Bleeding, cramping, start of miscarriage?| 4 Weeks and 6 Days

Today I woke up still experiencing cramps, and after my morning visit to the bathroom I found there was a bit more bleeding that had obviously occurred.  In the previous days this bleeding has been pink in colour, today it was… Continue Reading

My Pregnancy Journey Starts| 4 Weeks

By the time you read this I’ll be either further along in my pregnancy or else the pregnancy has come to an end.  I suppose that sounds drastic, but it’s such early days that it’s hard to really know where… Continue Reading

Travel Fever 2

Third Stop: Brazil Once a year I like to go on a proper travelling trip (backpacking) to a destination where I can really get back to travelling.  Because of work commitments I can’t waltz off for half a year to a year, so… Continue Reading