Guest Post: How to dress your home for sale day

By Chelsea Thomas, Property Expert for – The Estate Agent Comparison Site.

When it comes to selling a home, it is likely that you may not have that much experience, with most people living in their homes for many years.  For most of us, getting the best price for our family nest is of the utmost importance. When valuing your home, a good Estate Agent will take a lot of aspects into account – location, area, your property, decoration and floor plans among many other things! So it’s no secret that it’s important to get the BEST Estate Agent to make sure they get you the best price for your property… It’s then your job to dress your home to impress!

1. De-personalisation

You’re showing off your beautiful home… not your beautiful nick-nacks. Although you want your home to have a warm feeling, you should remove all personal items which are not needed. Of course keep out the odd family photo & decorative item, but the rule of thumb to follow is to remove ½ of items in cupboards, bookshelves, wardrobes. Buyers will look inside of storage so do not stuff all of your unwanted things into cupboards!

GetAgent Tip: Look for local storage to store all those items that do not need to be on show. Some storage units offer you special deals of £1 for the first month! If you haven’t missed the items by the time you move into your new home, consider adding them to the de-clutter pile!


(Image c/o Inter IKEA Systems B.V / STOCKSUND)

2. Who knew… green sells

Did you know that living plants make us feel at ease? By adding plants to your kitchen shelves you can change the dynamic and feeling of the room, an orchid in the bathroom will add a splash of colour (and they last well!) and fresh flowers on top of your bedroom drawers will create a peaceful feel.

Fresh open flowers with lots of green foliage is also beneficial for coffee tables, entrance rooms & in small spaces where they will have a bigger impact.

GetAgent Tip: If you have more than one day of viewings, ensure Flower water & vases are always clean and fresh!

Betta Living

(Image c/o Betta Living)

3. Show off your assets

Depending on the seasons, make sure you show off your home’s assets, get a firelit in the winter, make sure nothing is underneath that beautiful freestanding roll top bathtub.  With those extra unused rooms, stage them with a purpose such as a study or guest room so potential buyers can see how they will be able to use the rooms.

Lizzie Benton

(Image c/o Lizzie Benton / Moods Sandle-wood)

4. Treat your home to new accessories

Is your hallway mat looking tired? Throws been clawed by the cats? Pillows lost their shape?

Having fresh accessories will change the whole feeling of your home, and they can be so inexpensive! Treat your home to throws, new cushions, scatter pillows, plush clean white towels, a new rug and a door mat. Rule of thumb here is that if it looks tired… throw it out or replace it!

To add extra appeal to your bedroom adding a new plump duvet and extra pillows will give your bedroom that Magazine ‘Wow’ appearance.

GetAgent Tip: Remember to think of your property as a whole rather than as individual rooms, using similar colour/style accessories in each room will pull the rooms together rather than making them feel segmented.


5. DIY… Or get someone in!

Do you have paint chipping? A sticky bathroom lock? Dripping tap? Get those jobs done!

Giving your property a fresh lick of paint pre-sale day isn’t a secret, but you may be interested to know that coupled with updating flooring & new light fixtures, painting your property is high on the list of how to make your property sell fast!

If you have scratched wooden flooring consider sanding it or tarting it up with wax.  Stained horrid carpets? Then consider getting rid of them to reveal the hard floor or getting off-cuts of a neutral colour carpet which can be bought cheaply.

It could be cheaper to get a handy-man on a day rate to come in and help you finish all those odd jobs… Although you will be spending money on a property you will be leaving, you will gain more back on the value of your property sale.

GetAgent Tip: The kitchen is the heart of the home so if you have a tired kitchen and little funds to replace it, consider cupboard paints to give it a new lease of life. You can also use this trick in the bathroom with tile paints! If you have an old sink, toilet and tub, seriously consider replacing them.

6. Bright light bulbs

Having lots of light in a room can really help sell a property. Adding lamps into dark corners can make all the difference and although energy efficient bulbs are okay for everyday use, get new bright bulbs for every room and make sure they are all on and working. That way, when you flip that light switch, your room is dazzling and lit to its best!

7. Dressing kids rooms

If you have children, it will not be unusual for their rooms to be brightly coloured. This is something buyers will expect so unless the room looks tired with peeling paper and paint, it should be ok not to repaint.

Having said that; make sure childrens rooms are Mary Poppins style tidy. Put toys into boxes and load them into the storage unit or the boot of your car for easy access. Leave out a few choice toys in the room – a doll house, books neatly on the bookshelf, a single teddy on the bed rather than 30 piled high.

If you have room, adding an armchair to the corner of your childs bedroom can also improve its sellability, add a complimenting cosy throw to tie it into the room, a perfect place for bedtime stories!


