Les Deux Tours| Marrakech, Morocco

One stipulation that came from Mr London Mum was that wherever we went on holiday we had to have some time to just chill out and relax.

He knows me too well, I’m an on the go type person so I like to have full itineraries when I visit somewhere.

But considering he’d been working abroad for 8 weeks straight with only the odd weekend off I figured I could indulge him his wishes, and of course being pregnant and having our three-year old the idea did seem quite appealing.

If you want to read whether Morocco is suitable while pregnant or with a young child, read the post I wrote previously here.

So with his orders in place I checked out a variety of my favourite websites to book accommodation.

Booking.com came up with the best options for Marrakech and through them I booked the hotel Les Deux Tours.


^^ Little London T-Shirt| Polarn O Pyret

The main picture on the booking.com website didn’t exactly grab me, but at the same time the reviews were amazing and the further I looked into the hotel the better it seemed to be.

Their own website is a much better representation of the retreat and the fact that it’s a Mr and Mrs Smith rated hotel let me know I was booking an amazing place for the start of our holiday.


Twenty minutes from the airport, driving past the busy parts of Marrakech the taxi took us out into the Palmeraie area.  In all honesty there’s not a huge amount to do or see in the Palmeraie area, but it’s peaceful in comparison to staying in centre of Marrakech, whilst only being a short 10 minute drive away.


As we drove up to the big gates of Les Deux Tours the sun was shining nice and hot, and I just couldn’t wait to get myself book in hand by the pool.

We left our luggage by the guard at the gates at his insistence, and were shown the way to the reception.

No formal check ins at the desk here.  We were shown to a seating area outside and brought mint tea and a plate of biscuits while we were checked in.  With a toddler, it just made everything so much easier.  He was happy and relaxed, so we were happy and relaxed.


^^ T-Shirt| Original Penguin

We were shown to our room where our cases had already been delivered, and actually to call it a room would be an injustice.

Our front door led to a courtyard which the two bedrooms were both off.  A double for us and a single for Little London.  The large bathroom was equidistant from both rooms and we just felt like we had the space in there to really not feel crammed in with our toddler (even if he did choose to sleep in our bed at night).


^^ This is literally the only picture I have from our room, I just didn’t think to take pictures until we left and I realised I’d taken none! This is from the courtyard. 

There are some suites available with their own private pools and I can only imagine how beautiful those suites must be, because ours was gorgeous.

The high vaulted ceilings and the scent of oranges growing on our own orange tree in the courtyard was just so beyond my expectations.


^^Blue Dress| Piper Java, Espadrilles| ASOS

Les Deux Tours was our first glimpse into how Moroccans treat children.  I can not tell you just how amazing they all are with children.  Nothing is too much trouble, and they go out of their way to make sure children are happy and entertained.


It’s a totally different culture so if you don’t like the idea of your child being lavished in love and possibly kissed, then Morocco isn’t for you.  But for us we loved it.  And Little London lapped it up.

By the pool he’d play games with the general manager of the hotel which would involve throwing a ball into the pool and waiting for the wind to slowly bring it back to the edge.  I’m not talking about a 5 minute game here either, I’m talking about an hours worth of attention at a time.


At the restaurant the musician who was playing traditional Moroccan music just loved it when our son went up to watch him more closely, even singing him his own song using his name.  And then he showed us proudly the pictures of his children from home.  People connect through children in Morocco and it’s so beautiful to see.

At breakfast the staff would play peek-a-boo with our son at the table from behind doors, keeping him occupied but always at a respectful distance from us eating our breakfast (not that we would have minded at all had they wanted to even sit down with us!).

If he got fidgety before we’d finished breakfast they’d take him off into the gardens in front to feed the peacocks if they were strolling by.


They just genuinely love children.

It just helped us as a couple enjoy our surroundings knowing that our child was happily occupied and safe and it wasn’t just about one of us having to keep an eye on him at all times- trust me the feeling was quite novel!


With swings in the gardens which overlook the home-grown produce and a pen of friendly goats that eat out of your hands, including a new-born baby goat there was never a dull hour for my child between pool playing and jumping on the 4 poster beds that are scattered around the 3 hectare park.



Although the area Les Deux Tours is in, hasn’t got much going on outside its gates (although camel riding can be arranged and you’ll notice many a camel on the drive in), there is a free shuttle bus taking you into the Medina and back again if you want to experience that Medina lifestyle without staying there.


We also looked at the possibility of booking a tour into the Atlas mountains, and Les Deux Tours were very helpful in helping us to create a bespoke trip to suit our needs.  But in the end we decided we would come back another time and take advantage of staying in the mountains for a bit before exploring more of Morocco.  The driving might have been a little much for Little London and I wasn’t sure if my morning sickness would stay away if we left early to fit everything in.

So we stuck to enjoying the sunshine by the pool.


^^ Bikini| Wolf & Whistle

The food at Les Deux Tours was delicious.  The breakfast was well catered for and provided everything and more that we could want.  The coffee was great, the mint tea sublime and the fresh squeezed orange juice was just heaven.  Dinner at the restaurant was exceptional and even if you don’t stay at Les Deux Tours I’d recommend a meal there.


