Graco Evo XT Review

Here’s my review of the Graco Evo XT,* that we were kindly asked to review.


Although I mention a few problems I have personally with the pushchair, they are really quite minor and insignificant when you factor in the cost of this pram- which can be used from birth. Β All in all, a brilliant all terrain pushchair that rivals many of the big brands.

(Disclosure: PR sample marked with a *)



    • I’m glad I’m not the only one that finds a couple of the features annoying. But overall it’s a great product. x

  1. I love Graco prams. I would never use any other brand. Unfortunately, I find their raincovers to be shockingly bad. Every single one we have had has torn. It won’t stop me buying Graco but I will get a Universal raincover too.

    • We’ve not had that issue yet, but then I guess we haven’t used it for long enough for that to happen. Good shout on the universal rain cover though- I’ll be prepared if it does happen!

  2. I have no knowledge of pushchairs as I have no children, my mind is boggled with what pushchair does what or which reason. The one thing that sticks out with this Graco Evo XT is the spacious basket at the bottom x

    • If ever you decide to have children the pushchair buying is the most mind boggling experience! Most of them cost the same as a second hand car so it’s a scary purchase too to make sure you get it right! eeeeeeek!

  3. Cute video! Sounds like a very versatile product, shame that the straps are so annoying :/ Hopefully they’ll sort that out soon now that you’ve flagged that up with them!

    • Yeah I hope they do something as they do really irritate me, but not enough that I wouldn’t buy it if it was around the budget I had for a new pram. x

  4. Looking like a gorgeous yummy mummy! Its so important to get the most high quality push chair you can get for your budget πŸ™‚ xxx

  5. You look so chic B)

    Great review! I know my mum would have loved these kinds of posts if blogging was a thing when she was a first time mum

    • I rely on reviews for most of my big baby purchases. There’s nothing better than honest feedback on a product.

  6. Oh lovely pushchair, both of my kids are past pushchair age now but I used to be addicted to buying them and would most certainly have added this to my collection!

  7. The push chair looks great, I like the large basket under for storing stuffs. Very handy.

  8. That push chair looks huge! I’ve always thought of in the future and I had a child if I would go for that sort of thing…would prefer something a bit more simple. Not sure if simple is a choose when it comes to having a child.

    • When the time comes you end up with a list of things you realise you need. It’s a never ending list. Although he shopping should be fun it’s just brain numbing lol x

  9. Great looking pram for a good price. I don’t think there is such thing as a perfect pram, as we each have different priorities, but it’s nice to see a decent pram for those who don’t have thousands to throw at a pram x

    • Oh definitely, that’s the thing every pram will suit the needs of different people. For the countryside or rough terrain this pram is great!

  10. I am yet to find the perfect pushchair. There always seems to be a couple of annoying points about each one I have had. x

    • I think that’ll be true for every pram really, it’s hard for them to cater for every need for every person. But I think it’s just narrowing down your particular lifestyle and figuring out what you definitely couldn’t do without and going from there. x

  11. This looks absolutely brilliant – I had a Graco travel system with my eldest son and loved it. I didn’t know they were still around. Kaz x

  12. I am not a parent but I see that which pushchair you get is a very important decision. My friends were wondering for a while before getting one!


    • We spent smooch time trying to figure out which one to get before Little london was born, reading reviews and all the negativity that each of our favoured prams came with which helped us so much.

    • Hopefully its been helpful if you’re looking at buying from this brand or this particular pram πŸ™‚ x

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