East Side Baby (that’s errrmmm… London East)

Being from London, you can’t really escape certain styles and looks.  Each area of London has a specific style.  You have your posh areas such as Chelsea and Kensington and you have your more Urban areas like Shoreditch and Dalston.  When you’re in different parts of London for whatever reason you do tend to dress for that area.. at least I know I do.

If I’m going on a night out in the West I’ll wear a sexy dress, heels and clutch my Chanel purse.  My hair will be perfectly blow dried and my make up will be more neutral and eye based.

If I’m on a night out East anything goes really! But if you go out dressed to the nines you’ll look a tad out-of-place.  It’s perfectly acceptable to go out East in ankle boots, jeans, a  thrown on top with bolder, stronger make up incorporating bright lipstick colours.  Hair is never perfectly coiffed it’s messy and looks like you’ve been dragged through a bush.  If you so desire you can even wear flats on a night out East and whatever clothes you wore in the day time and not look out-of-place.

So when I was asked to review Capology I found it rather fitting to be honest.  I’ve no doubt when I head out East with baby in tow I’ll be giving his outfit a little urban spin!  I don’t want him to be the odd kid now do I? 😉

And this is just perfect…


It’s so cute, and the baby blue colour is perfect.

I know his head circumference will be a bit small for a while but he’ll grow into it!  Just imagine his fat little cheeks poking out from under his cap.  I’m putting it on his must buy list 😉

Capology do a range of caps for infants and children, as well as kids t-shirts and adult urban items too.  The items are all aimed at males, but some of the accessories are unisex such as the scarfs and hats.


And I won’t lie but how sexy would a baseball top look as nightwear? Maybe there are some purchases for us girls after all!


If you want to urbanise your wardrobe a little make sure to visit Capology.


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