The City of Split| Croatia

Split was our final destination in Croatia and because we’d been a bit spoilt with our other locations I suppose it was a bit of a let down in comparison.

I think had we done the itinerary the other way around so Split was first, Hvar second and finishing off in Dubrovnik we wouldn’t have felt that way.

Never the less, we certainly took advantage of our final few days and enjoyed a myriad of activities, albeit at a slower pace because we were inevitably getting towards the end of our holiday and energy resources were running low!

Immediately upon arriving we thought we’d get our bearings by walking around the old town.


Finding the must see tourist places won’t require you following a map either, you’ll just stumble upon everything.  In fact the old town is built within the ancient fortress of Diocletian’s Palace, so everywhere you look there’s a part of history staring you in the face.


^^ The most narrow street in Europe.  Known as the ‘let me pass’ street.

If you aren’t scared of heights the Split bell tower is worth a daunting climb.


I managed to get about half way up before my legs turned to jelly.   I think I require much stronger safety bars and more secure steps that have backs to them!


So I quickly scurried back down the stairs again- at least I gave it a try!

I think the crux point for me was watching three guys climb onto the outside of the building to get some great pictures… my brain just couldn’t handle it!

In fact every day we were in Split throughout the day when we had spare time we’d find ourselves walking the narrow streets, often passing under the vestibule which gave access to the varying sky colours as day turned to night.


Seeing the glinting stars perfectly framed in a circle was beautiful.  Shame my camera lens wasn’t wide enough to get the full circle in shot, but if you follow me on Instagram you may have see it via my phone camera.

We decided to go on a tour to the Krka National Park on our second day.




It was extremely busy by the time we arrived at the waterfall where we were able to get into the water for a swim.  But we didn’t mind, the water was so cooling and delicious it was just what was needed for some respite from the hot sun.



My advice would be to arrive as early as you can to be one of the first people through the gates.  Head straight to the waterfalls to swim and then back track and enjoy the rest of the park afterwards before getting the boat which takes you out of Krka (all part of the ticket price).

The reason for turning up at peak time was because we first made a stop in the nearby historic city of Sibenik.


It’s a beautiful small city to walk around, and I particularly liked looking at the carved stone faces of men, women and children surrounding St. James’s Cathedral.


They were actually based upon individuals that were living around the time the cathedral was built.

Sibenik isn’t access friendly if you don’t like stairs- there are a lot of them to climb, but it is a worthy stop off point.




Our tour of the day finished off with some wine and cheese tasting at a local vineyard, and exhausted and slightly merry we headed back to Split.



In terms of food, Split is just like the rest of the Dalmatia coast- it’s fresh and it’s delicious!



^^ Fresh fish at the fish market.

Our favourite place was probably Bepa which served the most beautiful pasta dishes…


…and you can’t not pay Bobis a visit if you’re looking for some fresh-baked goods and delicious sandwiches at a very reasonable prices.


I would like to go back to Split and spend a bit of time exploring the coast line which we didn’t get a chance to do.  And also if we’d had more time I know we would have wanted to have visited Klis Fortress.  It’s a medieval fortress high on the mountain top.  For Game of Thrones fans it’s one of their filming locations which made it all the more exciting for us.  It does require a taxi or a car to reach it though.

Have you ever been to Split? What or where would you suggest visiting?



  1. You’ve really sold Croatia to me with your posts. It’s definitely going on a place to go, your photography is beautiful & you look amazing x

    • I actually think it’s more stunning than people realise. I’d seen pictures obviously before going but they just don’t compare really!

  2. Wow doesn’t it just look stunning. You have some amazing photos. It looks like fun in the river too. What an amazing experience. xx

    • Krka is definitely worth the visit. It was bliss being able to swim in the water.

  3. There are so many European countries I’ve never visited but Split looks beautiful and I love your dress xx

    • We were on limited time so had to make do with only a couple of days but we felt like we got a good taste and feel for the city

  4. We’d booked to go here on our europe tour (that we’re currently on) but changed last minute to we could see Barcelona instead. Although I’m sure Barcelona is pretty amazing, Croatia is still top of my bucket list and I really want to go next year. I’m definitely going to read your tips on other places in Croatia too. It looks so beautiful. We’ll start with split so we’re not underwhelmed 🙂 xx

    • Definitely go to Croatia next year. It’s been top of my list for a while, but I kept pushing it aside for other places. But it’s stunning. Literally stunning.

    • If you’re a history nerd then yes, split and dubrovnik are right up your street!

  5. Your pictures really make it look amazing. I have never been to Croatia but it seems to be becoming very popular.

    • It’s a place you have to visit. It’s beyond beautiful. It really took me by surprise.

  6. Such beautiful photo’s of a place I’ve yet to visit. I love the architecture and the scenery looks breathtaking. Not sure I’d have been able to climb those stairs either. I’m renowned for wobbly legs when it comes to tall buildings!

  7. I would love to visit Croatia and Split does look gorgeous. Those photographs from the Krka National Park are stunning. What a beautiful place to visit. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  8. I’ve never been to Croatia, but it’s on my bucket list. Everyone I’ve met who’s been has loved it! Your photos are stunning.

    • I adore it as a country- but there’s so moocher to explore than the three places we visited.

  9. Croatia is very beutiful. I wish I was climbing the bell tower one time. I want to try its height. And you look very attractive!!!

  10. Wow thanks for your recommendation. Your photos are so amazing, especially the photo of Krka National Park. Now Croatia is on my travelling list 🙂

  11. Wonderful pics with beautiful model! Thanks for useful information. I wish I could go there one day. Try to walk in the “thinnest” street of the World. Wonderful Croatia!

    • It’s a beautiful country and yes, it took us a while to find that street but when we did we felt like we’d achieved something lol.

  12. Woa your photo of those cats look like my little cats, so cute. I like the way you review your trip, it motivates me for saving money and wrapping my backpacks to head to Split. 🙂

  13. No wonder that Dubrovnik, a city on the Adriatic Sea becomes one item in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. Wonderful and Amazing!

  14. Greattt !!! Your review just makes me want to be there immediately now . Hey and just a quick question in case i will be there in the future, is a pair of flipflop OK to wear around there ? I’m so afraid of the stairs, especially those in Split tower 🙂

  15. We went to Split after visiting Hvar and Dubrovnik and felt the same and to be honest I didn’t particularly like Split. Your photos look fab though and glad you enjoyed it x

    • It was just a bit underwhelming after dubrovnik… the other way around though and I’m sure I would have fallen in love with it like I did Dubrovnik

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