Colposcopy After Abnormal Smear Test

Just before Christmas, I received an NHS stamped letter following my recent smear test.  You know something isn’t right when the envelope isn’t a standard sized one, and instead it’s bigger and full of leaflets. So even before opening the… Continue Reading


Here’s Little London’s 22 month vlog.  Having just had his second Birthday party this vlog must seem really weirdly placed, but as he’s not two until the end of this month he’s actually still 23 months old- so I’m on… Continue Reading

Cruises With Kids | The Easy Family Holiday

Pre baby I was what is known as a ‘traveller’ when it came to holidays.  I explored countries. I didn’t just book a resort and stay in one place for the duration of my time away.  I would fly into… Continue Reading


I hold my hands up and admit that I’ve been terrible at getting footage during Little London’s 20th month.  But I did manage to get some random nice bits which I put together so you can get an idea of… Continue Reading

Copenhagen in 3 Days | The Video

Finally, the video for Copenhagen is up and ready.  So I hope you enjoy it.  I didn’t really film as much as I’d hoped, but that was because I was just having such a good time that technology kind of… Continue Reading

Shopping Haul: 2

I’ve been on a little shopping spree again.  Not only have I filmed it for you, but I have linked all the items below as well. Excuse the way I look in the video- I had no make up on… Continue Reading

A Blogger’s Life: Boden A/W15 Press Day

Boden was one of the first companies to contact me as a blogger outside of the realm of all things babies. If I’m honest, I never really paid them much attention up until that point.  Pre baby I quite liked… Continue Reading

Shopping Haul: 1

Everyone loves a shopping spree especially me, so I’ve filmed a shopping haul video for you all to enjoy. To look at the pieces more individually and closely here are some pictures with the appropriate links to the right pages… Continue Reading

How to Brush your Baby’s Teeth

With NHS cutbacks and changes in regulations, the one thing missing for new Mum’s is how to brush a baby’s teeth.  With Baby London now the proud owner of 4 teeth, its been important for me to make sure they… Continue Reading