Preparing Our Toddler For A New Baby

Ever since I found out we were pregnant, I have been really concerned with how our toddler will deal with no longer being an only child.

I don’t want him to feel pushed out, jealous or insecure in our love for him just because he has a sibling.

So we’ve worked really hard to make sure we’ve shared this journey with him and with 4 weeks from potentially meeting our little girl I feel we’re ready as a family to welcome her into our unit.

Here are 10 things that we’ve done to help prepare our son meet his sister.

1. Reading Books

There are many books on the market which are great to read with your child.  I bought all ours second-hand so they didn’t cost much, but what they’ve done is prepare our child massively for his sisters arrival.

Some days I just read the stories to him.  And other days I ask him to tell me what’s happening in the pictures.  On those occasions he picks out the characters and refers to them as mummy, daddy, Little London and baby sister.  He puts himself in the situation, which is great.

Now that I’m in the late stages of pregnancy, certain books have my back 😉 There’s A House Inside My Mummy, for example discusses how mummy might be tired.  And for a toddler that refuses to let anyone nap when it’s day time he actually cuddles into me in bed if I’m exhausted and will just lie with me until I fall asleep.

He fully understands that I’m tired because of baby sister.  Don’t under-estimate the power of those books!

2. Getting him involved in hospital appointments and scans

Although every letter I receive from the NHS encourages us to not bring children with us, I personally feel Little London has every right to be in the room when it comes to discussing the new baby.

I suppose if there was any horrific news that it would be harder to deal with, but being there whether he’s with us or not if we were to hear bad news we’d still need to explain it to him so I’ve never questioned our decision.  And also, to be honest finding care isn’t easy for the number of appointments I’ve had to endure.

He’s had to sit in on all my diabetic clinics which can take hours, he’s had to sit in fetal monitoring situations when there have been issues.  And he’s been so good and very understanding about it all.  He knows that I’m not well in this pregnancy and often talks about mummy’s medicine for baby sister.

When he sees me take blood samples for my diabetes machine he tells me ‘it’s ok mummy.  It’ll get better soon.‘  And he knows I can’t eat what he eats because of baby sister, and he’ll let me have my meals in peace because it’s for baby sister even if he’s dying to eat from my plate.

He’s loved being there to see the scans and watch baby sister on the tv as well.  He talks about how she’s in the dark and scared and wants to come out where it’s sunny to come play with him.

3. Referring to her as baby sister

This has been what we’ve called the baby from the very beginning.  Even before we found out the baby was a girl, and it totally comes from him.  It’s how he’s always referred to the bump.

Now we’re nearing the end it’s been a great nickname to have because it has given him an understanding of what his role in the family will be.  He knows that baby sister is his.  No one else can call her baby sister.  She won’t be mummy’s baby sister, daddy’s baby sister or any other child’s baby sister.

It gives him that special bond which is solely his and hers before she even arrives.  It’s made him protective of her already.  When I take him to nursery he tells the other children to be quiet because his baby sister is sleeping in mummy’s tummy.  He is so proud of her and loves to show off my bump and tell everyone his baby sister is in there.

4. Letting him help sort out the baby things

We’ve let Little London help us with the baby bits.  We’ve never put something up in the house without him being there.  He was so proud to help daddy build the Chicco Next To Me Dream crib.  When it was done he came up to me and told me how he’d built her bed and showed me how to work the side panel which opens and closes with one hand.

We’ve also brought him into baby stores to buy some essential things and if something arrives by post I’ll let him open it with me and talk about what’s inside it.  I often show him an outfit and ask him if it’s his, and he says ‘no mummy, I’m too big.  It’s for baby sister.

5. Letting him regress

I think at some point most toddlers will regress when a new sibling comes along.  Whether that regression happens before the baby arrives or afterwards it will inevitably happen.  I’m not sure if we’ll have a regressive period after the baby is born, but we have been through a regression since I’ve been pregnant.

Potty training was going really well.  During our time in Belgium he used the toilet perfectly never once having an accident.  But as my bump grew he needed to become the baby again.  And with that the potty training came to an end.

We just put him back into nappies and allowed him to transition through the difficult change in circumstance.  He also became more clingy and wanted to be the baby.  He would often pretend to cry like a baby and want to be picked up like a baby and rocked.  Don’t get me wrong it was a difficult and frustrating time, but he’s come through it.  And we’ve gone back to potty training again which he’s taken to much easier.  He seems to want to be a big boy now.  I think it just takes them time to take on that new role and you have to let them take on that challenge themselves.