(Image c/o Sawyer Berson via Decorpad)

8. Curb appeal

Stand outside your property and try to look at it as if it were the first time… if you were buying your home today, what could you scrutinise?

Although gaining curb appeal is a whole blog in itself, it is no secret that first impressions count.  Come rain or shine get outside and mow the grass, put the rubbish bins out of sight, clean your windows, replace your window boxes, trim bushes, jet wash the pathways, remove weeds from the driveway, give your front door a fresh lick of paint, a handle and a knocker. Even take your car for a wash and wax so come sales day, everything is bright and shiney.

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  1. I’ve been lucky to never have been in this situation but I do now own a flat so one day I will need to think about it’s sellability factor x

    • Hopefully you’ll be in it for a while, but if you need to sell these tips will defy come in handy x

    • Such a great tip- those homely touches really do help. I remember when I sold a house telling my mum that it was important that my car was always clean, and only the nice car was on show (I used to make Mr London Mum hide his monstrosity else where!) 😉 She thought I was mad! lol. But it all helps.

      • I love the smell of figs and I’ve no doubt white tea would be up my street too!

  2. Curb appeal is so important as buyers often decide if they want to buy a property before they’ve even stepped foot inside! Great tips ; )

    • I usually buy based upon the outside of the property. I usually have an idea of what the inside looks like already and so a lot of me proceeding is based on curb appeal.

    • In my case it would be buying part baked bread and popping that in the oven because my cooking skills aren’t quite up to scratch! lol.

  3. Interesting fact about the plants! You often read articles that say bake bread, brew coffee etc, but this is the first time I’ve read that plants are a good way of selling your home

    • It takes hard work doesn’t it? I sold a property recently, and actually because of the amount of work needed it was better to leave it in the state it was in. It would have cost me £20000 to renovate and tidy up (it was tenanted) so I decided to take the hit on the overall selling price. It luckily got into a bidding war and reached a price over what I expected, but I think had it been in top condition I would have gotten an extra £25000-£30000 but it wouldn’t have been worth the effort. I think I just got lucky.

  4. Great tips. I live with my parents currently so I’ve never had to deal with this before personally but that also means that I wouldn’t have thought of half these things so I’ll be banking these ideas for the day I’m in the position of selling my house, just have to save the money to move out in the first place first 🙂
    Tanya Howard recently posted…Next BeautyMy Profile

    • Living with your parents is the best way to save that money.. and get free dinners ;

  5. These are some great tips! Not looking to sell our place any time soon but worth remembering for the future!

    • So true! And no doubt one of the musical ones will go off at totally the wrong time haha x

    • Hopefully you’ll find it useful when you get around to selling 🙂

  6. Great advice here. I’ve not had to do this yet, but the first thing I would do is hide all the kids toys.. Hahah

  7. Great Post!! Great advice. ‘L’ & I have moved twice. We personally found – when ‘on market’ aroma & presentation are essential; the property must be pristine interior & external (phew) – believe in luck – have strength in your convictions that there’s actually somebody ‘out there’ that wants what you’re selling & not being in a ‘strain-chain’ helps a ha! Worked for us on all fronts even with the old railway carriage! Moving house? – manageable … moving studio? – never again! Ha. Hope all’s well. Onwards LondonMum.

    When settled, something to ponder:
    There’s a great little place in Dorset … called Sandbanks,
    That’s famous for sea air … beach, and its sun.
    Now, … it’s there that Mr. and Mrs. London,
    Will, hopefully, one day’ll visit R… & L….
    With their ‘Grand Little Lad’ … namely, their Son.

    A ‘Grand Little Lad’ … is Little London,
    Always dressed in his best … what an ‘andsome smart swell.
    He’s got a stick … with a rugby ball ‘andle,
    The finest that Bylon could sell.
    (Continued on “O”.)

    • Oh gosh- remind me I have something to tell you that’ll have you more excited than anyone else I know!

      • WELL LondonMum???? …. Don’t leave us dangling … you total shocker ha. You’ve now left me & my lovely significant other ¾’s dangling! … ‘L’s’ now like a 6 y/o bouncing around anticipating & guessing the joys of a Christmas day morning! Spill the LondonMum beans … you’ve no idea what you’ve now putting me through haha!
        Just for info, & a lose connection relating to your brilliant LondonMum latest ‘homes’ post maybe??????? … as a follow up, …tune into…
        CHANNEL 4 … SATURDAY, 16/4/16 … 17.30 … “Homes By The Sea… all I can say is … Welcome to our part of the country & territory LondonMum (& one and all.)
        Hope all’s well LondonMum. Onwards LondonMum.

    • I love watching altho shows! We’re looking to buy at the moment, and I’m shocked at the state of some of the places!

  8. Love all these tips, so useful! been following you for a while x
    More posts like this, please 🙂

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