love that picture with the cats!


    • Oh definitely try! Which parts of Europe are you heading to? September will be a nicer month as well, it should have cooled down a few degrees.

  18. I worked with someone from Croatia and he said it was beautiful and your photos certainly show that. Looks like a fantastic place to visit x

    • I’m not sure there’s one person it wouldn’t appeal to, it kind of has everything. It’s an amazing place!

  19. All those stairs would have me justifying a whole lot of foodie treats and tastings as we explored the city. It’s very beautiful with the old city reaching right down to the sea line.

  20. Dubrovnik looks so gorgeous–I’d love to visit someday! Lokrum Island would be so much fun. I think I would want to go kayaking there! Looks like a great time! Exploring the restaurants and bars would be great as well, especially the ones by the water! Looks like you had a great visit!

    • There’s so much kayaking around dubrovnik. I would have loved it as well, but I hadn’t heat adjusted myself to cope on the open water in the heat. Otherwise I would have been first out there lol 😉

  21. Dubrovnik is amazing!!
    I have been there many years ago, and after looking your photos I realise it’s time to go back!! The sunsets there were to die for and food… OMG!!
    Thanks for sharing your great moments!

  22. Dubrovnik is one of my favorite places in Croatia. I remember this one bar we found by randomly stumbling throughout the alleyways on the fort – we went through a door and the bar was set on the clifftop. We could order drinks and then jump in the Adriatic, puling ourselves back up via a ladder attached tot he rock. It was the best time!

    • That must be Cafe buza that I mentioned.. it’s amazing! I didn’t jump though- I’m a tad wimpish lol. x

  23. Love the cat photo. I’ve never been to Croatia before but my grandad used to travel a lot and he’s seen a few of there places.

    • It’s stunning, I bet he has loads of great stories to tell you about the places he’s visited.

  24. I love your hat in all the photo’s!! <3 Also, can never go wrong with a GoT tour, ever, anywhere. I'm doing one tomorrow!

    • I really want to do the one in Ireland now, I feel like I need to se more pretty locations!

  25. Another add to my never-ending bucket list!!
    Croatia is beyond beautiful.and your pictures are equally amazing.

    Good.thing that little London, wasn’t there with you. The heat and the dangerous steep stairs are already a bit unbearable for a regular sized human, let alone for a kid,!

    • I know, I was suffering enough without the addition of my son! lol. x

  26. I’ve wanted to go here for ages. I didn’t realise they’d filmed some of game of thrones there x

  27. What a fabulous destination. Your photos make me very jealous! I haven’t been abroad for about 4/5 years now.

  28. The pictures are just perfect, Croatia is on my list of places to visit for sure.
    The view from the cable car seems to be very amazing and yes the beach too.
    and yeah the statement commented
    I’m getting old now ha ha 🙂 is it …?
    I don’t seem so 😉

    • My travelling habits have changed so much it’s either age or a greater appreciation for culture hahah

  29. I’ve only ever heard good things about Croatia. That’s definitely a destination we’d love to go to as a family when we can afford it. Stunning photos lovely. §

    • It’s not too bad price wise if you keep a tab on daily spending. Flights can be bought for budget airlines and t’sonly a two hour flight, accommodation can be as cheap as needed. Day to day it’s not the cheapest but with a little supermarket lunch it works out ok 🙂

  30. Looks like a fab place to go. I’ve never really thought about going to Croatia but your photos show how amazing the place looks,

    • It’s a beautiful country- there’s still so much more of it I want to explore too!

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