6. Letting him have access to my bump

I’ve never stopped him having access to my bump and in the same way when the baby arrives I won’t stop him from having access to the baby.  His bond with my bump is really special.  He’s so gentle and just frequently hugs it and kisses it.  If he’s feeling a bit down, he’ll come over and cuddle baby sister almost like my bump is a teddy bear.  He talks to her and tells her his little secrets.

Whatever emotional attachment he has to my bump it seems to help him.  And the bond just increases for him.

7. Talking in advance about the birth

It’s very likely that I’ll be having a c-section with this baby.  So I’ve been trying to prepare him for that.

I know already that he is able to comprehend when someone is post surgery.  Last year my mum was very close to dying, and he knew instinctively not to go near her or try to touch her while she was in hospital.  Even when she came around he wouldn’t go near her for fear of hurting her further and he let her dictate when she was ready for cuddles again.  My dad has just come out of surgery recently for gallbladder removal and again he’s been really gentle with how he approaches him.

It might sound strange but I’ve not hidden the way in which a c-section happens.  I have a scar already from his caesarean and I talk to him about how he came out my tummy through the cut that the doctor made.  We’ve watched some of the gentle caesareans on you tube together so he knows exactly what will happen to mummy in the hospital when he goes and stays with my parents.

I suppose for many that wouldn’t be an approach they’d want to take with their child, but it fascinates Little London and he knows the doctors are there to help mummy get the baby out.

Of course I may end up having a VBAC, but I don’t find it necessary to watch those videos with him obviously.  My main concern is that he knows I can’t be cuddled in certain ways or sat on post surgery however much he wants to get on my bed.  So I’m preparing how he might approach me in the hospital in advance so there are no tears because that will break my heart and his.

8. Letting him play with dolls and prams

I’ve been getting some of my old dolls out of hiding and letting Little London pretend they’re baby sister.  He loves role-playing and I encourage him to role play with dolls and prams to help prepare him for the next stage of our lives.

^^ Coat| Gloverall, Trousers| Zara, Trainers| Converse

The iCandy MiPeach is the cutest little pram (and £5 from every sale is donated to Great Ormond Street Hospital) and it’s perfect for helping him to understand the upcoming changes.  He’s very gentle with the doll and loves to put it in the pram to go to sleep and push the pram around proudly.

Don’t get me wrong he is fully aware that it’s still just fun and games right now because he loves to watch the pram roll down hills really fast too, but I can see through his play that he has this nurturing side which this kind of play actively encourages.

When the weather is warm the doll gets a bath and I know that when the baby arrives we’ll be taking walks together, him pushing his pram while I push baby sister (or vice versa).  It keeps him involved and in the loop and part of the experience of becoming a big brother.

9. Talking about the future

I love to discuss the future with Little London and see how he’s thinking.  I know already that there are a few toys that baby sister is not allowed to play with.  She is not allowed to touch his Paw Patrol characters under any circumstance!

And I fully intend to respect his barriers as a toddler.

I will want to encourage him to share, but I’m not expecting miracles over night and I fully expect many tantrums over toys to happen when the baby starts to move and grab but I’ll come to that hurdle when it happens.

I also discuss holidays with him and put all of us in the situation.  It gives him something to look forward to and also for him to realise that baby sister will be a permanent fixture.

10. Treats

Everything right now seems to revolve around being preparations for baby sister.  And with that I’m conscious of Little London feeling left out.  He’s not a spoilt child by any means.  But I also don’t want him to feel like he’s no longer important and all of our thoughts are suddenly filled with baby things.

And so we do go out of our way to provide some treats for him.  Especially because he’s not the kind of child to get jealous if yet another package arrives by post for baby sister and not him.  He’s been handling it all really well.

With his great passion being Paw Patrol, we have a Tomy Paw Patrol Aquadoodle Mat for him to have when the baby arrives.

We want him to have something that he’ll love that’ll keep him happily occupied in the hospital (with minimal mess).  But it’s also something he has to look forward to.  I’ve not hidden it from him, and it’s one of many reasons why he’s excited about the upcoming birth.  It also means that while other family members might fawn over the baby he’ll be busily engrossed in some Paw Patrol play.

I’ve also got a couple of bath time toys from Tomy.  The Foam Cone Factory and the Spin and Splash Jellyfish.

