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It’s not long now until we move into our new house.  We’ve had the keys for a few weeks, but we’ve put the move off in favour of getting a bit of work done ready to move in and make the house our home.


But with all this work going on it’s got me thinking.  Mainly about security.

While the house will hopefully transform into the home of our dreams (for the next few years) I want to make sure everything in it is protected and kept safe.

After all our homes become our bubbles.  A little hub of security and safety.

The house we’re moving to is an upside down town house, it suits us to a tee.  It’s quirky and spacious enough for what we need.

But with the various different floors there does come that certain amount of anxiety when I know I’ll be sleeping in the bed alone.  The only ‘adult’ in the house.

And statistically, burglary risk is higher for single adults with children at 6.8%, according to the British Crime Survey.

My other half works in film and his hours can be all night or he can frequently be away.

And I’ll admit it.  I’m a wimp.

Sleeping with an object to scare an intruder by my side isn’t the wisest idea with a toddler that loves to sneak into the bed, so I’ve been looking into home security systems.

Verisure is an alarm company that offer the most advanced technology available for home security.

Their technology can also allow you to control the security of the house even when you’re not there, with mobile phone management.

So should we be travelling we can still make sure our home is as well protected as possible.

There website has a multitude of information such as how to make your home look less appealing to burglars when you’re on holiday, and the questions you should be asking your home security expert.  Something I would definitely recommend you read.

Is home security something you’ve looked into previously or something you might consider?

If so leave your tips or any helpful advice below!

I’m all ears.



    • It’s just that need isn’t it? If an intruder came in I’d totally hide and force him o confront the person, but I can’t make him do that if he’s not there lol. x

  1. I’ve never looked into home security but I really feel I should. I’m VERY rarely the only adult in the house at night, but it still worries me sometimes. It’s definitely better to be safe than sorry though, don’t you agree?

    • Definitely. Sometimes I swear I work myself up, but knowing I had in essence back up would help me feel less anxious I think.

  2. You sound SO much like me! I’m on my own with the boys and am security-obsessed (so is the landlord who just so happens to be my mum’s boyfriend lol!) to the point we have 4 cctv cameras outside the house! I love the sound of Verisure though and being able to control the home system no matter where you are! xx

    • Your on it with the security at home!! I don’t blame you though. I’m definitely going to look into it because I know what I’m like. Any creak will freak me out. Where we live now it’s so small and there’s only one way in so I’m fine at home by myself. In a bigger house not so much!

    • Yep I agree, it’s less concerning when you’re in a flat with other flats around. I don’t know if that’s naive or not but I know what you mean.

  3. We have fake cctv on our house! I’m not sure if it helos but it makes my husband feel better!

  4. I do like the sound of this and admittedly if we do go away we have reliable neighbours who can pop in, feed the cats and check everything is okay.

    • Having good neighbours definitely makes a difference. I’ll need to introduce myself straight away when we do move!

    • It’s not something I’ve ever looked into before. I’ve always lived with other people or in small places, I’ve never been the “responsible” one!!

  5. It definitely sounds like Verisure could take some of the anxiety out of being alone at home. Having that extra measure of security is nice.

  6. I must admit I’m a bit laissez-faire about security as we lived in a secure building at the end of a cul de sac before we moved here… to a house on a main road with a door that doesn’t always close properly! Will take a look at these hints and tips!

    • I know what you mean, the place we live now is so small I feel really secure in it. A few times I’ve realised the front door wasn’t even locked during the night- not a practice I encourage! But the house we’re moving to is just so much bigger and I’m not familiar with the area at all.

  7. You may remember LondonMum? Years ago when the B+WC studio was launched in a railway carriage right out in the middle of the New Forest, (the number of gigs I lost because clients couldn’t find it … a type of security in itself ha) … proper security, when I was away on gigs myself, wasn’t all it should’ve been. So, a Boffin friend of mine rigged up powerful external lighting & sensitive pressure pads on the entrance & rear steps that simultaneously triggered a fictitious recording of a howling ‘Hound of the Baskervilles’ dog. It served its purpose (sort of) but the amount of times on returning in pitch blackness, I could see lights & hear a ‘beast’ going berserk but, more often than not, due to an adventurous member of the Forest wildlife but, nevertheless, was slightly concerning ha. I don’t think you’ll have that problem ha! … then ‘L’ came along … & I was told I was going to move. We now have an excellent Frontier Ltd. instance response home security & CCTV package run from within the village – & no ‘dog’ ha! Connecting the door knobs to the electrics would’ve done me ha. Good luck to you all with yet another move!! Hope all’s well, onwards LondonMum.

    • Hahah connecting the door knobs to the electrics! lol. Bet if a burglar got hurt in the process I’d be the one liable- pffft!

  8. I like the look of this thing. We are moving house in 3 weeks time and it comes with an house alarm system. You can log in with your phone as well which I find very handy. It doesn’t have cameras now but I think it’s efficient efficient enough. I’d feel weird having camera everywhere. I would say it depends on the area you are living in. Is it known for things to happen and all that.

    • Yep I think having something is definitely something I’d want. Your lucky your new place comes with an alarm system!

  9. I must admit I never really feel scared, even when I’m home alone. I tend to just make sure doors and windows are locked and that’s it.

    • I think I suffer form over active mind syndrome.. honestly I concoct the worst thoughts in my head sometimes!

  10. I have always been obsessed with security so this made a really interesting read. We had made it as safe as possible at ours thankfully.

  11. Funny you should write this post, my husband and I live in a really quiet, friendly area. One morning we realised there was paper all over the drive from the car… my hubby had left the door unlocked by mistake and some one had gone in routing through! Luckily we just had some random paperwork in there and nothing else, but my goodness it is scary.

    • Oh my gosh that’s so lucky nothing was in there. I remember getting into my car once and wondering why it smelt like cigarette smoke. turns out someone had gotten in but just stole the change I keep at the front. They deemed by Britney Spears cd’s worthless lol

  12. I think this is such a great idea, we do have good neighbours as Rachel has said, but anything that can add that extra piece of mine is great.

  13. I’m so excited for you and your new house lovey!! I often get a bit scared when Rob is away and like to have lots of extra security measures in place so I get ya! I could do with an alarm though! 🙂 xx

    • You just need to scream living with a whole load of military personnel! lol

  14. With so much stress the moving can give, it would be a great feeling to be supported and guided to make the process easier. Verisure could really lift your shoulders up for better transaction.

  15. With so much stress the moving can give, it would be a great feeling to be supported and guided to make the process easier. Verisure could really lift your shoulders up for better transaction.

  16. I could not leave the house without locking all the doors and setting the alarm. My nerves me gone. This system sounds fab. Must look into it a bit more.

    • Thats what I want, something that’s there to protect the house when I’m not as well!

  17. Ohhh I’m totally the same. Such a wimp when Josh is away with work. We have a huuuuge garden which always scares me as I just don’t know what could be lurking in there in the dark! Eeeek. xo

    • Hahah our minds are so much worse than reality right? I dream up loads of horrible scenarios!

  18. We live in a flat and never really thought about home security but when we get our own home it will be something I would be thinking more about.

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