Homemade Iced Tea| Twinings

With scorching hot days and beautiful balmy evenings, now is the time to enjoy the great outdoors for as long as possible.

One of my favourite ways to do this is to lay on a picnic style spread that people can help themselves to throughout the day.


A tricolore salad, some perfectly ripe British strawberries with cream, crusty french baguettes and homemade guacamole all make it onto the table for anyone to grab, nibble and eat as they see fit.


Iced tea makes the perfect family friendly accompaniment and Twinings have a wonderful selection of new teas that they launched at the end of last year.


Their ‘freshly picked taste’ flavours are beautifully full-bodied and flavoursome meaning the simplest of flavours such as camomile really packs a tasty punch when served cold with a bit of honey to sweeten it up.

But for that adult friendly caffeine hit, you can’t go wrong with their ‘steamed green tea’ range.  The Jasmine flavour is a favourite and the purity of how they steam their green tea leaves using ancient traditions, means the flavour is more welcoming than other green tea brands.


With the teabags individually foil wrapped it means each teabag holds its flavour, and when it comes to making iced tea this shows how well it transitions from being a hot drink to a cold one.

To make iced tea, it couldn’t be easier.  You just pour some boiling water over 4 of the teabags in a large jug.  Add sweetening ingredients if needed while the teabags are steeping.  I added some honey to the chamomile but left the jasmine green tea plain.  Once you’ve steeped the flavours for as long as you require, remove the tea bags and just fill the rest of the jug up with ice and give it a stir.  Garnish as required. 😉


Little London was a big fan of the chamomile flavoured iced tea, and it was nice giving him something that wasn’t just plain water or juice on such a hot day.


Personally I flitted between both iced teas as I found them really refreshing and great at hydrating me as the temperatures continued to soar.


Finally we can welcome the British summer!



    • It’s amazing! I love it. I miss my usual cuppa’s when it’s hot outside so this means I don’t have to forgo a good brew lol. x

    • I know what you mean, but once you’ve made it and realised how ridiculously easy it is there’s no going back! lol. x

    • So delicious! It’s a good way for me to drink more water during the day too x

    • Once you start making you’re own you’ll love it, especially when you make it with your favourite flavours. x

  1. I don’t think I have ever tried Iced Tea before, I should have really because my partner had it daily when we were in Thailand!

  2. Great post LondonMum! Ice Tea? & caffeine overload?? … Now that’ll be something ‘L’ & I’ll try while we’re away next week. Hope your ‘eagle’ hasn’t been ‘frozen out’ though?? She’s still anxiously awaiting your runway clearance – unless you’re ‘procaffeinating’ haha. Hope all’s on-the-mend? Onwards LondonMum. “O?”

    • It definitely tastes different to tea that’s gone cold hahaha- although I’m quite used to drinking my builders tea cold too! lol

  3. I’ve never made iced tea from tea bags before, but it’s so easy. I can totally do this and wow, it sounds yummy!

    • So easy! I don’t buy juice anymore because it’s easier and healthier to make iced tea and just have it cooling the fridge ready!

  4. I love a good quality green tea. Perfect for having with food as it helps with the digestive system. I often drink tea cold as I’ll make a pot and drink ot throughout the day but I don’t think I’ve ever added ice and a slice.

    • It tastes really refreshing made with ice. I’m not sure why because I’ve made it like you previously, just making a big pot and drinking it throughout the day but making it with ice is definitely tastier 😉

  5. “O” – ASAP please… just need an ‘1842’ check. Just time for an iced tea early morning cuppa before another B+WC out & on the hoof busy day. Being auditioned for a new ‘posh’ gig venue tonight down ‘ere … a ‘500’-1voucher’ says you’ll never guess where, ‘L’ & I think you’d all love it. Hope all’s still progressing well? Onwards LondonMum.

  6. B&WC has the pleasure of announcing the delayed arrival of eagle flight ‘1842’. Have a good 1 LondonMum … but, keep the noise down eh? Hope all’s well. Onwards LondonMum. Special “O” ha.

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