Pregnancy update: 32 weeks, 3 days and a 3D scan

So I’m heading into my 33rd week now, and starting to pack my hospital bag! But I thought I’d give you an update on pregnancy for me this week.

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(Coat from Miss Selfridge, Top from New Look Maternity, Leggings from Topshop, Boots from Zara)

How far Along?
I’ve passed the 32 week point which means I officially have 7 weeks and 4 days left until my due date.  I won’t lie, I am hoping the little one will come a bit earlier, I’m a small framed woman and I’m scared if he gets to full term I won’t be able to squeeze him out!! (especially if he’s big).
How am I feeling?
I’m feeling really good, I’ve not had any niggles or anything this week.  Other than waking up in the night to frequently use the loo I’ve slept soundly.  So I wake up full of energy.
Braxton hicks are getting more frequent though especially as I try to go to sleep.  But like I said I’m a sound sleeper, so once I’ve found a position I’m comfortable I just ignore them until they wake me up to let me know I have to use the loo again!
No idea, I don’t own any scales.  I fit into a lot of my old clothes with the help of a belly band to cover up my stomach area so I think most the weight I’ve put on is baby weight.  The bump is measuring perfectly though.  The fundal height is matching the pregnancy week.
Stretch marks?
Non so far, I’ve not religiously stuck to a brand of cream/oil either.  I’m using whatever I find.  I’ve used up all my past creams and oils so I’m currently using Vaseline cocoa butter spray which is just so convenient because I hate the feel of creams on my skin.
For something more luxurious (and if I know I’m sitting around at home and can walk around with little on as it’s so greasy) I use Palmer’s cocoa butter in the original solid formula.
What do I miss?
I really miss travelling, I usually have to have some sort of amazing trip booked, but I obviously can’t do that! I’m also missing having a glass of wine in the evenings especially during a Downton Abbey episode.  I’ve abstained from alcohol throughout my pregnancy just for my own peace of mind.
Just good old braxton hicks.  I think my belly has dropped too as some of the maternity dresses that were becoming a bit uncomfortable in the rib area I’m able to wear again, which is good because I hate buying unnecessary maternity clothes and want to keep that money for when I’m a yummy mummy instead!
Also a symptom I’ve had all pregnancy, I’m ALWAYS hot.  With the weather as it is I never know whether to dress warm or not.  I’m wearing a coat to leave the house today but no doubt I’ll take it off and carry it!
Everything that contains sugar.  I know it’s bad, but I can’t stop myself.  the midwife found a trace of sugar in my urine so did a diabetes test (for gestational diabetes) on Monday which came back at 6.3.  Apparently 6.7 is the number where they get concerned.  So I went out and treated myself to a chocolate swirl from Starbucks.  Honestly, I have no control!
Highlights of the week?
We’ve started packing the hospital bag now which is suddenly making this all very very real, especially when you have to buy all the bits that aren’t fun like the humongous maternity pads and the breast pads.  But it all just means he’s getting closer to his arrival date 🙂
We also got a 3D scan done, as I want to include that in my 2013 memento photo-book that I get printed yearly to remind me of the years activities.  (Otherwise all those pictures and experiences get forgotten).  I can’t stop staring at the picture.  My other half wanted to know if his nose was squashed up against anything… (he got an odd look from the sonographer) apparently all babies have flat little noses much to his relief! (Supposedly so they don’t suffocate during breastfeeding).
photo 1 (2) photo 3 (2)
Also little ones movements are becoming stronger and more regular.  I love it.  It still confuses MrLondonMum about how excited I get when I feel those movements as he doesn’t understand how comforting it is.



  1. You look so radiant, and the baby looks beautiful! Good luck on the last few weeks before the big day! xoxo

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