Iddu, South Kensington

Italian flair isn’t only found in Italy you know.  The ever-changing menu at Iddu in South Kensington helps bring Sicily to you, and even offers the chance for some al fresco dining in the summer sunshine.


The busy restaurant is a reflection of the tasty, healthy and fresh food that is served.  If there’s one thing Italians know it’s that simplicity is key as long as the ingredients are of peak quality.

Taking some refuge from the heat outside while Little London had his nap, we seated ourselves next to the big window inside the restaurant and immediately picked up the drinks menu to order something cold and refreshing.


As a parent you have to take advantage when you can, so we bypassed the large range of hand pressed juices and Italian sodas and ordered what every parent does at this opportunity.  A bottle of white vino and a Salina Spritz cocktail please!




Kicking back with some alcoholic beverages definitely made us feel like we were on holiday and got us into the spirit of narrowing down the menu options.


Not feeling particularly hungry I thought I’d choose a sharing starter ‘Antipasto Siciliano’ that I could halve with Mr London Mum.  He went for the salmon tartare with broad beans, quinoa and a lemon salad.


Being particularly healthy, the only problem with Iddu is that it’s not particularly filling.  I didn’t have any problem eating my Sicilian starter to myself, which also had a portion of the salmon tartare on it- stunning flavour and delicious fish.  The majority of my plate was raw food at its finest.  The freshest and crunchiest vegetables including fennel were thinly sliced to make up a perfect salad, and the artichoke was very welcomed.  The dish just screamed beauty and flavour.   Perfectly satisfied, I’m glad I didn’t share it in the end (sorry love).


Mr London Mum however was never going to get his fill from the salmon tartare alone.  It was delicious, but it just wasn’t filling enough.

So while I ordered my dessert, he decided to order the cotoletta palermitana.  A breaded veal steak.  The veal he wasn’t as enthusiastic about, but it did the trick of filling him up.  The salmon tartare was the clear menu winner though.


The homemade tiramisu was an Italian dream however.  I scoffed it up and made sure there were no remnants left in the glass container.  Make sure you don’t leave Iddu until you have had the tiramisu!


Iddu is certainly a place worth visiting, it’s great for a catch up with friends or to grab some food on the go.  It’s healthy and delicious, which I sometimes find is a difficult combination to pull off- but this does mean the meals tend to be quite light.  So order big or grab a bread basket on the side.

A special blend of Sicilian roasted coffee beans is freshly ground daily as well, so make sure you grab one of the coffees on offer too- the espresso’s are top notch!


Unlike Italy however, they seem to have a time limit on their tables, and the manager will certainly let you know when you’ve overstayed your welcome (an hour and a half is pushing it, it seems).  Luckily the food surpassed that bitter experience and we’ll be back no doubt ready to annoy him once more 😉

(Disclosure: Complimentary meal)




  1. Another drrroooooooling post LondonMum. How the other half live haha. Wonder if the menu includes a ‘flightless eagle????’ (Apologies for subtlety.) 2 Brum gigs down, 1 to go. Onwards LondonMum. ‘O’? Must go … zzzzzzzzzzz.

    • Oh yes!! good thing you reminded me- you know what my memory is like!! x

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