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There is no doubt about it.  A child changes you immeasurably as a human being.  Where once before the only person you truly had to worry about was yourself, suddenly the baton passes and increases tenfold.

Having a baby is the most precious gift.  But the worry that comes with raising a child is never-ending.

I’m now the mother of a four-year old, and an 8 month old.  And from the moment I conceived my first child I have been in a perpetual state of cautiousness in terms of health over my offspring.

Only last night we were taken by ambulance to the children’s emergency department after my daughter couldn’t control a fever and a rash covered her body head to toe.  Thankfully it’s nothing to be worried about.  But the awful thoughts that fill your mind from the fear that it could be something worse eat you up inside.

I would do absolutely anything and everything possible to protect my kids.

But the one thing I forgot to do was collect their stem cells at birth.

I can’t go back and re write history.

But I can inform you of the potential life saving attributes cord blood can provide to your child if you are currently pregnant or looking to conceive in the future.

Why didn’t I do it? If I’m honest there’s not a whole lot of information out there unless you specifically look for it by going directly to a website such as Stem Cell Fairy.  And so it bypassed me.  It was never something that featured as a possibility because I forgot it was one- even though I know of the importance of stem cell research.

So I write this post today to hopefully remind some of you to look further into how stem cell collection could provide a form of insurance for your unborn child’s health.

To date over 85 different diseases can be treated using the cells found in umbilical cord blood.  These include various forms of leukaemia, bone marrow cancer, sickle-cell anaemia, solid tumours, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries and more.

We don’t want to think our children will be one of those that’ll fall victim to such life altering illnesses.  It’s something we don’t want to associate with children who are born fragile and innocent.  But for some families it’s their reality.

And you’ll never know which families these diseases will target.

It’s terrifying.

Stem Cell Fairy have a great infographic which explains the process further:

As you can see the process of collecting the stem cells is simple, non invasive and doesn’t affect the mother or the baby and its taken from what would otherwise be discarded waste.

Price wise I think it comes down to individual families, but relatively speaking I think it’s a cost that could easily be spread out and contributed towards by family members and friends looking to celebrate the new arrival.  Rather than receiving material gifts, the gift of health is one that can’t be underestimated.



    • I think few people are which is such a shame. She’s feeling much better- still spotty all over but nothing that’s life threatening 🙂

  1. Until you wrote this post I wasn’t aware of the importance of collecting a child’s stem cells at birth. It is important that we do as much as we can to protect our loved ones and I agree that if members contribute to something like ‘the stem cell fairy’ that is a gift that is ultimately priceless in the long run.

    • Isn’t it? Something that can help protect that beautiful child that everyone can contribute towards.

  2. I’ve heard little bits about harvesting stem cells at birth but not a huge amount so it is interesting to read a little more and especially that it is non-invasive.

    • That’s the thing, the process of collection doesn’t infringe upon the Mother or the child and is taken from matter that would otherwise be binned after birth.

    • Sarah,
      Please feel free to call one of our friendly client care team professionals on 0207 324 7723 or email us at If you have any other questions.

      What we offer parents the opportunity to store their child’s stem cells in a simple and non-invasive way. It takes less than 15 minutes, and uses material that would otherwise go to waste.

      – Team Stem Cell Fairy

    • It’s not something you think about is it? And such a small window in which to collect the cells too.

  3. Wow I didn’t know there was so much good stuff in the stem cells, definitely something more people should know about x

  4. What an informative read – I did not have a clue about collecting stem cells – this needs so much more publicity x

    • It really does, even if the cells are never used the knowledge that they’re in storage as a back up would give parents so much reassurance.

  5. Have heard so much about Stem Cells and Cord Blood recently and its life saving attributes. We did not collect the stem cells for our kids, wish we did.

    • I really wish we had done. So frustrating to think my daughter is 8 months old and if i’d only just remembered I could have done it with her.

  6. We tried to do this but sadly it wasn’t possible after the birth I had. But it’s a great thing you are doing raising awareness.

    • With my first I don’t think it would have been possible either. I tried to keep the placenta to turn into pills, but we both got an infection during the labour so I wonder if that would have affected the possibility of harvesting the stem cells?

  7. I was never told about this, if I’m honest this is the first time I have ever heard of it. Maybe it should be something that is spoken about when doing a birth plan not that I ever had a conversation about my birth plan x

    • I completely agree. Something that all midwives should at least mention and allow you the decision to research it further.

  8. Wow you learn something new everyday! I wasn’t even aware that this sort of practice was taking place! Sorry to hear about the scare and the trip to the hospital. Happy to hear that all is well.xx

    • It’s a shame more people aren’t aware of it to make that choice when they have a baby. It’s so interesting and shows such medical advancement.

  9. I genuinely didn’t know about any of this! I think it should be publicised and offered as a matter of course in hospitals by the midwifery team. I think it is a great idea to have family and friends contribute, rather than baby shower presents. The perfect gift for if something unfortunate happens…. and vitally needed x

    • I understand that costs to the NHS probably prevent it from being done through the NHS, but I think they could at least mention it to pregnant mums so they’re aware.

    • It’s so interesting to learn about, definitely check out the Stem Cell Fairy website

  10. I have researched this loads lately and wish I had had more info before I had my twins.It’s such a fantastic technique. Well done you for raising awareness so many people still don’t know about it

  11. Raising awareness of such an important thing is wonderful. I don’t think there is enough information as yet out there, and hopefully this will become more of a routine thing when it is possible to do.

  12. I didn’t know very much about stem cell therapy or its benefits. It is SO interesting though. It’s a great idea for friends and families to contribute towards instead of buying the usual gifts when baby arrives.

    • I think so too, for me that would be the only gift I’d want. Most people buy everything in preparation for a baby anyway so it’s nice to be gifted something different.

  13. I looked into this with my eldest and sadly couldn’t afford it back then. I’d feel too guilty to treat my other children differently now but I do think it’s a great thing and worthwhile doing if you have the money.

    • I remember reading up on it years ago (before my forgetful spat) and I think there was a higher chance of finding a cell match with siblings then if you were to use donor stem cells.. so even if you didn’t do it with the first it’s still worth considering.
      If only it was more widely acknowledged so it’s not something that can be forgotten so easily.

  14. I have been working in the pharma industry when I first starting hearing about the importance of collecting stem cells. It is not that cheap but it’s definitely worth it, especially that these cells can help so much into developing a personalised treatment in case the child will get sick later in his life.

    • It’s certainly not cheap, but I think if a family can group together it makes it more achievable- the benefits speak for themselves.

  15. It’s very pricey but totally worth it in my opinion. I’m surprised this kind of thing isn’t more widespread as it seems like a fairly straight forward thing to do that has the potential to save lives!

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