Laser Hair Removal With Transform: First Session

I have just come back from my very first full laser treatment with Transform.

I’ve posted previously about my consultation and thought it would be nice to tell you how the first treatment went.

If you have read my consultation piece, you’ll know that I found the patch test quite uncomfortable, particularly on my leg.  So going into the room today for the full treatment, I got myself mentally prepared to feel the sting of what I imagine a thousand snapping elastic bands might feel.  Turns out the patch test is definitely more painful than the treatment!


The patch test is where they just test the laser on a single part of the area to be treated to see how your skin reacts.  They move the laser in tight circles keeping to the patch test zone.  However during the treatment, the area that is treated is obviously much larger so the laser is being moved across a bigger surface area so the heat isn’t as concentrated on just one zone.  In fact, I did actually have a little snooze when the backs of my legs were being treated.  The sensation was actually really nice!

The laser heats up gradually and although there were moments of ‘ouch’ every now and then, these were few and didn’t make much impact as the laser had moved to a different part of the skin already.  I guess pain is more in the mind than I thought!

All in all it was a fuss free and easy treatment, it took about an hour to do under my arms and both of my legs.  And afterwards there was no problem just continuing on with my day.

Great first session, I’m looking forward to my second one in six weeks!  If I see any results from this session I will of course let you know- so I’m on mission hair growth for you now 😉

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  1. Haha! I always psyche myself up before a laser treatment too! I swear I flinch in anticipation of pain but it’s actually not that bad! My legs worked really well. Arms are not too bad! Looking forward to hearing about your results xx

    • So far the first session has gone really well. I notice it most under one of my arms which has really limited growth already- to the point I really don’t need to shave it. The other side is a whole other matter though and my legs still need more work although the growth has lessened lol x

  2. I’ve never really considered laser hair removal. I had heard of it but that was about it. Thanks for explaining what actually happens. Was it expensive?

    • It is quite expensive, but there are always deals available, so it’s worth booking course when there’s a deal on x

  3. I really want to get my underarms done but I’m too nervous about adverse side effects :/ I know people say it’s safe and that loads of people have done but for some reason I still don’t quite trust the treatment! Maybe when I’m a bit older..

    • I know exit what you mean, I was questioning the same thing when I spoke to the consultant. I discussed how the laser works because I wouldn’t want to constantly be aggravating the skin cells in case it caused an unwanted change in the skin structure. But she explained throughly how the laser is just heat that damages the protein surrounding the hair follicle. In essence cutting off the food supply. She was very good and clear at clarifying how the laser reacts.

  4. I’m so glad the actual treatment was less painful than the patch test. Still, laser hair removal sounds scary to me (as does any form of hair removal to be honest).

    • I think not understanding it or knowing how it would be is certainly cause for concern among many people. x

    • Who knew it could be relaxing haha.. maybe it’s because I’m a mum and need to catch up on sleep! lol x

    • I have affixing it’s going to be a great success, I already have great results and that’s after one treatment!

    • It surprised me too! I’m wondering if it’ll stay that way or it’ll change with the other treatments.. I hope it won’t 😉

  5. I am always excited to read about laser treatment as it is becoming more and more popular so I guess, I will definitely go for it one day. Good to hear that treatment itself was more pleasant than test.


    • If it’s a success I can imagine it’ll be brilliant to just be hair free and not worry about shaving!

    • It really wasn’t and apparently as the hair dies it gets less painful each time 🙂

    • I’ve already had a really good outcome after my first session, my left underarm is already hair free… my right one not so much but all in good time 😉

    • The legs are totally fine, I do get discomfort when my underarms are being done. I usually grit my teeth and internally curse the therapist lol. But the treatment is working and I’m due to go in for my fourth one soon. x

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