Getting Through The Summer Holidays Unscathed

I didn’t realise quite how much I relied on the regular hours Little London’s nursery provided.  He’s only in three afternoons a week, but those few hours give me some much needed respite and it gives him a chance to be loud and free.

As of last week though, those respite hours have been ripped away from me.  And the chance to be loud and preschool hyper now has to be done under controlled circumstances for my energetic three year old.

Little London literally has a never ending source of energy.  From the moment he wakes up until the second he falls asleep he’s on the go. And while I love his personality and roguish ways, I also find it a struggle because with a baby in tow I’m wanting slow, steady, calm days.  And he’s wanting high energy activities and the ability to consume every conceivable unhealthy treat he possibly can.

So we’re clashing.  When in reality I’m just tired and he just has this internal compulsion to jump enthusiastically off every piece of furniture, often in some sort of close proximity to his sisters head.

Sound familiar at all?

As if hearing my tearful pleas for help, Push Doctor have come up with a guide giving useful tips and ideas to get through the summer holidays in one piece.

Written by a team of doctors and nutritionists it addresses all the issues I’m seeking to resolve.

Healthy Eating, staying active and to keep learning. 

With healthy eating recipes on their guide that we can make together including homemade banana ice-cream I know that we can enjoy a day or morning indoors together doing something that’s actually easy but exciting for him.  Even the idea of making our own cereal sounds like fun, and something his preschooler hands have the ability to do with minimal guidance from me.  Not only is it getting him to create something, but he’ll be encouraged to eat what he’s making and it’ll give me peace of mind knowing it’s all healthier than anything shop bought.

Days out fruit picking or heading to a local free museum will give us that change of scenery but without the massive expense.  For the dinosaur mad child like mine there’s the Natural History Museum or the Sedgewick Museum of Earth Sciences in Cambridge that I’m eager to head to.  Following one of Push Doctor’s tips I’ll be making sure to bring along a packed lunch for him, so I can keep an eye on the selection and choice of food available to him at meal times.  If we buy food when we’re out I find it’s a losing battle because he recognises branding and foods marketed at children which generally contain more sugar.

In terms of staying active, we’ve signed Little London up to a tennis club after he showed enthusiasm for the sport during Wimbledon.  At £26.00 per year for preschoolers, with two classes a week it works out very cheap.  He’s never really been interested watching any other sport, but tennis for some reason excites him.  With free tennis courts near us as well, we’ll be making sure we get onto the court as much as we can.  It works brilliantly because he also likes to chase the balls- so he hits them and then runs after them.  😉

And of course lets not forget the simple pleasure of just riding a bike… I used to love it as a kid.  And my son is no different.  His little bike fits into our car with ease so we can head off anywhere we like for an enjoyable afternoon ride.

To keep learning is something I want to encourage him on while he’s on holiday to keep his mind ticking.  Today while waiting for my car to be repaired I kept him entertained at the garage by playing ‘Simon says…’  I took the opportunity to get him to recite the alphabet and to count.  I’ve actually bought some great alphabet and counting posters from Aldi to try and encourage his recognition of letters and numbers.

I also bought a few pieces from The Works which will help him creatively (note: pavement chalk and finger painting so as to keep mess to a minimal amount while I’m often half distracted with the baby) as well as reinforcing his learning when it comes to numbers and letters again.

All these things can be done at home during his sisters nap time or when I feel he’s starting to get a bit restless and bored.  And because it’s all bought online it means I can avoid the shops with a preschooler who is easily distracted by everything he wants to have.

Six weeks seems like a long time, but actually with a bit of organising it sounds like it could almost be enjoyable!

What have you got planned for the summer holidays?

On a side note Push Doctor have a competition running on their Facebook page to win £175.00 worth of vouchers and a three month Push Doctor premium membership, so totalling over £400.00.  Entry is free, and every little helps during the holidays!



  1. I’m actually really scared about how my daughter will be when she has started school and breaks up for summer… She’s already full of energy all the time, so having it all bottled up until summer could be crazy

    • Sounds like my son, he has a never ending supply of energy and has done since he was 2..!

  2. You have found some really nice idea on how to spend time with your little one and not get him bored. The banana ice cream cooking day sounds brilliant! Same for getting him enrolled for playing tennis.

  3. Good luck on getting through the summer holidays! I have no idea how you parents do it, I was a nightmare through them when I was younger.

