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If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ll know that a couple of weeks ago we went to The Big Feastival, which is held at Alex James’ Farm in The Cotswolds.

I decided to let myself have a family day out too and leave the Nikon at home, but obviously with todays technology there’s always a phone to hand.  Which is why there are pictures of our day.  I literally can’t resist snapping away!

And I thought it would be a shame to not share our experience properly on the blog, especially for those that don’t follow me on Instagram.

With the success of taking Little London to his first festival, we decided to brave another.  And as luck would have it, we chose a scorcher of a day again.

The reason for booking The Big Feastival was because of the promise of family fun along with great music and a whole lot of food.  All of that combined suits our family down to a tee.

Because of work commitments however, we decided to just go along for one day, which meant missing out of course on a great line up for the weekend including London’s own Tinie Tempah and kids favourite Justin Fletcher.

I think being able to spread yourself across a couple of days would give you the best experience, because there is a lot to do.  By jamming everything in to one day it did mean we had to miss some things but it was a great day none the less.

I really enjoyed our dining experience with pop up experts The Art of Dining who brought a Fairy Tale Feast to the festival.  With a delicious four course menu for adults and a specially prepared children’s menu too, it was a great way to enjoy a sit down meal.

They put on a theatrical performance between each course which helped explain the next part of the meal, such as our Snow White course.

It was great fun.  And something I’m looking at revisiting in London.

After eating up his dessert of a gingerbread man that he could decorate himself, we figured Little London would need some time to burn off all the energy he had just consumed!

So we went to the family zone part of the festival, known as the Little Dude’s Den.  It was a well thought out space, with so much on to keep the children occupied, and it was one of the main draws for us when deciding to attend this festival.

Although we didn’t get the time to visit any of the dedicated interactive performances such as yoga with Tatty Bumpkin, dancing with the Twirlywoos or bollywood dancing with Betty Bloom it was great that it was available at no extra cost for the children to enjoy.

However we couldn’t let Little London not meet the Twirlywoos.  They’ve been character favourites of his for a while, and actually he was a little star struck when he did meet them just outside the Twirlywoo’s HQ’s.  He was eager to skip the queue and run straight over to them, but we held him back until it was his turn when he suddenly became shy.  So I had to help ease him in for a Twirlywoos cuddle!

The farm park was a lovely touch, the children were able to get up close with all the animals.  Instead of just seeing animals in pens they were able to get in and stroke them, and even hold 3 day old chicks.  Although for the survival of the chick Little London was handed we made sure he was returned straight away! Gently isn’t a word in his vocabulary just yet.

The Skinny Jean Gardener’s helped Little London grow some beans by helping him to carefully sow them.  They’ve now grown so big I’m not sure what to do with them next! I’m guessing repotting but the inner gardener in me died a long time ago!

With Little London happy, we also decided to see what there was for us at the festival.  After all, we’re not solely about the kids fun! Luckily with lots of food to be eaten and drinks to be drunk we were happily catered for.

I loved the large choice in street food that was available this year.  And it was good to see my festival favourite of churros was ready and waiting for me to tuck into!

We took advantage and headed to The Cheese Hub as well to eat some cheese and watch Alex James and Jamie Oliver spin some fab 90’s tunes.  Including a rival Oasis track.  Wonderwall anyone?

Watching and listening to Duke beatbox on a tiny bandstand was incredible.  I’m not sure if it was a planned performance or not but is was amazing to see and dance to!

As dusk fell, we decided to finally join the main stage where we listened to the end of the Foxes set.  Little London danced and loved it! If you saw my Instagram stories on the day you’ll have seen how happy he was.  He’s obviously a big Foxes fan.

With Mark Ronson finishing off the set on the Friday night we enjoyed a bit of mashed up pop and funk which was great, he really got the crowd going.  But with Little London telling us it was too loud because he was trying to sleep we took that as our cue to head home.  We heard the last of his set as we left the festival and walked back to the car.

A great festival and I’ll be back next year for sure.



    • I’d not been to the cotswolds either, we drove through some beautiful places. I definitely want to return to see more of the area!

    • I think the rest of the weekend it did rain as well, but the pictures I saw still looked like everyone was having fun!

  1. looks like you had a great time, your photos are great, you must have a good camera on your phone!
    It is so nice to have things like around for families to get out and enjoy, not only for the children, but for the parents too 🙂

    • I do love churros, one of my favourite things! My other half really resents me buying them because he says it’s just fried flour lol. Doesn’t stop him eating mine though!

  2. Your photos are brilliant considering they’re just from your phone! I’ve heard quite a lot about this festival and it sounds like there was a good mix of acts. I’d make a beeline for the Cheese Hub for sure!

    • Thank you, they turned out better than I thought they might, but a camera phones still no match for a proper camera! I’ll see you in the cheese hub next year then 😉 haha

  3. Sounds like you had a great time with the family, it’s good you braved another, but I am very jealous you had nice weather, I’ve not been as lucky at festivals this year x

  4. It looks like you were lucky with the weather. What a great festival. I love that second photo, brilliant!

  5. Tad Darh – The ALL ACTION MUSIC ‘FESTIVALED’-n-well-‘FEASTED’ LondonMum!!!” drooooop, wheeze, cough, bucket of cold water, magic sponge (oi, careful with that haha.) We’re exhausted just reading another … ANOTHER?? music-n-feasted-festival energergised post! It’s a good job you’re young & ‘arthritic’ LondonMmmmm.. – ooo, just a mo, … that’s not the word … I meant ‘ATHLETIC’ (sorry ha.) What a great high octane day for you both!! Hope you’ve both recovered. Listening to ‘Duke Beatbox’ – I ask you? … had to laugh, that’s so apt haha! Hope all’s well. Onwards LondonMum.

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