Last Minute Gift Guide | Christmas 2018

There’s nothing worse than realising you’ve left it too late to get a worthy gift… Amazon Prime is coming up with delivery dates far later than required and there’s nothing on the high street that you can think of that you can buy quickly.

It’s the familiar panic that I’m sure we’ve all felt at one time or another!

Don’t worry,  let me take the stress away and give you some last-minute gift options… gifts that make it look like you’ve been thoughtful and intentional with what you’ve bought (even though we both know you’ve pulled it out the bag with probably seconds to spare).

1. Book subscription

We bought a book subscription package as a birthday gift for Jess’ mum- and I think it’s a great gift.  Every month a new book gets delivered to her door and it comes with a variety of little gifts too.

Personally I don’t think you can ever gift too many books to a person and I can guarantee there’s a subscription package to suit the person you’re seeking to buy for.

You can also choose the length of time you gift a book subscription too, and in terms of getting it delivered.. well that’s out of your hands! Just tell the recipient to keep an eye out for the post 😉

Chocolate and Book | Receive a highly acclaimed new read from your chosen genre, some carefully selected chocolate and a hot drink in a package every month.  It can also be  gift packaged if required with a hand written personal note for the recipient to read from you.

The Willoughby Book Club | With a variety of packages across the ages this is your general book lovers subscription service.  No frills, just books.  For every book sent as a subscription they’ll also donate one to charity.  Books can be sent internationally as well.

BookVoyage | This is the travel lovers dream book subscription as it allows you to explore the world through literature.  Not only will you receive a translated book from a country, but you’ll also receive some tea or coffee from that country along with either a sweet or a savoury treat to really feel the culture.

Wildest Dreams Box | If you’re looking for a subscription package for a fan of YA books then this one is for you.  It’s a bit fantasy and whimsical, which I think makes the idea of receiving one of their packages all the more exciting.  Aimed at the young teen to twenty-something year old female (broadly speaking) this would make a great gift.

Bookfulness | Having a little parcel with items to help you relax and take time for yourself is the aim of this subscription service.  Along with a chosen book you’ll receive 5 additional items to help you unwind.  Where possible they try to use artisan and hand crafted produce, which I think makes a great touch.

Bookabees | This is a subscription service aimed at children.  The books can either be sent to keep or to rent meaning after they’ve been enjoyed they can be sent back (free postage) if the people you’re gifting to don’t have the space for loads of new books monthly.   The books are carefully selected for the age group and interests of the child, and along with the books they are also sent some fun enjoyable activities. The pricing is really appropriate I feel.

We have kindly been sent Bookabee parcels for both of the kids, and the books are honestly just amazing.

2. Sonni Craft Kits

As with the book subscription services, I’m sure there are a few different craft kit brands available but this is the only one I currently know of and I think it looks great!

It’s a craft kit for parents to do with their children, so it works as a great gift for those with young kids to enjoy together.

Kits can be bought individually, pre ordered or you can sign up to their subscription service which gives you four craft kits a year.

To give you an example, one craft kit gives you the materials to make your own cotton canvas fabric crown and some clay decorations that can be personalised for your tree or for gifting.

3. Flowers

Sometimes the last-minute gift needs to be for a person living abroad, like I mentioned earlier there is a book subscription service that works internationally but the wait might be that little bit extra.  Instead flowers could be the gift idea of choice, there are a few different companies you could choose from for this.  I like FloraQueen as you can choose the time and the date and know that the freshest flowers will arrive at that persons door.

I’ll never forget spending my first valentines day with Jesse away from him (I was on a girls holiday in Egypt) but the magic of receiving a bouquet of flowers was one of the sweetest and most memorable  things.

4. Theatre 

It’s no secret that I love interactive theatre and theatre in general.  So I always think gifts that can be printed out such as tickets make brilliant presents.

Secret Cinema | Just released, the new Secret Cinema is ready for purchasing! This year be prepared to walk into the world of James Bond with Casino Royale.  If you’ve yet to experience Secret Cinema this is simply a must! It is always London-based so bear that in mind for gifting.

Secret Theatre | Fancy being part of the action in a courtroom? How about being part of the jury and getting the chance to quiz, question and work out whether or not the man in front of you accused of murder is guilty.

My First Ballet: Sleeping Beauty | For children I think this performance would be such a wonderful treat.  I have tickets for both of my children at the Peacock Theatre and I’ve bought a copy of Sleeping Beauty by The Story Orchestra (with the tickets tucked inside) to introduce them to the music so they’re familiar with what they’re watching.  The book actually plays snippets of Tchaikovsky’s original music to the story so it’s a great combination of a gift.  Books can be bought from most book stores, so buy from your high street where possible if you like the sound of this gift idea.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child | You can take your pick of West End shows, or shows local to you.  But this is the one on my list… although it’ll be a while before we can see it as it’s an epic double length show requiring two different sittings.  Not conducive with a stubborn toddler who struggles to let you out her sight for any length of time… but as a gift for someone else it would be amazing!

5. Buyagift 

With 4500 gift experiences for sale this is definitely the place to find something.  And the best thing is that the person receiving the gift can change the gift package or add to it to suit them if they don’t like the original experience given to them.  The flexibility means there’s something for everyone whether it’s local to them or not.  Plus there are some great discounts going on right now and the gifts can be printed 😉

You can buy day out gifts, adventure gifts, food and drink gifts, hotel breaks.. you name it Buyagift probably has something suitable!

I went on a great afternoon tea outing with a friend courtesy of Buyagift and had an amazing day, so I’d definitely use the company to buy gifts from.



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