Nurturing Mums Review (week 6): Goodbye!

Today sadly was the last day of our Nurturing Mums group- a North London postnatal group I’ve been asked to review.  The weeks have flown by and today instead of walking in with a new-born I have a happy, healthy boy- yes a real proper human being!  When I attended the first class the end seemed so far away, after all the group was to last for 6 weeks.  But honestly that time has disappeared and I’ve learnt something from every class I have attended.


Without Nurturing Mums I don’t think I’d have gained the confidence that I have done.  I first attended when Baby London was 3 weeks old, and if I hadn’t been to Nurturing Mums I still don’t think I’d have left the house.  Going really did force me to get back out into the world after the birth but in a safe environment where I could learn more about the obscure being that was relying on me for its sole survival!!

The other Mums have been so supportive and helpful, we’ve even set up a whatsapp group which makes for rather amusing reading during the nighttime feeds, or when we’re all at home just looking after our babies.  (We’ve all just delighted over the brilliance of one little girl no longer being constipated! Wooo! Perhaps the massage from one of the other Mums at today’s class really did help!).


Even though the group for us has ended, all of us Mother’s know we have the support of each other when we need it.  There are plans for different play dates already set up, plans for first aid, yoga and pilates classes.  And knowing that we can just text each other whenever we need to about the simple things we don’t quite have the hang of yet just gives another outlet of guidance in this much needed time.  Between us ladies nothing is a silly question.

We wouldn’t have any of this if it wasn’t for Nurturing Mums.  I don’t have friends I can turn to about baby related things as I’m one of the first to have had a baby and my own Mum as much as she tries to advise is about 30 years out of date (which she freely admits herself!).  So I can’t say enough how wonderful being part of this group has been for me.  Having a baby can be very isolating and confusing but this removes that entirely.

Today’s class was the perfect ending to the group.  We sat around and chatted about all manner of things with each other while one by one we were treated to a massage by Spa by Car.  Nurturing Mums do really know what Mum’s need, the massage was incredible.  I just wish it could have lasted for hours!


As a parting gift we were also given a bag full of different baby related vouchers and offers, a good way to keep us on our journeys of motherhood! We were also given a few other special momentos that I won’t spoil for you, after all I don’t want to tell you everything!

The reviews these past few weeks have only skimmed the surface of the course.  As a complete novice at parenting I feel much more prepared for what lays ahead.  Dare I say I’m even excited…


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