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I love fashion, but being pregnant for what seemed like an eternity hindered my ability to update my wardrobe.  And now post pregnancy I’m finding that I’m not prepared to buy new bits until I’m back to my pre pregnancy body which I’ve been told can take up to a year!! (I really hope it won’t take that long).

Thankfully I have a little man who I can dress up instead, and at the rate he’s growing I have to keep updating his wardrobe!

So I was grateful when I was sent a beautiful package from name it, a Scandinavian kidswear brand.  Even I haven’t got any Scandinavian items in my wardrobe so I was a tad bit jealous 😉


As you would expect from a Scandinavian brand, the items are stylish, tailored and reflect trends whilst being kid friendly and comfortable.  When I think of Scandinavian fashion I think of fuss free, good quality and beautiful pieces, and name it deliver on this front!

PicMonkey Collage1

Further more the pieces are made in a particularly environmentally friendly manner, the material is made from raw natural materials such as cotton or wool, and controlled for remains of pesticides and pollution from production.  The company also steer clear of hazardous environmental and chemical usage.  So the clothes are as natural as can be, perfect for newborns or older children.  Particularly so if you find your child has skin issues- less irritants on the skin.

Some of the items I was sent are still a bit too big for Baby London, but at the rate he’s growing it won’t be long before he’s wearing them!  Here he is in the hospital though in one of the newborn numbers:

PicMonkey Collage

If you want to take a look at some name it products yourself the brand is on sale at House of Fraser, Littlewoods or Very.  With four yearly collections in March, May, August and October I know Baby London will be able to stay fashion forward even if I can’t!


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  1. Ooh one of my favourites. Your little one will look cute and be comfortable , always the best combination! X

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