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As the title suggests, we’re a pox filled household right now.

Six days ago I was changing Little London and as I lifted up his top I noticed three spots on his tummy.

You know when you think ‘oh sh*t.. is that…’ and then brush it off, because lets face it kids get rashes and random spots all the time.  Well that.

So we continued on with our day and thought nothing more of it.  He didn’t seem ill.  He had no fever and other than a cold that has plagued him for the past couple of weeks he was totally healthy and his usual self.

But that evening when I changed him into his pyjamas I noticed the spots had multiplied.  At that point without a doubt (after some epic google searching) I diagnosed our three-year old with chicken pox.


Now I could have taken him to the doctors, but to be honest once you think it’s chicken pox it’s a pointless trip and it was also the weekend.  My son has a habit of getting ill when the surgeries are shut.

Plus there’s nothing they can do as it’s a typical childhood illness, and I certainly didn’t want to bring my infected son into a surgery room full of people who may have reduced immunity where they could end up seriously ill from this rather ‘simple’ childhood illness.

However, as selfish as it sounds my concern wasn’t really for my toddler.  Instead because I’m pregnant my concern really was for the unborn baby.  On that front I recommend not googling anything about pregnancy and chicken pox.

Because I’d googled though I started to itch.  I’m sure looking at back to back pictures of the chicken pox on google will do that to anyone. It’s psychological, but also it had me worrying.

So I was straight onto 111 who passed my details on to an out of hours doctor.  With the help of Mr London Mum telling the doctor what the spots on my back looked like we diagnosed that I didn’t have the chicken pox, but rather just hormonal pregnancy acne.  Joy.  Typical they’d arrive when my son gets the chicken pox- way to scare a pregnant lady!

The next day we bought in all the pharmacy recommended ointments and treatments for our toddler.  Which I can not recommend highly enough.

Every time Little London itches we use PoxClin which is a cooling mousse and applied straight to the skin as often as is needed.

We also bought some anti histamine syrup recommended for toddlers just in case the itching became unbearable for him.

Let me just say the products on the market now beat the calamine lotion we used to dot all over ourselves when we were younger!

During the day we tend to use only a small amount of PoxClin.  My son hates any type of lotion applied to his skin, but if he becomes frustrated with the itching he will come over and tell me he needs medicine for his ‘itchy bum bum (the current itchy part of his body).’

But other than those moments he’s been happily distracted by his toys and watching The Good Dinosaur on repeat and telling me that he’s now called Arlo.


^^ these pictures are taken from around day 3 of the chicken pox.  They get progressively worse and the spots become very painful looking blisters before they scab over. 

At night-time however, before we came up with a system the chicken pox disrupted his sleep.  He just couldn’t stop scratching and would only settle in bed with us.

Being so close to him, because he likes to sleep face to face with me (god knows why because my morning breath is not something to write home about) did of course again give me cause for concern.  So I called up my doctor’s surgery and asked them for advice.

They told me as long as I had had the chicken pox as a child I would be immune to it, and so would the unborn baby.  However for peace of mind or if I was unsure whether I’d had the chicken pox I could go in and have a blood test that would check whether I had the antibodies.

I definitely had the chicken pox as a kid.  I remember being diagnosed because my mum freaked out over one spot on my back.  My sister then caught it off me and there was no doubting I’d brought the pox into the house. So I haven’t had the blood test, but it’s nice to know for peace of mind it’s available.  I think if I come down with a cold or any other symptom I’ll get the test done.  The chicken pox itself has a two week incubation period, so I’m keeping a close eye on things.

Knowing how difficult night-time was for our son, the system I now use involves giving him a bicarbonate of soda bath in the evenings (one tablespoon in warm water) and then applying PoxClin to his whole body.  The mix really helps to stop the itching and soothe the skin.

I think however if you have a child that suffers from eczema the bicarbonate of soda bath isn’t recommended because it dries out the spots/skin, and instead you should try bathing with porridge oats (put into an old pair of tights and dropped into the bath as it runs) and perhaps also look into Aveeno bath products.

I tend to not use the anti histamine syrup unless he’s really bad at night-time.  I think I’ve only used the syrup once.  But it’s nice having a back up plus it’s a medicine cupboard staple.

And that is how we’re getting through the chicken pox.


^^ Day 6 of the chicken pox.  As you can see I’m reluctant to clean up his face thoroughly after food or if his nose is snotty, because I don’t want to aggravate the spots surrounding the area and cause possible scarring. 

I’d say we’ve been lucky because we’ve had no problems with temperature in terms of him having a fever.  Remember if your child does have a fever with the chicken pox to only administer Calpol to them.  NOT Ibuprofen, which reacts badly with the chicken pox virus.

Although having a child with the chicken pox while being pregnant isn’t ideal I’m glad in a way that I’ll only have to deal with one child having the chicken pox at a time.  So in that sense it’s  blessing he has it now.  Just fingers crossed my immunity keeps the virus at bay from the unborn baby.



  1. Great article – I would have no idea how to deal with chicken pox- I haven’t heard the advice about a bicarb bath before. Hope you and your baby stay happy and healthy and your son gets better soon.

  2. I remember having chicken pox. Some people get it as an adult which is apparently worse x

    • Definitely! I’m glad he has them. Just wish he got them before I was pregnant, but I’d rather it was now I suppose then when the baby is here. Two kids with chicken pox might just send me over the edge!