Again these are to use post the baby arriving when I do bath time with the two of them.  I’m hoping the excitement of new bath time toys will give me the chance to wash the baby and get her dry and dressed before he demands to get out the bath.

Again he’s seen both these toys and he knows they’re for him to share with baby sister (not that she’ll be interested for a while).  When his twin cousins came to play recently, they found the toys and Little London did have a bit of a fit at them for touching the toys meant for after his baby sisters arrival.

We’ve also made sure we’ve not stopped parenting him the way we enjoy because for us enjoying parenting is paramount to us as a family having these amazing joint experiences.

For us, we love to go away and take our son to new places.  Travel abroad is obviously out of the question because of how heavily pregnant I am coupled with my high risk pregnancy.  So instead we’ve stuck to having time with each other near home.

I’m hoping of course that things don’t change when the baby comes.  But until we know her personality and what she’s like I can’t guarantee that.  So these little trips have become all the more important for memory building and having shared stories that we’ll always be able to discuss.

We took a day trip to Mersea Island recently and rented an amazing beach hut and came home feeling really fulfilled and happy with wonderful stories to talk about to each other.

Each little picture we took is part of that story that Little London loves to re experience.  These little day trips will be things I hope he can look back on when she arrives and remember what life was like before she arrived and how much we loved him the whole way through.  And hopefully with her those experiences become richer and more exciting for him.



  1. Some great ideas – I’m sure he will be a fantastic big brother. My son turned two just after his sister was born so he was still a bit too young to really understand what was going on. We read There’s a House Inside My Mummy too – brilliant book! I also made him a little box from the baby with a few toys, colouring books, felt tips, a t-shirt saying “best big brother” etc. It kept him busy and he loved that his new sister had gotten him a present.

    • Yes I’m trying to think of some more great presents for him for the hospital. Something he’ll love and keep him occupied at the same time 😉

  2. Some wonderful tips! I am also trying to prepare Bella for her baby brothers arrival and we have done lots of the things you have mentioned. I try to let her get as involved as possible and she too has come to appointments and scans with me. I have definitely just added that book to my amazon basket though as we haven’t got any books and I definitely thing she will be able to relate! xxx

    • The books are great just because it really helps them understand why you’re tired… I needed all that help! lol

  3. I think it’s great you’re doing so much to prepare Little London for the arrival of his baby sister, you’ll find it makes the whole process so much easier. We did a lot of these as well and also bought Riley a present from his baby brother that was given to him when he came to meet him for the first time xx

    • I keep thinking about what special gift to get him from his sister… its gotta be a good one 😉

  4. This is awesome! I love the use of the doll to help prepare him for having a sister. Ingenious!

    • Good thing I still had it 😉 although as with most my old dolls it was naked lol

    • He’s so excited. If he had his way I’d be getting her out today 🙂

  5. You have some lovely advice there. I think it’s always hard on them when they gain a sibling, especially when you go from one to two.

  6. Awww .. how cute is he?! Definitely passing your post along to my daughter. She’s due in a couple of months and a little worried about how her first is going to adjust to the newest addition.

    • Hope her first takes tot he transition well- no doubt I’ll have an update when she’s here to let you know just how well/badly it went lol

  7. that mini-iCandy is just gorgeous! Fab idea. We got my son a gift ‘from the baby’ when she arrived and that worked well x

  8. I’m reading this post and nodding along to everything, you are literally me this time last year! I took Tyler to all off my appointment, he named the bump, we got the cot ready today, you are doing all the right things. I had so many days out with him in my last weeks of pregnancy. He did regress a bit when she was born, wanting the dummy and to sleep next to mummy, but the love between the two siblings is AMAZING! You have the best bits to look forward to and I wish you all the luck with these next steps. EXCITING!!! xx

    • I don’t think I’ll mind if he wants to sneak into our bed- actually he’s currently doing a bit of that right now, and I secretly love it. When she’s here though and crying during the night he may change his mind! hahah

  9. I’m surprised you can still reach a keyboard LondonMum – ‘wot?’ What a brilliant B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T ‘PAWS’-for-thought’ (sorry LondonMum, that’s awful I know ha) & heart-warming read – sounds like all is so well thought-out planned & prepared with all eagerly focussed on an exciting bigger family life adventure. Obviously, a little ‘someone’ is going to have an outstandingly fabulous big brother … what an absolute star guy he is!!! Great to know he’s going to be in charge – he’ll lead the way for us blokes ha! After all you’ve had to deal with & still contend with YOU’RE NEARLY THERE … only 1 thing left to do now … & we’re with you! Onwards & Upwards LondonMum. I trust you’ve got her rugby boots ready – ‘wot’??? … (I bet you’ve just rolled your eyes & ‘tutted’ me haha) … I can’t have said the wrong thing again surely haha??

