Party Time, Magical Forests & High Speed Down The Thames | 23 Months

Lots of great things happened in the month leading up to Little London’s second Birthday, which included his Birthday party.  Being a December born baby we decided to host his Birthday at the end of November so he didn’t miss… Continue Reading


Here’s Little London’s 22 month vlog.  Having just had his second Birthday party this vlog must seem really weirdly placed, but as he’s not two until the end of this month he’s actually still 23 months old- so I’m on… Continue Reading

Convertibles Bundle Deal by Miles Kelly

There was a great response to the convertible books that I mentioned in my toddler gift guide, and the publishing company kindly sent one of their Christmas bundles for Little London to open up and enjoy. These bundles are currently… Continue Reading


A little bit late, but here none the less. Finally I’ve put together Little London’s “21 Month” vlog.  It’s not the best so I apologise in advance, but the vlogging camera took a back seat this month as I just concentrated… Continue Reading

A Week In The Life Of… An 18 Month Old

Here’s our latest ‘Week in the Life of…’ video. Our Son is now 18 months old, and his level of understanding makes everything so much more fun.  He does what he likes, and lets you know if he doesn’t want… Continue Reading

Shopping Haul: 3

I’ve got some great pieces to show you in today’s shopping haul! From gorgeous toddler boys clothing, to a couple of pieces I couldn’t resist for myself! Here’s the video if you’ve not seen it, and below I’ve listed the items… Continue Reading

A Week in the Life of… a 16 Month Old

This month has just seen our little man become stronger and more agile.  Instead of things barricading him in, he now just clambers over everything.  Absolutely nothing stops him.  You’ll probably notice in the video that he has a certain core… Continue Reading

Shopping Haul: 2

I’ve been on a little shopping spree again.  Not only have I filmed it for you, but I have linked all the items below as well. Excuse the way I look in the video- I had no make up on… Continue Reading