1. I’ve been on several family day outs to London, and love the idea of afternoon tea – this one sounds great as there’s something for everyone. With two wriggly boys though I’ve always been reluctant to take them anywhere ‘posh’ for tea in case they made a scene, lol.
    They’re getting older (and better!) now so will have to take them as they’d love it.
    (Oh, and I love the idea of a ‘man’s’ tea so the blokes don’t think it’s too girly! 😀 My husband would be exactly the same. *shakes head in despair* )

    • Exactly! I’ve never taken my Son for the same reason, this place was great. Suited him perfectly- and let me tell you he was in a grumpy mood because he was tired but he was happily entertained by the lunch box so thankfully he wasn’t as naughty as he would normally have been!
      Men eh? hahah x

  2. The food looks amazing and I love the mini afternoon tea so sweet. I love afternoon tea, although can not remember the last time I did this. Will have to remember here when I am next in London

  3. Glad to get out of that recording studio! Oo, the other ‘arf ha. Just wondering if the crusts were cut off the salmon & cucumber sandwiches ha???? Brilliant post & photos LondonMum – credit to you all!! Off now with ‘L’ for an F-n-C bun fight on the beach … no crusts haha. Onwards LondonMum.

    • Can’t stand crusts, although I’m going to have to start eating them before Little London picks up on my bad habits. Grrrrr.

  4. Wow this is unlike any afternoon tea I’ve seen before. Absolutely fantastic xxx

  5. I have never been to afternoon tea and this post had my mouthwatering. I loved all 3 styles and was jealous of the mini sandwich selection, fish fingers and ketchup! My daughter would love this, she loves sandwiches

    • The kids sandwich selection is great isn’t it? I love that my son is still at the age where he nibbles through things so I get to finish his meals 😉 x

  6. This looked like a fabulous afternoon tea. I’ve been to a few in London but never with my children who I’m sure would love it.

    • I can’t imagine a child not liking this place to be honest, such a great idea to have an afternoon tea for them. x

  7. Ah this looks amazing – we love afternoon tea and I’m heading to London tomorrow with my little one in tow, I might take a look at this, thank you!

    • Definitely pop in and see it if you’re near the oxford street area as it’s a greta chance to see the lights but get away from the mass number of pedestrians for a while too!

    • Your kids would love it! But just as important you will too hahah- everyone likes it nice and simple when out with the kids right?! 😉 x

  8. That looks great – I’m looking to book an afternoon tea and while I was tempted by the Gin and Jam one I haven’t made the plunge and gone for it yet. So think I’ll take a look at this one – a timely post – thanks 🙂

    • Certainly take a look at this place, great if you have a variety of people with different tastes joining you- or if you want to consume loads of bubbles/champagne 😉 x

  9. Everything looks absolutely delicious! I adore that the mini afternoon tea comes in a metal lunch box, so sweet! x

  10. This looks fab! The food looks amazing and I love the idea of a mini afternoon tea for the children – I know my boys would have loved that when they were little

  11. It looks like you had a wonderful time. I really miss London and Afternoon Teas.

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