Range Cookers in Contemporary Settings

One of the vital changes we have to make to our new place is to the kitchen.  We are hoping to literally get rid of everything and start from scratch with a new set of units, white goods and cooking facilities.

One thing I didn’t think of is the possibility of using a Leisure Range Cooker, as typically I assume range cookers to be huge and not very good for homes that lack space.  However, I was invited to a wonderful Supperclub hosted by Uyen Luu, who not only cooked an absolute feast of a menu (all from one cooker) but also proved to me that the Leisure Range Cooker fits seamlessly into a modern decor style kitchen.

Uyen Luu - Supper Club - Leisure Range Cooker

As you can see from the above picture, Uyen has a rather modern gloss white unit kitchen.  I would have thought that the traditional style of the Leisure Range Cooker would have looked awkward and out-of-place, however the all chrome finish made it fit perfectly into the contemporary style.

That particular size cooker may perhaps be a bit too large for the kitchen size we’re contending with but Leisure Range Cookers come in a variety of sizes with the smallest being a mere 60cm.  A good contender to think about eh?

I can tell you from the experience I had at Uyen’s Supperclub that the Leisure Range Cooker certainly cooks to high culinary standards.

With the party atmosphere heating up as the wafts of cooking permeated the room we were all excited at the prospect of finding out just how well paired Uyen and the Leisure Range Cooker would be.


Turns out, feeding a 3 course meal to 15 guests using one cooker was a doddle!

In fact as a Supperclub maestro using her Leisure Range Cooker, Uyen seems to have no issue usually feeding about 30 hungry mouths all at one go!  In fact just take a look at what we ate…

Kale and ginger soup with glass noodles…


…roast lemon chicken with lemongrass and ginger sauce served with grilled seasonal vegetables with a soy dressing and onion rice…



…and plum cake with ice cream!


All washed down with delicious wine and bubbly from Moreno Wines.


Seems like Christmas dinner should be pretty easy if we decide to go with a Leisure Range Cooker in our place!  Definitely food for thought right? 😉

(Disclosure: I was invited to a Supperclub hosted by Uyen Luu by Leisure Range Cookers.  All pictures have been supplied but all thoughts and opinions are my own.  Also if you can attend one of Uyen’s Supperclubs do it! Her food is divine, the atmosphere is amazing and you can ogle the cooker close up!)



  1. Oh you lucky thing, the food looks amazing. I definitely want an oven like that in our forever home. 🙂
    So lovely to have you back online, I’ve missed reading your blog! #weeklylinky

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

    • It’s a beautiful oven isn’t it? If I can cook half as well as Uyen out of one I think MrLondonMum would literally forgo kitchen units and just buy the biggest one for our kitchen hahaha x

  2. Lovely to see a big range in a contemporary setting. Lots of our members are looking to move out of Cities and are longing for a range cooker but this just shows you don’t need to wait!

    thanks for sharing.

    • Exactly, it’s great isn’t it? I never would have thought a range cooker would work with modern styling but it really does!

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