Being pregnant and with a toddler we didn’t take advantage of the bar room, and I also gave the spa treatments a miss because I really wanted a hammam but know it’s not recommended in pregnancy.  But next time we visit I’m booking in for everything!

Because yes, there will be a next time. I felt like we hit gold finding Les Deux Tours.  I highly recommend it.

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  1. After reading this I so want to go there Donna. The photos are stunning including you looking so well. I’m. It sure I could brave the Medina even with my husband. The hotel looks incredible xx

    • the Medina is an experience, I loved it but I came prepared with how it was going to be. My OH was done with it by day one lol. I think it has to be done but it depends on how high your tolerance is… mine is higher than his apparently! 😉

  2. Amazing post and photos – you’ve made me want to go to Morocco again! The hotel sounds fab, I love how family-friendly all the staff were!
    Glad you had a great time, thanks for sharing it with your readers! Xx

    • They were so good, it’s a whole different culture out there when it comes to children and it was so refreshing. xx

  3. Those are awesome photos! It looks like you guys had a great time! I can’t wait until my daughter is a bit older and we can go out on days like this 🙂

    • I think that’s why we’re trying to pack in what we can now, before we start from scratch with a new born again lol.

    • I’m hoping if I just keep going away I’ll open my eyes and it’ll be spring! lol

  4. I really enjoyed this review. Your photographs are gorgeous. I love the idea of staying in morocco. We have a little babymoon booked for March. Your bump and bikini are gorgeous xx

    • I’m at the stage where I hate having clothes on my bump lol- so bikini it was!

      Where are you planning to head on your baby moon? x

  5. The word relax just jumped straight out at me, looks like you had a fabulous visit, you pictures always capture some amazing details, transporting us there with you guys x

  6. This hotel is just beautiful and having a courtyard with your own orange tree is fantastic. Morroco sounds like a wonderful place to travel with children as they are treated so very well by the Moroccans.

    • The culture is just so child friendly. It’s a complete contrast really to how we raise our own children back here. Sometimes I feel the UK can be a bit ‘children should be seen and not heard’ which makes going out a bit of a challenge when they’re young.

    • You would love it! Bring loads of clothes because the back drops are stunning to frame fashion posts against.

  7. What a wonderful culture! It is so lovely that the manager played with little London. It makes you feel so proud when strangers take the time out to play with your child. I really hope to go to Morocco one day. It was one of our choices for our honeymoon but we decided to go somewhere else but i would love to take the girls there to experience the culture x

  8. Phewwiee, 2 fabulous relaxed Moroccan splashing water babies ha! Someone’s going to be a fantastic ‘Big Brother’ – a real little celebrity … bet he won’t be evicted haha. ‘O’ would be great (if you can still reach a keyboard? haha.) Onwards & ‘outwards’ LondonMum.

      • Hahahaha – only under severe duress. You & ‘L’ are as bad as each other – still, whatever keeps a radiant pregnant stick insect happy … I know you’re addicted to BB but I was in need of Pernod sedation after watching that ha! Hope all’s going-n-glowing well. B+WC’s currently on overload – working on a big commissioned piece – need a holiday … in Morocco ha! Onwards & ‘outwards’ LondonMum.

  9. I love how kid friendly it is, having two kids I always look at places aimed for kids. I would never of thought about this type of place until they were older. Great pictures x

    • It was so good, but I loved that it wasn’t a place for kids but they were very good at adapting to make it perfect for kids.

  10. This place looks and sounds amazing and what beautiful new memories have been made along with some lovely picture snaps to go the album

    • That’s the one thing I don’t do these days- print for albums. It’s a shame because I should.

  11. I love the idea of going to Marrakech but was worried it wouldn’t be toddler friendly. I am certainly looking into it now!

    • t really can be toddler friendly. My next post which is going up soon on marrakech shows the slightly darker side but it’s still a great experience and I’d do it all over again!

  12. Wow, this place sounds amazing. It is always brilliant to find somewhere that is good with children… but it sounds like they went above and beyond to look after your little man. You look amazing in all your photos. Hugs Lucy xxxx

    • They were so good with him- they had more patience than I did when it came to playing with him constantly! lol

    • Well morocco is great for some winter sunshine- out of 7 days we only had one day that was slightly cool and required a bit more covering.

  13. I just have to say, planning a vacation while pregnant is amazing. I’m pregnant as well and don’t have much energy to do anything, much less plan a vacation. Looks like you and your family had a wonderful time and the pictures are beautiful! You look amazing!

    • I think it’s because I know it’ll be a long time otherwise until we have another vacation lol. I think I’m homebound by dates now until baby is born and I hate to miss out 😉

  14. Have wanted to go Morocco for a while and having a toddler and tween always hard to find the hotel so thank you amazing pictures love the bright bold colours!!

  15. It looks like you had a wonderful time and you have taken some great photos!

    • In January it was really nice actually, the days can get quite warm but it cools down. And the shade is a lot cooler than being out in the sun. It’s very mild so a good temperature!

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