Finding the perfect family home| The Quarry, Erith

Buying a family home is so much harder than buying property pre-children.  Suddenly all those things you could give up like the extra bedroom, the big garden and even driveway parking if needs be become a real issue when children are added into the mix.

And with prices at a premium it often feels like something has to give in terms of the perfect family home.  Or at least that’s what we found when we were looking for a house.

Living in a one bedroom top floor maisonette was certainly not practical but for the first two and a half years of Little London’s life we made do.

So when we started looking for a new house, we decided we didn’t want to just make do.  We wanted somewhere we could live and raise our family from.  Although that was easier said then done.

Before getting the offer accepted on the house we ended up buying, we had lost out on quite a few properties.  Our final and best offers were always the second highest bids.  And to be honest we were in a strong position.  A large deposit, a mortgage in principal and we had no chain.  But it did us no favours.

One house we lost out on had over 90 views in one day and they got an offer of £60,000 over asking price.  If we had had that extra money we would have been looking at property next level up!  In the end we started looking at properties next level down in an attempt to actually get a bid accepted.

In the week that the Brexit results came in we viewed a property and put in an offer.  We had one other couple bidding for the same house.  But luckily everyone else had been scared off from the market due to the uncertainty Brexit might bring.  Our best and final offer matched their best and final offer and luckily because of our situation it meant we were picked to go ahead.

I can not tell you how frustrating those months and weeks were though to find that property.

Which was why I was happy to accept an invitation by The Quarry to visit their planned development site for a new community build in Erith.

They were hosting a family fun day which I thought would be great fun to pop along to with Little London particularly because they had so much in store for the little ones.





^^Face painting by Emily’s Entertainment



^^ Cakes by Crumbs Bakery.

And CBeebies Jess French was there, showing a variety of mini beasts that would typically be found in the area.  (Note: don’t discuss squashing spiders with a real insect enthusiast!)




Buying a new build can be the best decision when thinking of moving.  Especially if you manage to secure a property off plan giving you a great saving in the final purchase price once complete.

And in today’s climate with property, the competition is fierce so purchasing something which you can buy at a set price is just so much easier than having to go through the rigmarole of putting in bids that increasingly go up in value.

It can be quite difficult to visualise how a space might look but the carefully drawn out plans, computer generated images and architects 3D model of the primary school really helped to give the development site some real visualisation.  There will also soon be a show home on site to give an even more detailed perspective!

And being close to the planned Crossrail link means getting into central London couldn’t be easier.

What I loved the most though was how much thought they put into the family home and into the enjoyment of the children that might live there.  With a new primary school being developed on site the children will all live in a community of familiar faces.


^^3D model of the primary school, which has been designed to allow maximum natural light into the classrooms.  

With playgrounds being built into the design and a wildlife area being created to home a variety of animal species that currently call The Quarry site home it’ll be quite the place to grow up.  Especially in London.

The houses are very Scandinavian in look- my style preference, and each house has views of the River Thames with its own garden.  There is even secure under croft parking which will eliminate street congestion on the site.  Everything is just perfectly created for family life.

Buying a new build has been sold to me.  But more importantly buying a new build off plan to get those extra savings has been sold to me.  Being able to move into a place that’s brand new, clean, functioning, with guarantees and just ready to start family life is so much easier than the effort we went through to buy the property we ended up in, and now having to get work done to bring it up to scratch.

We already know that the house we bought isn’t our forever home, so in a couple of years I’ll be keeping my eye out for new build developments with that community feel, something they’ve managed to perfect with The Quarry development.



  1. I can’t wait to buy our own home we are currently renting because we need to save more for our deposit we have 4 children so finding a dream home we can afford is going to be hard.

    • Good luck! It’s so tough and we found although we didn’t want to compromise for us we had to which was a shame.

  2. The plan for the primary school looks absolutely wonderful. I love his face paint and the cupcakes looked amazing. Sounds like a great event. I am glad you finally secured a house, it can be so stressful. Well one lovely. xx

  3. I found this post really interesting. I work for a housing association and we are building all the time. Although new builds are beautiful. The downside for me is the bedrooms are often a lot smaller than an older house and you’ll always get defects with a new build xx

    • Really? I find the bedroom size is usually better. I bought a house that wasn’t a new build but it wasn’t an old property and it had great sized rooms. I often find the older the property the smaller the rooms, but older properties often have great character. One of the reasons I do love a new build is because of the guarantees you get. Something you definitely don’t get if you buy a property off someone else hands!

