Here’s Little London’s 22 month vlog.  Having just had his second Birthday party this vlog must seem really weirdly placed, but as he’s not two until the end of this month he’s actually still 23 months old- so I’m on time with this video 😉


This was filmed at the end of October and heading into November, so the filming is all rather seasonal.

It starts off with our little Halloween outing.  We went to a place that hosted Halloween this year, and the children were able to trick or treat and get involved.  Some elements were really scary, but it was such good fun.  And Little London loved being out in the dark and having the freedom to play and get creative.  As we walk through the woods you’ll notice we come across some trees, and as I’m evidently nurturing a tree hugger this means we have to stop and stroke the bark.  Please tell me at some point this ends? It’s cute- but odd!  I think it stems from the fact that when I was trying to teach him the word for tree, I rubbed the tree bark to show him the texture of what a tree looks like.  Now he just hugs trees and rubs them.  *face palms.*

Not long after Halloween, us Brits obviously celebrate Bonfire Night, so this year was no exception.  It was an awful evening as it was raining, but we didn’t let that dampen our spirits.  We dressed up warm and headed out to see the massive bonfire, eat warm fresh cooked doughnuts and watch the spectacular display.  It was great, our little one danced the night away and just loved watching the fireworks explode in the night sky.

Finally right at the end of the video is the morning we spent remembering those who fought for our country.  The only bit I filmed was when the parade started down the high street, where he’s dancing to the marching band.  The two-minute silence, which I didn’t film was quite possibly the longest two minutes of my life.  While I would have loved to have solemnly remembered those that lost their lives, my Son had other ideas.  As soon as it all went silent he started saying ‘oh no’ and ‘oh dear’ on repeat.  Obviously he couldn’t understand why everyone was silent and still.  He wanted to be free to discover what had happened, which obviously I couldn’t let him do.  Which resulted in a slight tantrum and lots of glares from other peoples.  But you know, he’s a toddler and he doesn’t understand the purpose of why we’re all there.  But he too is a citizen that owes his life to all the men that served the country and whether or not he can stand still and be quiet for two minutes is irrelevant at his age.  Turning up and supporting the Veterans is more important than silencing a two-year old.

So there we have it, a slight snippet of Little London’s 22nd Month.  Hope you enjoy 🙂


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