    • He’s been better than I expected- I’m not sure if he reserves all his scratching for when I’m not looking though 😉

  3. Oh, poor little thing, They look so painful. Hope the spots disappear soon. Two of my children have had it, my daughter (my eldest) when she was about nine months old and then my middle son right over my youngest’s first birthday. He was really poorly with it, it was awful. The youngest seemed to somehow escape it. Or at least we didn’t see any spots anyway. It must be worrying being pregnant. Hope all is well xx

    • I wonder if you’re youngest managed to pick up immunity hen without any spots- I’ve heard that’s possible!

  4. Oh, poor Little London, he must be so miserable. Thank goodness you had chicken pox as a child, it would not have been good to have gotten it whilst you are pregnant. I hope all is back to normal soon x

    • I think we’re over the worst now and just waiting for the scabs to disappear so he looks a little less scary!

  5. Oh no, what a nightmare, poor little thing. I’ve been so lucky to have never had chicken pox when I was little, I’m hoping and praying I don’t get the adult version.

    • I think you can get a vaccine now in case you didn’t get it as a child- could be worth looking into? x

  6. I hated chicken pox – still remember it vaguely as a kid, but glad i got it then. You must be looking after him well with plenty of tlc as he looks very smiley x

    • He’s loving it! He gets to watch his tv, play with all his toys and pretty much demand everything! Gonna have to start being strict again soon lol

  7. I’ve had chicken pox as a child. I’m not looking forward to the time my son gets it but its good to see there are other treatments other than calomine lotion these days.

    • I’m glad we’re nearly through the other side now. Hopefully it’ll be a long time before I have to deal with it again!

  8. Really interesting article and I’m sure it would be useful to so many parents out there. I remember when I had chickenpox as a child and it wasn’t nice at all, although I did get to stay off school for a bit x

    • Kids seem to get it younger these days which is quite gutting because the best bit about getting it whenI was younger was having that week off school!

    • I hated it! It never stopped the itch for me, just covered the itchy spot in gunk so I couldn’t scratch lol.

  9. I dunno LondonMum, how on earth do you do it????? If it’s not 1 thing – it’s face first into another. I take it little ‘spotty fella’ won’t be going rugby training then ha? Good job that ‘poxy chicken’ didn’t irritate him during your return flight … that really would’ve ‘hit the SPOT!!’ & had you clucking haha. Seriously, hope all clears up & hope your immunity’s still bullet proof!! Otherwise, hope all’s going well. Onwards & outwards LondonMum. – Calpol?…. phwaarr -‘good stuff mmmmaaaaaann.’ (hic) – won’t replace Pernod though – give ‘spotty’ a dose – that’ll stop him scratchin’ haha!!

    • Hahaha I’ll keep the pernod in mind for me maybe if he doesn’t stop scratching! haha x

    • Poor you and your mum!!! three times- I’m hoping we only get it the once! eeeeek!

    • I’m just glad we’re dealing with it now I suppose. I would have preferred to have not been pregnant but still at least I won’t have two kids with it. Eeeek.

  10. My girl hasn’t had chicken pox yet so this is really useful to read. I never knew that Ibuprofen could make things could make things worse. Will deffo stick to Calpol if/when she does get them.

    • Its horrific, it reacts badly with he virus and can cause the blisters to turn black and eat into he skin… eeekkkk. Have a google- you’ll make sure to stick with calpol!

  11. Oh bless him!! You’ve shared some fab tips though that I will definitely come back to when Bella gets them! Hope he’s over it soon xxx

    • I think as a mum you just want to know what works when your kid gets them! You need some sanity in an itchy household! lol. x

  12. Personally I think it’s better for kids to get chickenpox a younger age then when they’re older I was really pleased when Sylvia got chickenpox when she was little so she could get it over and done with and build her immune system. I guess I was looking at the Silver lining.

    • Definitely! I think if he got too old and still hadn’t had them I’d be enquiring about the vaccine.

    • I don’t remember mine very well but I know it was fairly mild compared to my sister hahah. I don’t remember the itching or anything!

    • It was gonna happen sooner or later- just typical it’s right now arrghhh. x

    • We’re over the hurdle now, and just waiting for the scabs to fall off and his skin to return to normal- hope it doesn’t scar!

  13. Awh bless! I hope he’s feeling better soon! I remember having chicken pox when I was younger and it’s so horrid! xo

    • I think most other countries vaccinate now, but I guess it’s not a harmful virus unless there’s an underlying health issue. It is a pain though…!

  14. Poor you. I would.completely friek out if the kids had chicken pox when i was preggers. Get well.soon little one xxx

  15. my daughter now has a chickenpox and im worrying because im pregnant for 24 weeks, this article helps me my prayer is not to harm my unborn baby..

    • I’m glad you found the article. As long as you had the chicken pox you’ll have the immunity to protect yourself and your baby. It is worrying though. If you’ve not had the chicken pox give your GP a call and follow their advice xx

  16. Hi…. im pregnant and was exposed to a person with chicken pox lately… may i just know if your unborn baby back then is ok? Hope everything’s fine… praying here for my unborn baby.. hope you can help me. Thank you

    • She was completely fine. Totally healthy. If you’ve had chicken pox previously then you’ll carry the antibodies and it doesn’t affect the baby at all. If you’ve never had chicken pox then it’s something to mention to your doctor so they can monitor you closely and make sure they care you you while you have it. As for the baby though they’ll be fine, the worry is mainly if you’ve never had it and it’s close to the time the baby is born because you could give it to your baby during birth.

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