  4. We live in a rented home on a busy road in a town centre. It is my dream to live in a community, family focused area. I just want the girls to be able to go out and play or ride their bikes along the road and makes friends with other children in the neighbourhood and for us to make friends with their parents! I cannot wait to be in the position where we can make it a reality. I love the sound of this community. That primary school looks so wonderful!

    • That’s exactly it isn’t it. I think growing up because I was able to do that and I spent hours outdoors that I want that for my son. It’s hard to come by that kind of community now.

  5. I’ve noticed a lot of new development housings near me and they all look so nice. The property ladder is something I’m looking towards and I know it won’t be an easy one.

    • It’s exciting but probably just as stressful as renting- although you know it’s money going into your own purchase at least.

  6. This looks like a fun event. I would love to build a home one day – then you get it just how you want it 🙂

    • I’ve always considered a self build as a possibility but I think I’m too indecisive… I need someone else to create the shell otherwise I’d never settle on what I wanted lol.

  7. This looks like a great development and a fantastic event (I would love to know what you said about squishing spiders!) Hoping to move house in the next couple of years ourselves – Agree, it is so much harder with 3 kids!

    • She showed us a HUGE spider that she had found in her own house- so the obvious question was of course does she just squish them normally…. *hangs head in shame* hahah

  8. I don’t own a house and I don’t expect to in near future, but I know what you mean that finding a family home is so much more difficult than finding a place for a couple.
    We are spending this year in Bali and it took us 2 months to find a rental home, which would suit a family of four. We’ve seen so many gorgeous houses, but completely not suitable for children.
    The best thing about the house we have found is the neighbours. They are a family of four like us. Big F can play with their son and I have someone to talk to, as mum is at home most days with the baby.

    • Yeah having the children near by was such an important factor for us too. Iw anted my little one to be able to play with other kids locally like I did growing up.

  9. I’d love to build my own property but I think once you have kids it must be really hard. I was lucky that I was buying a shared ownership property, had no chain and my journey was quite smooth but next time I’m sure it won’t be as easy x

    • Yep once kids come along it definitely gets harder- if you ever decided to have kids get the ouse before stye come along! lol

  10. We live in a rented house in the city centre, but I would love to live somewhere more rural with a focus on community.

    • City centre does have its uses though. I always like a mixture of city centre and rural. Lol

  11. This was a very interesting read as I am actually looking to buy a home next year and though not sure I will have kids I have been factoring that in already. Great post

    • It’s always something to factor in even if later on you decided it’s not for you. But knowing you have a home that suits all eventualities definitely helps!

  12. Lo, thanks for the tip, If I meat her I shall not mention squashing spiders!

  13. The Quarry development sounds intriguing…we’re still looking for our dream home (forever home) and want to move further out into the country… fingers crossed we both find a lovely property soon xx

    • I like to be in the middle, I need a little bit of country life but with proximity to the city- this for me ticks both those boxes!

  14. Wow what an amazing sounding development. I love how they have designed the school, and views over the Thames would be amazing x

    • It’s hard to get your foot on the ladder which is why making sure you buy the best you can when you have that deposit is so important. x

    • It was his first time getting his face painted, he loved it! never seen him sit so still! lol

  15. I love the look of that primary school. Very smart. I used to go to a school that was like that actually. We have bought our forever home 4 weeks ago and have settled in well already

    • I wish my school had looked like that!! Good luck with the new house and congrats!!

  16. Oh there is so much to consider when planning a family home. I know that by the time we need to plan for school, we’ll move again, so not even sure which country we would settle in for the future 😉

    • We moved country quite a lot when I was younger, it’s a fun experience in itself!

    • I know what you mean, I think a lot of people felt like that post brexit. But we didn’t because back when the UK went into recession I was buying a house and I pull out of that purchase because I was uncertain of the market. To this day that was my worst decision, so when brexit happened I never let that affect our search. Until you’ve been in that situation though I know how worrying it can feel.

  17. I’m looking for a new home at the moment and its so hard trying to decide where to live. I know that I want a home that lets lots of light in and is in a nice neighbourhood but I’m not too bothered having to drive to find schools when we have a family etc xxx

    • I think that’s one of the things I love about scandinavian design- the mass of light the houses seem to get!

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