Slow Cooking Just Got Easier| SlowCook Chef

There is a service I’ve come across recently that I’m prepared to call the holy grail for all parents or working individuals seeking an easier and healthier lifestyle.

SlowCook Chef.

Let it sink in, because it’ll become your best kept secret if you let it.

We all know that slow cooking is the way forward.  It’s time-saving and ultimately healthier because everything is fresh and home cooked.

It’s easy cooking at its best.

But there’s better.

And there’s easier.

While I love slow cooking, the prep can be really quite time-consuming, which often makes it seem like too much effort if you want to get everything bubbling away early morning.

Everything needs to be bought from the supermarket, carefully measured out (resulting in waste), sliced, diced and ready to go into a slow cooker.  Including the butternut squash I needed for a butternut squash risotto I was making, which nearly resulted in the loss of a finger or two.

Take the hardship away and I’m all for slow cooking.

And that is exactly what SlowCook Chef have done.

They are an online slow cooker recipe kit delivery company.  They come up with the most amazing array of recipes you can choose from and they deliver the ingredients ready prepped to be used in your slow cooker.  (Including those annoying vegetables part of the squash family.  No more threatening knives need be used!).

And I couldn’t be more in love with the service.

Thai green chicken curry suit you? How about honey chicken wings? Or a Mexican inspired dish with a rancheros pie?

All a bit more exciting than your traditional stew right?

Well I gave all three dishes a whirl made lovingly in my slow cooker.

And yes it was easy.  So easy.


I followed the simple recipe card for each different dish using the colour coded ingredients that were vacuum sealed for freshness and pre portioned.  So there was no chance of mixing up the ingredients for the variety of dishes I had ordered.



And with preparation time taking between 5-20 minutes it meant I didn’t have to slave in the kitchen at any point.  In fact the most I had to do was just fry off some meat that was already sliced and diced for me.  Now that’s my kind of cooking!


If you fancy checking out the service I have a few little voucher codes exclusive for The London Mum readers.

DNFREESC will get you a free 3.5L Andrew James slow cooker with your first box and DNTAKE50 will get you 50% off your first box.

SlowCook Chef is a flexible subscription service, but for those of you wanting to see if it suits your life style you can choose a one-time taster pack.  Do it, it’s a game changer!

Free home delivery is available within the M25 and nationwide delivery will start in April 2016.

(Disclosure: PR sample)



    • This would so be up your street then! hahah. I’m forever buying easy cooking appliances and never using them because it involves me having to figure it out first, but actually there’s nothing you need to learn with this! x

    • Most of my “home cooked” meals consist of boiling pasta and mixing it with something I find in the fridge. This was a god send- for all of us! haha x

  1. I love my slow cooker, but don’t really use it to its full potential, I have never heard of this subscription, but it sounds really good x

    • They’re fairly new I believe, and came up with the idea after spending a fortune on take aways die tot eh convenience. By prepping all the food for a slow cooker they realised this was much healthier and better and turned it into a service. Great concept right? x

  2. Great idea! I never make any slow cooker recipes that require pre-cooking, it always seems to defeat the point a bit!

    • It’s not so much the pre cooking with me, it’s the preparation. Cutting and dicing and butternut squash is just lethal for me lol. And then the onion, measuring out the risotto, the herbs etc etc. It’s just time consuming!

    • This is a brilliant service, especially if you’re a busy household. x

    • I think a service like this would make sure you used it more, and would hopefully teach you some new dishes to create with it.

    • to be honest I never knew you could do half the recipes in them that they do. SlowCook Chef has really opened my eyes up to it!

  3. Oh I’m defo going to have to try this service out. I always have loads of waste. Oh And the butternut squash does my brain in, kids love the soup and I detest cutting it!!

    • It kills me everytime lol. I think I need to ban it from the kitchen if I have to prep it myself!

  4. This sounds like the perfect way to be able to cook delicious recipes without too much prep.

  5. Hurrah for the geniuses behind this new service that’s all i can say. There’s not one parent around who wouldn’t be grateful to have pre-prepped ingredients and full recipes delivered to their door. I’m all for anything that makes our busy lives that little bit easier! xx

  6. This is genius. I’m going to have to say, I have a slow cooker and I’ve never used it. But i’m definitely going to be trying it now. x

    • I know exactly what you mean. Ours was sat on the side for ages. Finally it’s getting used!

  7. Oh wow, I love using the slow cooker. This is a really cool service and it definitely makes dinner prep a lot easier.

  8. This is such a great idea for busy mums like me who hate cooking! I am definitely going to have a look at the subscriptions they offer, thank you. Kaz x

    • I despise the cooking chore. It’s annoying that kids have to be fed breakfast, lunch and dinner lol. This makes life so much easier!

    • It really does, I love coming home to food that’s ready prepared. IT stops me from snacking!

  9. ‘L’ tells me she’s got a slow-n-simple cooker … ME!! Do you do take-aways? Must go … yet another day slaving away – unfortunately, in a recording studio ha. Onwards LondonMum.

    • Too true, while she has that slow cooker on function she may as well keep using it! haha

  10. this is awesome I love my slow cooker its a really old fashioned one my nan gave me and still works a treat.

    • It’s such an easy way to cook, and definitely stops sneaking because the smell it gives off is amazing.

    • I know what you mean, I purposefully picked meals foremother menu that were different to the usually slow cooker dishes just to see how they would turn out!

  11. this makes me want a slow cooker even more. its definitely a lot more handing even if it takes longer but its worth it

    • Putting it on in the morning and leaving it to do its thing while you have a day out is a nice feeling though 😉

  12. Oh wow! This looks like a game changer. We are about to invest in a slow cooker and I never thought about the prep time or food wastage. The meals look delish x

    • Yeah I didn’t think about that either, thinking it would be some magical machine… turns out it is but it still requires all the effort of normal cooking to get it ready!

  13. I love slow cooking and I am always on the lookout for new recipes! This sounds great! xx

    • This is great for inspiration then. Perhaps get a few one off meals, I’m amazed at some of the recipes they come up with!

    • It’s brilliant, such a great way to stay healthy and make sure food is tasty and prepared!

    • I wish I loved cooking, it’s just not something I enjoy though. x

  14. What a great idea! The slowcooker is such a godsend and now having a service that does all the prep for you… where do I sign up??! 🙂 x

  15. I’m a huge fan of a slow cooker but I agree it can be quite time consuming to prepare the initial dish. This service sounds incredible.

  16. OMG!! This looks amazing and food looks so delicious. I’d like use Slow Cooker…

    • I never knew so much could be made in a slow cooker myself.. I’m glad it’s not only stews! x

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