Heavier Bleeding| 6 Weeks & 3 Days

Although the early pregnancy scan went well, I’m guessing moving house wasn’t on the agenda of things to do when you’re already concerned.


But it has to be done.  It’s so funny but I’m trying to be more cautious, and even sneezing has me concerned- as if I might sneeze the baby out.  So lifting things I know are beyond what I should be lifting does have me teetering on the edge, but what can I do about it?

It’s ridiculous but I guess that’s where I’m at.

The bleeding got a bit heavier yesterday.  I was out with my little one, so I had him in the toilet with me.

Aren’t toddlers little joys. “Mummy it’s yucky poo poo.”  Thanks kid- just what I needed all the ladies in the rest room to hear!  I think I pulled it off by pretending it was him. 😉

I’m just an over anxious concerned mess I guess.  Bar a daily scan I don’t think I’ll feel better about this pregnancy until I can feel it move.  And the bleeding has stopped.  It’s too much to deal with.

Anyway back to the house move I guess.  Lifting boxes I probably shouldn’t but not wanting to come across as lazy.  Sometimes I feel like I’m caught in the middle of wanting to be normal and wanting to take better care of myself.



  1. Haha pretending it was him, hey those behind the scenes moments they come in handy for saving the embarrassment!!

    I really hope the bleeding subsides it’s unfortunate that it’s getting heavier but thankfully the scans told you otherwise! x

    • Yeah thankfully I did have the early scan, and I know the bleeding is nothing to do with the baby. Toddlers eh? Love to put us in embarrassing situations when they can! lol

    • It was really scary and at times I didn’t know whether to head back to hospital, but knowing there was no reason for the bleeding I just left it. Obviously if it got much worse I would have gone in.

  2. Gosh this must be so scary I hope the bleeding stops soon at least the scans have told u its nothing to do with baby.

  3. My sister-In-Law is 6 weeks away from giving birth but is STILL nervous about her pregnancy due to her first lasting 9 weeks so I totally get why you’re feeling anxious. Lots of thoughts with you x

    • I don’t think it ever ends when you are nervous about a pregnancy for whatever reason. Good luck to your sister in law!

  4. HAHAHA … well played LITTLELONDON!!!!! Being ‘PC’ isn’t all it’s cranked up to be I speak from experience ha! Sounds like you’ve got the hang of it already ha. Good job you & your Mum weren’t at Glastonbury – pooie yyyyyeeeuck!!! Tell your Mum the only box she should be lifting is an ‘eagle’ box ‘Comprendo??’ / ‘Maunawaan’ LondonMum’ ???? When you do feel it kick – you’ll know it’s a R-U-G-B-Y player ha – yiippiiee! 11 days to go & Bach’s 99.99% beaten – getting a bit gig busy down ‘ere now. Look after yourself LondonMum … & positively onwards! Out of time … Gotta go.

    • PC and toddler definitely don’t go together! hahah

      Gosh another rugby player- could I hack it? I may try harder to encourage loafing on sofas with the second one lol

  5. I’m glad the early scan went well. Please take it easy and don’t lift anything. Aren’t kids a joy when you have to take them into the toilet with you, (this bit made me laugh) Take it easy x

  6. kids say the darndest things don’t they? i hope it all gets better to you and it’s nothing serious

    • Same, I’m starting to feel something now but it’s hard to tell if it’s the baby or just gas! lol

  7. When I was pregnant with my twins I had issues that made me scared all the time that it was going to all go wrong, and sitting around not doing things made me feel just like you, lazy. However your health and the baby are far more important so don’t worry about boxes that can be moved another day. Relax and keep you and baby happy xxx

    • Thank you lovely, exactly what I needed to hear. It’s tough feeling like you’re not doing anything but it’s tough knowing it could be harmful as well.

    • Thankfully it was a couple of weeks back now, but at the time it really was terrifying.

  8. Kids, eh? Haha! I think lifting should be ok at only six weeks. I think it’s later on in the pregnancy where the hormones have softened ligaments and things where it’s more of a risk of injury? Good luck with the house move!

    • Very true, I managed to get away with only doing minor things. I few things I had to help with in terms of heavy lifting but not too much thankfully.

    • It’s catch 22 isn’t it? if you sit there you feel like you’re being judged, but you also know if you do too much your body just can’t handle it!

  9. Kids eh? They always know how to make us laugh. My boy has shouted out in the loos before ‘Mummy, MUMMY! YOUR WILLY FELL OFF!’ – I almost cried laughing. Hope the bleeding has stopped. Please do try and take it easy x

    • Hahahah that’s hilarious!!! hahah I have to help my son push his willy down when he uses the loo, in return he insists on doing the same to me when I go to the loo- albeit with no willy!

  10. Bless little London, at least when we have kids we can try and fob off moments like that on them! I really hope things get better and just try to take it as easy as possible, I had a really bad pregnancy and was worried all the time. I had to have scans and was put on complete bed rest, I felt so lazy but I knew it was for the sake of my own health and my baby’s health too. Just remember that boxes can be moved another day or someone else will be willing to if you ask xxx

    • That’s very true. I think because there’s no bump I feel like it’s an excuse even though its not.

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