The Sipping Room| Canary Wharf

One of my favourite London haunts at the weekend is around the Canary Wharf area.  As expected London at the weekend can be even busier than usual because of the number of tourists to the city, coupled with residents being off from work.  But being the business district, Canary Wharf and the surrounding area is a forgotten little gem.

During the week the area is heaving, the restaurants are full and you’ll be people dodging your way around.  But at the weekend it’s calm, sedate but with enough atmosphere that everywhere is still enjoyable.  It’s just not packed to the rafters.  Which is exactly how I like it.

Not only is there a shopping mall where you can spend time undercover in all kinds of weather situations but the beautiful Crossrail Place Roof Garden is also worth a visit.

But the best thing about this area at the weekend is the multitude of fabulous restaurants you can pick and choose from.

We were invited to visit The Sipping Room, located at West India Quay.  With a beautiful outdoor garden terrace, the Tanqueray Garden, it’s al fresco dining at its finest.  But should the weather turn the interior is certainly just as beautiful to enjoy.

We entered The Sipping Room under a Mediterranean inspired archway and slipped into the beautiful atmospheric surroundings of what can only be described as the ultimate Instagram haven.

It’s sounds silly to describe a place using Instagram as a reference point.  But as I pointed out to Jesse recently in one of my rambling discussions, I choose places to visit now based upon a variety of factors.  I want to eat good food at a restaurant, but while I’m there I also want to appreciate the surroundings that I’m in.  The space and the food have to coincide to bring a visual and sensual treat.

And The Sipping Room is absolutely picture perfect.

In fact it’s such a beautiful place you may think it’s not child friendly, but actually at the weekends they endeavour to make it very welcoming for children.  Which we found when we went on a Sunday to enjoy the restaurant.

The children were kept highly entertained by the expert balloon modeller who went from table to table bringing a variety of animals to life at no extra cost.  The flamingo was by far my favourite model of the day.  But it was hard to choose from, because the creations really were exceptional.

William wanted a blue dolphin.  Evie was given a baby safe monkey that she would struggle to bite through and I was gifted a beautiful corsage to wear on my wrist.

^^ I just love the look on her face in this picture. 

But not only is the entertainment great, the food and drinks were also brilliant.  William slipped off his shoes and relaxed while eating the fish and chips we ordered him, with a side portion of peas.

While I couldn’t help but go for a good traditional roast dinner.

Evie being that awkward age where she wants everything we’ve got, ate bits from everyones plate, and also enjoyed a tomato and avocado salad.

Of course being sat in the Tanqueray Garden it would be assumed that gin would be the drink of the day.  But actually we couldn’t help but put in an order for some Pimms.  The sun was shining, London was looking its best and Pimms felt like the right drink to enjoy in such a spectacular setting.

With bellies full, and more shopping beckoning us back to the shopping centre we said our goodbyes to The Sipping Room and meandered on.

Because that’s the best thing to do in London at the weekend.  Eat, meander and enjoy.



  1. … you learn ‘summut’ new everyday haha: I didn’t realise that CW encouraged you young modern Mums to spend ya’ weekends ‘under-age’ sipping ha? Sounds & looks like you were all extremely well catered for. Please forgive usual ‘skew-wiff’ but when last in the CW (recording gig) labyrinth area … I remember being encouraged (err, CW testing a visiting Dorset-ians gullibility more like) to take advantage of a ‘special price haircut’ offer of just … £45.00!!? … wowzzabooboo, damn right, that WAS ‘special!’ well, to this troglodyte anyway – knock a-bout jeans for £250.00, a nothing special casual suite for £900.00 & a Bang & Olufsen sound system for £15,000 (I should’ve put you down for 2 ha!) Cor blimey, CW must’ve seen me coming it’s obviously a different world to down ‘ere ha! God only knows how much fish-n-chips cost you – let alone roasts – you must’ve mortgaged those ha??? Fabulous F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S ‘fotos’ LondonMum … dear-oh-dear, how many hearts & balloons have your photogenic fabulous little troopers broken-n-burst today then ha? Let’s start with 2 Dorset ones shall we … oowwie-ouch! Hope all’s well. Onwards LondonMum.

    • I’m too scared to tell you the price of good fish and chips in London lol… although it’s totally worth it! 😉

  2. That roast looks incredible! Looks like you had a lovely time, I’ll have to check it out next time I’m in London.

    Katie xoxo

  3. The only time I ever find myself in Canary Wharf is when I am working and rarely a place to go socialise so I am definitely impressed by it.

    • It has a great social scene when the weekend comes around. To be fair it’s great on a week day evening too when the offices spill out into the restaurants, but for the quieter days the weekends are the best!

  4. Wow that looks so beautiful and the food looks delcious. I always have a mooch on Instagram when looking for something new and fun to do in London x

    • I know! It’s not typical of a family friendly place to look so beautiful!

  5. Love that the kids were entertained by a balloon modeller – it always makes a day out more relaxed if they are kept amused too

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful time with delicious food and great entertainment. I love finding family friendly places! 🙂

  7. I have definitely described places as “instagramable” in the past and this place looks beautiful. I’ve never actually exploded Canary Wharf before but now I feel like I am missing out on some gems.

    • It’s definitely worth a visit especially at the weekend when it’s quiet!

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