  10. You’ve certainly been doing a lot to prepare him and it seems little London already has a very special place in his heart for his little sister x

    • He does, he absolutely adores her. I just hope he continues to when she’s actually here! lol

    • We’re trying- he’s at that age where we have to work with him on this for sure.

  11. Love these ideas. I remember when I became a big sister and moved out of my room to make room for my brother, my parents let me decorate my new room exactly how I wanted it. So it was full of My Little Pony! x

  12. Some great tips here for expecting mums with small children. Getting your child involved with appointments is a great idea.

  13. These are all great idea, and we did many of them with our little girl before the whirlwind of twins hit her! She loved building the furniture with her Dadda

    • Oh wow! Twins would have been hard for her, so it sounds like you did great!

  14. These are some fabulous tips. We have tried to do a lot of these things too. Bump is also referred to as baby sister in our house! Not long now lovely xx

  15. What a good little boy, Little London is so grown up for his age and it is great that he has been so understanding during your pregnancy. I really admire that you both have included him so much at each stage of the pregnancy, I think that is really important!

    • I can tell he has little wobbles when he thinks I won’t love him as much, so trying to prepare him the best I can and reassure him is so so important to me.

  16. Wow exciting times. I think you have covered everything you possibly could in preparation for the arrival of his little sister.

  17. We did a lot of these tips with Max and it really helped him transition to being a big brother. It’s weird because once Emmie came along it was like she was never not with us. She just slotted it in. We seem to be struggling now she’s on the move and into all of Max’s toys! He’s not happy at all! Ha!

    • I dread the future of constant bickering over toys lol. It’s inevitable really isn’t it?

  18. These are such great ideas to make your toddler love their baby sister or brother long before they are born. I don’t have children and I would have never thought about this.

    • It’s definitely not something you consider until you have kids. I do miss the life before having to think everything out! lol

  19. Love this post. You made such an effort to prepare for baby girl to come. He will definitely be the best big brother. I didn’t prepare my eldest at all really. I did mention a baby in the tummy and the whole lot but that was it. He was only 2 1/2 when she arrived. They are the best friends now.

    • Mine will be nearing 3 and a half and is so aware of everything happening.

  20. These are all great tips. my eldest was 4 when I was pregnant with my second and he used to love to feel my bump and feel the baby moving. We also bought both a little teddy from each other and they both still have them 8 years later

  21. Such a lovely list! We felt involving our girls in as much as we could regarding baby was a huge plus as it helped them prepare for his arrival! I think its such an exciting time for everyone! xx

  22. As the oldest sibling it was hard at times to not feel a little dejected, but my parents were great at trying to include me in everything!

    • I think going from sole child to suddenly having a sibling is the hardest transition, other children have the experience of already having a sibling to not feel quite as overwhelmed I imagine.

  23. A friend of mine swore by these kind of books to explain to her little one also when she was pregnant! He adores his little sister now.

  24. I’ve only got the one so it’s not something I’ve experienced but it sounds like you’ve got it covered. Think you’re as well prepared as you can be. Hope all goes well

  25. We did most of these when we were expecting our secind child but he didn’t quite get it until the baby was here and wasn’t going anywhere! Haha leant the hard way, they love eachother now!

    • I’m hoping my son just isn’t attached to the bump and not the baby inside the bump… that’ll be a whole host of issues! lol

  26. Sounds like you’ve covered all the bases, I would never have thought of half of these. I love that you have kept Little London so involved, and I really like that you have bought him toys for when the baby comes so he doesn’t have to feel left out

  27. This was a fabulous post for two reasons, one was reading all the wonderful advice that others in the same situation can learn from.
    Secondly was reading all about the lovely way you have included London in everything.
    I hope it goes well for you all xx

  28. It must be so hard, but I keep reminding myself that lots of people have siblings, so it must be fine. It’s great that there are so many books out there to help.

    • SO many books, and such a great way to introduce them to the crazy changes that’ll happen

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