  4. These sound like great ideas! It was Sophie’s last day of pre-school today and I need ideas to keep her occupied for 7 weeks until she starts school in September! x

    • awww they do grow up quick! Can’t believe she’s starting school already!

  5. my kids love to help in the kitchen (I say help, but often leads to stressing me out haha), but that is good for getting them eating well x

    • I totally agree… wish I was a better cook so things came out tasting nice lol

  6. I have all 3 home now and it’s hard juggling work and keeping them all entertained. Mine love arts and crafts so I am trying to combine that with taking them out to use up excess energy.

  7. I totally feel you. The first thing Rosalie does when I start feeding is to hump on the sofa? These are some great tips for burning off some toddler energy.

  8. I am having the same struggle with my toddler’s this summer, also while trying to toilet train! This is definitely am essential list of resources that I’ll keep in mind! xx

    • toilet trainmen, it’s ongoing in this household. Great if I remind him. Lazy boy alert! lol

  9. I like the idea of getting little ones into tennis, what a great way to harness their energy and make sure you have some sanity left over too LOL x

  10. i remember i was bored when i was younger during the summer, as my parents were always working. finding things to do was hard lol

    • I remember too… but I did love the nothingness as well to be honest. haha

  11. What a lovely range of things to do, we have activity planned to keep boredom at bay but don’t have half as much planned.

  12. Very wise words, thoughts & advice LondonMum (if you don’t mind me saying) which made me laugh. Your post made me remember brilliant B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T times from a ‘yesteryear’ career – watching the faces of my fabulous great-n-lively & constantly energetic Form Tutor Group (thank goodness for rugby – their best of behaviour meant an extra run-out on the rugby pitch – they loved it Ofsted inspectors didn’t think much it though haha) on the last day of term the great kids little faces: – excitedly ‘B-E-A-M-I-N-G’ … but, collecting parental faces:? – ‘G-L-U-M’ … resigned to the fact that they’d actually have to educate, occupy, stimulate & entertain their own ‘little darlings’ for 6 whole weeks cor blimey ha! I could always tell those guys who, unfortunately, didn’t have a particularly stimulating summer … they were the ones actually glad to be back at school haha! As with your fabulous LittleLondon his constant high voltage energy battery (age=bigger battery=yet more energy=increased decibel level ha) has to be constantly & constructively ‘on-the-go’ drained eh? – I just hope you can keep up ha! Talk about role reversal though LondonMum – the very 1st day of a new term – kids’ faces:? – ‘G-L-U-M’ … dropping off parental faces:? – excitedly ‘B-E-A-M-I-N-G.’ Guess what, once you’ve survived LittleLondons 1st school summer break … you’ll have to do it all again & I remember many of the girls being even more ultra-happily excited & energetic GOOD LUCK!! … & my F/T/G had to spend another academic year with me – the poor ‘darlings’ … which ‘L’ typically quipped she was surprised that anybody actually turned up … ‘touche-ed’ yet again ha! Aaaarrgghh – you’ve signed him up for W-H-A-T ?????- roll on the new rugby season haha. Onwards LondonMum – gotta go, big recital looming – gotta try-n-practice at least! (afl.)

    • Hahahah I’m literally waiting to turn glum upside down!! god knows how many weeks we have left… with this rain it’s FAR TOO MANY!!! arrgghhh!!!

  13. the six weeks are so hard aren’t they Monkey is still slow verbally and very much Tv or her Amazon fire tablet that keeps her interest. it’s not safe for either girls outside to play and when most your friends are away for the holidays you’re pretty much stuck even more so when illness strikes lol but hey lazy tv day watching movies snuggled on sofa ahhh

  14. Hope you have a good summer! I’ve always wanted to go fruit picking and as a child, that would definitely have appealed to me.

    • We used to go when we were little but my mum ouldn’t let us leave until we’d literally eaten a box full of strawberries on top of the ones we’d picked so it was ‘cost effective’ lol

  15. I have so much respect for parents and their time keeping skills. Until you’re an adult, you don’t realise how much of a nightmare summer holidays are. It’s so unfair for parents who both have jobs to keep the family afloat. The Works is such a good shout, plenty of learning material and craft supplies for little ones to stay entertained with! Good luck getting through summer, not long left now haha.

  16. The works always have fab things to keep the kids busy. I recently bought a load of stuff to take on holiday with us as it’s all so reasonably priced

  17. What a great post. Thank you for sharing your tips and tricks! I must say that I’m a little sad that summer is ending, but I’m also very excited for school season. =)

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