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We’re now into August, which means the start date for school is approaching ever nearer.  I’m dealing with a mixture of emotions that I never thought I’d have.

William is so ready to start school.  He’s like a sponge absorbing every little detail about the world.  He asks questions upon questions about everything- the planets, the universe even about the different materials used to create various objects.  And I know school will provide him with the tools to just fill up that void that his 4-year-old self has in terms knowledge.

But I know i’ll miss his presence at home hugely.  He’s my firstborn and I’ve rarely been without him by my side.

He’ll be in school now until he’s 18, so this is it!  He’s going in my beautiful little boy and he’ll be coming out a man ready to tackle the world head on.  Hairy legs, stubble around the face and no doubt a full teenagers attitude to boot when that time comes!

It’s a terrifying thought!

Luckily after working with Marks and Spencer earlier on in the year on a school uniform campaign, we have all of his uniform ready and prepared.  Given the heat wave the only thing we might possibly have to buy now is a pair of shorts.  But if the weather cools down we have trousers to give him that beautiful fresh, smart look.

I’m actually very excited about that first day of school picture I know I won’t be able to resist taking.

But as we know with 30 children in a class, it’s important to make sure all school clothing is labelled.  When I was little, my mum had full name tags that had to be sewn into every item of clothing we had.  And I’m so grateful that times have changed.  Because I can confirm that my sewing skills are not upto par.

Instead I’ve ordered a clothing name stamp pack from Stuck On You which will last throughout his entire school days.

So however many shirts he destroys, trousers he creates holes in or just outgrows things- because that’s what happens with kids, I’ll be able to stamp all of his clothing with ease.

The black fabric ink is long lasting, washing machine and tumble dryer proof.  It’s also waterproof meaning you can label swimwear too.  The ink is also toxic free and acid free so it won’t irritate your child’s delicate skin.

For items where black ink won’t show up, there are 12 blank white iron on labels that can be stamped.

I love the grey felt bag that the stamper, ink pad and labels can all be kept.  It means I can safely keep the kit together and use it as and when it’s needed.

With another week though until the school term starts I have that little bit of time to spend with my best boy.  And we’re certainly making sure we’re having the best summer yet!



  1. I love that little stamper, what a cool idea and so easy too! I think Marks and Spencer do excellent school clothes. I hope William enjoys his first day, he looks like a little bundle of energy!

    • Oh he really is!!! I’m so sad to lose him to the school system but also so happy for him because he’ll thrive on this next part of life.

  2. argh back to school! My daughter is starting too and although she is ready, I’m not sure I am! I haven’t seen a stamp like this before, looks fab. And much better than sewing labels x

    • Exactly how I feel. I know he’ll thrive at school but it’s almost like losing your child to the system.. which I guess is actually what’s happening.. hmmm.

  3. This looks like a very good idea. It can be very annoying when labels come off so this looks even better

  4. I love how the ink is toxic free which is something that is so important as you don’t want your child’s skin to become irriated. I love how quick and easy it is to use and will be great to stop kids losing their school clothes.

    • I know right, it’s not something I would have considered but I have sensitive skin and I know children have much more sensitive skin.

  5. Labelling your children’s clothes is SO important – you wouldn’t believe the number of times I’ve seen kids sniff clothes to identify the owner . . .
    Enjoy the last week of the holidays together

    • ewwwww!! hahah that’s gross… although also quite clever. Hopefully my son will just stick to looking for his name stamp! lol

    • I know we’ll be in the same position so having something to hand that’s easy to label will just make that part of my life more bearable! lol

  6. … message for ‘MENSA’:- “WILLIAM’S ON HIS WAY!!” – all suited, booted & labelled ha. Blimey, where did those 4 years go then? I remember many parents being more apprehensive than their timid little chicks on their 1st school day, but, judging by your post-n-photos, William’s obviously confidently fledged, soaring magnificently high, proudly firing on all energetic-n-inquisitive cylinders, rarin’ to go & ready to question (& put right) the whole universe – great stuff!! I think that ‘Einstein’s Theory of Relativity’ will soon be replaced by ‘Williams Theory of Reality ha?’ I pity his poor teacher ha! I hope you won’t mind me saying LondonMum – but, I remember an old school saying; “Children often reflect their parents.” … in ‘L’ & mine (& the B&WC) Dorset-ian opinions, you are obviously doing a B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T job (& your ‘second-in-command’ of course) – William’s a total credit to you!! GO GET EM’ “SIR LITTLE TROUSERS!” Good luck. Don’t forget ya’ hanky on the big day … or cum-to-think-of-it … Evie haha! Hope you’re not feeling too wobbly yourself! Hope all goes well. Onwards LondonMum.
    PLEASE CHECK ya’ “LONDONMUM@HOTMAIL” – the very first 2 tracks (both copyrighted to you) – now the studio’s finally re-built – from the B&WC to help support his proud Mum & celebrate her little princes ‘big day’ (not forgetting his ‘lil-sis’ of course.)

    • Woooo I’ll have a good listen, thank you so much! Tomorrow is the big day! His little knock knees will be on show as we’ll be donning shorts I think! hahah x

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