A little bit late, but here none the less.

Finally I’ve put together Little London’s “21 Month” vlog.  It’s not the best so I apologise in advance, but the vlogging camera took a back seat this month as I just concentrated on having fun 🙂

In fact the first part of the film I actually videoed for Mr London Mum, as the pretend sleeping and snoring was something I’d not seen before and I didn’t want his Dad to miss out on it.  And the next part of that video I just love, because I find his pronunciation of words so cute, and I know it won’t be long before he’s pronouncing things properly and I don’t want to forget those little cute toddler sounds.

We also went on a Mummy date with the beautiful Emma who vlogs over at Mamalina.  Her Son so beautiful and gorgeous.  We wanted to get a bit creative, so we planned a calligraphy date, but as always children never give you the time you want to do Mum related projects so we ended up just watching the boys mainly and gossiping- pretty successful Mum date me thinks 😉

Finally there’s a bit of our break to the Isle of Wight.  If you’ve not read my blog post on it, make sure you do because it was an amazing little staycation that both myself and Little London loved.

Hope you like this months video even though it’s really not my best work, but I promise to do better next month 😉



    • It’s the babbling I love! So cute. I don’t want to ever forget what’s babbling sounds like. x

    • I love creating little memories, no doubt I’ll stop them as he gets older or slow them down, but at this age they progress and change so quickly that I don’t want to blink and forget things!

  1. “ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ” somebody’s been listening to ‘L’ … another snorin’, dribblin’, linguistic calligraphist – (not as advanced as LL though haha.) Quick retreat needed after that. Another brilliant post !!!! Onwards LondonMum. Must rush. ‘O’

    • I need to do more really, by the end of the month I usually only have a tiny bit of footage to work with! Totally my fault of course x

    • It was petrifying! Never again. I would have been ok had I not had the toddler on me, but I was so scared he was going to jump off me. We walked back up..!

  2. So cute!!! I love watching blogs and family videos so this was absolutely adorable. Good job!

    • Really glad you liked it, it was terribly edited because I really didn’t get much footage of the month. I’m not sure this month I’ve done too well not that front either considering today is the end of that official month, but I promise to make sure the logging comer makes more of an appearance for the next update after lolx

  3. Such a lovely video! You little is adorable! I was actually scared of the viw so high, but worthy! Great vlog!

    • So high! It was petrifying with my little one on my lap as there’s no real bar to hold you in!! x

  4. Aww, your little one is just the cutest! I can never film my youngest as he’s too nosy and wants to look at what I’m looking at (if that makes sense)!

    Louise x

    • Yes! we’re getting to that stage no, so I have to be a bit more subtle when the camera comes out lol x

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