London’s Hidden Gardens

With the sun finally popping it’s head out, it seems like we could be in for some glorious days ahead.  London in the sunshine is the most amazing city.

The sun immediately makes the city dwellers happier, more forgiving and smilier- something not typically associated with Londoners who often just want to get to and from home without much hassle.

While I could happily waste many an hour sitting in front of a cafe or restaurant people watching in the sunshine, that does require not having a toddler hanging off my arm needing to burn excess energy.

While London has many great parks and open spaces that are child friendly, the routine of going to them can be quite monotonous.  Especially if the child is now three and you’ve been frequenting the same parks pretty much since birth.

So I thought I’d share this amazing infographic created by Artificial Grass London who wanted to share some of London’s hidden gardens.

Whether you live North, South, East or West of London there is a garden that perhaps remains a hidden gem that’s not too far from you.

Truth be told I’ve only ever been to one of them- St Dunstan in the East, which is a ruined church that has been left since it was bombed during the war.

It’s now just an overgrown but carefully curated garden that is open to the public, and although it’s only small it offers such a peaceful respite from the buildings and the business sectors surrounding it.  Plus it’s so close to the Sky Garden, meaning you have another little place to explore nearby for free which offers the most amazing views of London and also the chance to experience an indoor garden if the weather becomes unpredictable.

I’m going to make it my mission this year to visit all of these gardens with the toddler and baby.  London is such a thriving business focused city at times that I forget to look closer to nature and really appreciate the natural beauty it also offers.

Of course I’ll still be frequenting the usual parks as well, but it’ll be nice to find some new places this summer time.

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  1. This is a lovely post! We don’t often go to London but when we do we never really visit any gardens. The Kyoto Garden looks absolutely beautiful and so peaceful, it looks like a wonderful place to gain some respite from the hustle and bustle of London’s city centre x

    • It does doesn’t it.. I really do want to try and get to all the little gardens I haven’t been to. I never knew most of these existed!

  2. It’s fab discovering new outdoor places. I’m local to London but never hear of any of these x

  3. Ah fab post think my little lady has allergies to grass or something so this sounds a good idea to enjoy ! thank you

  4. It is wonderful to find new places to explore, especially in the spring and summer when the weather is beautiful. Isabella Plantation and Kyoto Garden both look very beautiful!

  5. I have not been to any of these – usually stick to the main parks, but these will be great for something quieter x

  6. I love visiting local gardens it’s just so magical at times. Every year we have this great hugetulip festival with thousands of tulips.

  7. ….. BUT NO BEACH hahaha!!! Glad London has those exploring, charging around ‘big kid going berzerk’ places for you LondonMum … we just hope your LittleLondonPrince & LittleLondonPrincess can keep up with their Mum ha.
    All received-n-understood – THANK YOU!!!!! B+WC’s on it – on more fronts than ever now! Hope your training for the London Marathon’s going well? – “wot, wot?” … am I missing something here haha???” Hope the countdown’s going well, we’re getting excited for you all now! Look after yourself! Onwards, upwards & bravely outwards LondonMum. “Thank You” once again … WE’RE WITH YOU!

  8. I was in London for work recently and decided to walk the hour to my meeting rather than get a cab and I must say I saw so many little gardens and parkland that I didnt know even existed! xxx

  9. We visit London all the time and yet i have never heard of any of these, what a shame as they sound like real treasures. I’ll definitely be adding some of these to our bucket list of places to visit over Spring and Summer xx

    • Don’t feel bad- I live here and am still non the wiser on most of them lol

    • You’ll have to put a couple on your list next time you’re back!

  10. The last time we visited London we walked around a part of Wimbledon Common and we were at another place that ive forgotten the name but it was lovely and there was a war memorial. I love exploring places like these.

  11. I haven’t lived in London in several years, and I really miss many of the parks. Like this post showed, it seemed to me there were always more to find!

  12. I, too, am always amazed at the amount of ‘hidden’ green around London! Having moved to the outskirts though, just within the M25, it’s now a mission to identify all the National trust spots around me 🙂

  13. What a sweet post. I love finding surprising green spaces in cities. They provide sanctuary from the concrete mayhem around you

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