How To Get Nappies For Free

Being a blogger I get quite a lot of emails on a daily basis.  Some are amazing, some good and some pretty awful.  But there was one that landed in my inbox that was too good to not share with you.

As a Mother of a toddler I can not even begin to imagine the cost of all the nappies we’ve bought for Little London over the last two years.  So when someone says they can give me and ALL my readers free nappies it’s hard to not enquire further.

Usually things that are too good to be true turn out to be just that.  But not in this case.

They meant it.

So what’s the catch? (Pretty much how I phrased my reply email).

There isn’t one.

You only need to become a member of TopCashback.  And it’s free to become a member.

Go into your local Aldi, buy a pack of their Mamia nappies (highly reviewed by all Mums across the spectrum), and take a picture of your receipt and TopCashback will reimburse you 100% of the price up to £10.00.

This offer is only available to new subscribers of TopCashback and is only applicable until the 7th February so act fast!

If nappies aren’t your thing, check out their other offers which include a variety of popular grocery products.  You might as well get money back for the things you would be shelling out for anyway!


Now share this far and wide my friends, because us parents could do with a little helping hand at times!




    • If you’re heading there and you need to pick up so nappies it’s definitely worth just signing up and getting that money back!

  1. How snazzy is this, I’m going to give it a go. I can’t turn down free nappies! Thanks for sharing, what a cool perk. x

  2. This is fab as I buy aldi nappies anyway. Thanks for sharing. I’m already a member of top cashback though. Perhaps I’ll have go sign up again with a different email x

    • I can’t say we’ve tried them only because we don’t have an Aldi nearby, (although I’m on the hunt for the nearest one now). But I’ve heard great things about them, and read some rave reviews!

    • I have loads of Mamma friends that swear by them. I just wish there was one where I lived!

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