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William is at that adorable age.  Every day his dreams for the future change.  A few months ago at pre school he was asked along with the other children what he wanted to be when he grew up.

The answers from the other children were as expected.  One wanted to be a doctor, one wanted to be a nurse, there was also a footballer in the making and lots of mummy replicas… you name it the kids wanted to be it.

William on the other hand stood up and said he wanted to be a walrus.

I just loved the fact that his imagination knows no bounds.  Nothing is out of the realms of reality for him.

We’d actually sat on the sofa a few days previous and watched Blue Planet together, and William was remembering the scene of the mummy walrus and the baby walrus trying to escape the starving polar bear before finally finding safety on an iceberg where they cuddled up lovingly.

William just wants to feel safe, and so he imagined himself as the baby walrus being protected.

So when Post Office got in touch and asked if I wanted to collaborate on a campaign surrounding life insurance I immediately knew it would be a perfect fit for The London Mum.

After all we all want to be the mummy walrus and protect our young.

We never know what will happen in our futures, but what we can do is plan for all eventualities so that our little ones are supported to live out their dreams even if we might not be there to see them.

As part of the campaign, I got to ask William again about his future dreams and goals in life.

I hope I’m able to see his dreams achieved.  I’d love nothing more then for him to actually have a dog and a cat called Trainer and Train one day.  The names are just perfectly imperfect!

If you’d like to see the goals and aspirations of some other children, definitely take a look at the Post Office protect your child’s dream page and also consider using their life insurance calculator to get a quote.

While we don’t want to think about not being here for our children, it’s nice to know should anything happen their dreams can continue.



  1. Child’s dreams of their hopes and goals and their future security are super important…Love this post! Hope he gets the dog and cat, trainer and train x

  2. I think having life insurance is so important. Hubby is covered by his work but I am not so I have a seperate one

    • It’s so worth having. I’m not keen on many insurance policies but things like home, life and car are essential (and sometimes a legal requirement too of course! lol). x

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