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It seems like summer is throwing out the last of its heat.  So with that in mind I thought I’d tell you all about the Ruislip Lido in case you fancied a little beach break.


^^T-shirt| River Island Kids

The problem with London is that there isn’t really any coast around us.  Given that it’s a mainland city that’s not surprising.  But I really fancied a day at the beach without the lengthy drive.

After all a two-hour drive with a toddler to get to the coast and a two-hour drive back just isn’t anyone’s idea of fun.  I need support for journeys that long!

So with a little bit of research I came across the Ruislip Lido.

It’s a water reservoir that also has an artificial beach and most importantly a free car park!


^^Bag| Joules 

It’s a bit of a walk to the beach from the car park so I decided to bring along the micro scooter to keep Little London on track- which was a great idea.  



Before you berate me, normally I would have him in his scooter helmet because I do value the safety of it.  But the day we visited was unbearably hot and I know he doesn’t go fast on his scooter because I’ve instilled the fear of danger into him.

So under my careful watch I decided to forgo the helmet because he was already starting to sweat.

Once we arrived at the beach it seemed like many families had the same idea as us as it was packed.




But if you keep walking further on past the main stretch of beach with the climbing frames and play equipment, you’ll come to a smaller beach area which is more secluded and also has a bit more shade.

The lake personally isn’t ideal for swimming, but try telling a toddler who is watching other children that he can’t go into a lake.


It used to be a swimming lake with paddle boats and more.  If you watch Cliff Richard’s music video of The Young Ones, you’ll see it back in its hey day.

So I let him paddle really near the edge and refused to let him go further than that.



I was all up for him playing on the sand though, and I brought some stacking cups with us for him to build sand castles with.

Before heading back to the car I let him spend some time in the water splash park.

Really it was my attempt to shower him down and remove any lake residue from him.  And he loved it.  He enjoyed running in and out of the water jets that would come on at random intervals.  I loved it because the water was clean 😉

But don’t just go to the Ruislip Lido for the beach as the rest of the park is worth checking out as well.  There are some great grass stretches to enjoy picnics and some cleaner fun without the water and sand.



With the number of people at the beach it became quite an unsafe atmosphere because I couldn’t just let my son play without me having to literally stalk him, otherwise I would have lost him.

As I was solo parenting that meant no climbing frames or park play because of the conditions.  There were older more boisterous children and it just wouldn’t have ended well if I’d let Little London participate.  Although if you have older kids it would make the perfect day out because they don’t require that kind of hazard watching.

But on a less busy day I could see how the beach and play zones are well equipped to entertain younger children.  



Ruislip Lido doesn’t make up for the coast, but for the kid that really wants to go to the beach and the Mum that really doesn’t want to drive to the edge of the country this is a mediocre compromise.  


On a less busy day it’s probably a great compromise.    



  1. It looks really nice here, your photos make me want to have a picnic there lol. Little London’s outfit as always looks great. x

    • It’s a great place for a picnic. I of course came unprepared as ever, but there is a carvery pub near the car park and a cafe near the beach so we were well fed anyway!

  2. You always find the best little places <3
    Hopefully I can take Hayden & Mr B here before it gets too chilly – Looks lush! We drove to Canvery Island the other weekend and it wasnt very pleasent so this would be ideal. Little London is so darn cute, love his clothes too
    Thanks so much for sharing hun
    Charlotte x

    • This is great as long as it’s not busy I think. With the schools having gone back now I think it’s a good time to go- avoid weekends I guess!

  3. Looks brilliant, will add this to my list for next Summer. I love River Island clothes for the little one’s too, that t-shirt rocks!

  4. Your photography is wonderful! – Secondly I’ve not heard of such a place but it sounds brilliant, we have tonnes of lakes and natural water sources but nothing that has been turned into a tourist hot-spot (which really could bring in extra revenue). I’d love to take the kids to a beach on the weekends without having to treck for miles in the car!
    Thanks for sharing your day out 🙂

    • Such a shame they haven’t created something near you. I bet your water is a lot nicer than the water here! lol.

  5. This sounds like a lovely water park. I love your sons t-shirt and the photos are brilliant. I get what you mean about the busy places. We prefer to go on quiet days or late in the afternoons when less people are around.

    • I don’t blame you! It’s up a residential street so unless you knew it was there you’d totally miss it!

    • I love them! He decided to jump in the muddiest piddles the other day wearing them… they’ve turned a shade of brown now… eurrrgghhhh!

  6. Isla’s main man is looking super dapper in his summer get up! Looks like you had such a fab time. Got to love a lido. Absolutely loving the peace photo – stunning!! Missing you guys!xx

    • Missing you too! I think little man is missing his girlfriend. I can’t wait until you’re back down this way!

    • It’s a great place- tomorrow it’ll be better as it’ll be empty if I decide to do the trek over there! Gotta love the schools returning!

    • hahah I actually remember picking out a sailor dress for a disco… god that was a bad choice! haha

  7. … alternatively, there’s always ‘LittleLondons PLAN B’ to … guess where ha??? – shorter distance as the ‘scooter scoots’, more fun in the sun, real sand, real sea, catch a seagull competition, free ice cream tasting (under 4’s only) free parking, sandcastle challenge, use of our beach hut, a Rick Stein brunch, afternoon beach tiffin, evening gig entertainment (no singing LondonMum!!!!) & no ‘grockles’ now! – all thrown in. Seriously, we’re glad you had a fabulous Mum-n-Son-in-the-sun ‘beach’ day … looks a scenic setting. Great rugby shirt btw … the ‘Ruislip rumbler’ in training haha? Hope all’s well. Onwards LondonMum.

    • I think by the time I got to dorset by myself with a toddler in the back I’d be ready to jump from the cliffs! Or at least play an extended version hide and seek. lol

  8. Ah, we love Ruislip Lido! It looks like he had fun, even without playing on all the available play areas. It is exactly what you said, a compromise. It’s not the size of a stretch of beach, but it’s cheap to get to and to get in 🙂

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