Nurturing Mums Review (week 6): Goodbye!

Today sadly was the last day of our Nurturing Mums group- a North London postnatal group I’ve been asked to review.  The weeks have flown by and today instead of walking in with a new-born I have a happy, healthy… Continue Reading

Post Pregnancy Belly Busting (week 1)

Food Honestly the food has been fine.  I’ve been full up and actually found myself enjoying my meals.  Because things are bought in advance I’m not wondering what I’ll cook for dinner, so its made the cooking process easier as… Continue Reading

Nurturing Mums Review (week 5): Relationship Issues

This week I was unable to attend Nurturing Mums; a postnatal group I’ve been asked to review.  Both myself and Baby London have been quite sick the last few days, and we’d both lost our voices.  (Poor baby is confused… Continue Reading

Post Pregnancy Belly Busting

After posting up some rather revealing post pregnancy pictures of my delightful stomach I was lucky to be contacted by Wendy Powell who is a renowned post natal core restoration specialist who heads MuTu and has helped thousands of women… Continue Reading

Nurturing Mums Review (week 4): Boogie Babies

As you know I’ve been asked to review a post natal group called Nurturing Mums, who run a 6 week course for all new Mothers as a way to help them get them back into a lifestyle they enjoy and… Continue Reading

6 Weeks Post Partum: The Honest Truth of how I am Emotionally

I’m going to be honest here… I’m going to tell you all how I have been emotionally these past 6 weeks.  Let me warn you it’s not pretty! After the birth I was absolutely drained.  If I’m being honest I… Continue Reading

Nurturing Mums Review (week 3): Food glorious food

Baby London may be a little bit young for the weaning process right now but I know the time will suddenly creep up on me, and now that I’m armed with a bit of knowledge I feel like I will… Continue Reading

The perfect French Mother: Review of Envie de Fraises

I must admit I’m a total Francophile.  It’s bad isn’t it.  Being British we’re taught in the playground to hate the French (it goes both ways but it’s never taken seriously).  But I absolutely love everything French.  To me the… Continue Reading

Nurturing Mums Review (week 2): Hush little baby techniques!

Week two at Nurturing Mums; a North London group I was asked to review, was another brilliant and helpful session.  We were introduced to Maryanne Taylor from ChildSleepWorks; a certified top sleep consultant using gentle methods to get our little critters… Continue Reading