Nikon D3200 practice at Southbank Christmas Market.

I am loving my camera, and learning all about it.  Last week I went out and used the auto camera setting.  This week I wanted to see what kind of pictures I could take using the ‘non flash auto setting.’… Continue Reading

Borough Market on a budget

Not long ago I told you all about a great little place to eat in Borough Market, but I never told you how amazing Borough Market itself can be.  So this weekend my other half and I thought we’d do… Continue Reading

Natural History Museum by night

So now that I’m just getting larger and larger (a man asked me today when my baby was due and when I told him December he was actually shocked at how big I was… I’m blaming it all on the fact that… Continue Reading

Old London had a farm (called Surrey Docks Farm)

So I was up early today. Dressed and ready to go and do some exploring. The annoying thing about being on maternity leave is that no one is free in the day unless it’s a weekend, so I have to… Continue Reading