Early Pregnancy Scan| 6 Weeks

Tentatively I sat in the waiting room at the hospital waiting for my name to be called.


As I’d walked in I had spotted an Asian couple at the end of the hallway sitting on some chairs.  They were expressionless but I noticed the soft caress of the man as his arm was draped over his wife’s shoulders.

Not long after I sat down I overheard the nurse say she would take them to the birthing unit to get booked in.  I’m guessing her baby didn’t show up alive and she was being booked in to have it removed.

My heart sank for them.

The lady on the chair next to mine was called in with her family next.  She was with her husband and one year old daughter.  She came bouncing out.  Her news was obviously good.

Then it was my turn.  My name was called and I was taken into the room.

As expected there was a bed for me to lie on.  Instead of the internal scan being done straight away though my physician did the normal standard scan.  She spotted the sac straight away.  She told me that was good news.  But surely the news is only good if there’s an actual baby inside.

This is where the internal scan came in.  Being so small the normal scan can’t pick anything up but after inserting the internal scan she was able to locate the sac and see the baby.

And it’s heart beat.

And true to the dates I have, the baby measured 3.2mm which makes it around the beginning of the 6 week mark.

While she continued to search using the internal probe to locate the cause of the bleeding I have to admit things started to get a bit uncomfortable.

But there was absolutely no reason for the bleeding to be found.

Funny really because once she removed the probe and handed me a tissue to clean up there was blood on the tissue.

Because they can’t locate the cause of the bleeding they can’t tell me if it’ll stop or continue throughout my pregnancy.  She did say it could be due to the scar tissue surrounding my caesarean scar as my uterus expands.  Well that’ll be exciting when I start to get really big.

I shouldn’t complain, the baby is alive and for now it’s perfectly formed.  I just wish I knew what the pain and bleeding was from.

I would have loved to have shared a picture with you, but we weren’t offered one and it felt wrong to ask if we could have one knowing people were going in for the same reason as I was there.  And for many families they’ll be leaving the early pregnancy unit heavy with their loss.  A picture means nothing in the grand scheme of things.



  1. I’m glad the scan went well for you, I can’t imagine what the other families have to deal with when the news isn’t what they wanted x

  2. So so pleased everything was ok for you! That wait to go in is horrible, I had some spotting when I thought I was around 11weeks with Eliot (turned out I was 10) & I remember the whole experience so clearly x

    • It feels like a 50/50 chance at the time. I’m sure statistically that isn’t right but it feels like it could very easily be you.

  3. so glad to hear the scan went well. At least you can relax a little more in the coming weeks. Sending positive vibes x

  4. I feel an incredibly deepened sadness when I hear families who go through awful news, that couldn’t have been nice to watch in the waiting room! I’m so pleased that your scan went well, even though they can’t locate the bleeding. Hopefully it’ll become clear as to why its happening but your baby is safe and sound, how amazing!!

    • It’s heart breaking, you can’t give them comfort either when you don’t know them but you wish you could take the pain away.

  5. I’m so happy that your scan went well, even though you didn’t get all the answers you want. I hope your pregnancy goes swimmingly well too! Xx

  6. This brings back memories to our early scans because of bleeding. It’s scary how common it is but great how the outcome is often really positive. Sending all the love to you and bump! Can’t wait to meet him or her when they join our tribe!!!xxxx

    • It’s a growing tribe! But the time I’m due I reckon one of you will be pregnant again 😉

  7. I hope all goes well. It is probably nothing – I had the exact same thing around 7-8 weeks and they could not find the issue for the blood. I am not 18 weeks and all seems ok so far.

  8. I hope all still going well for you….. mine was bleeding all the way through, but is now an annoying and very lively 10 yr old! fingers and toes crossed for you xx

    • Gosh isn’t it strange how bleeding is seen as something really awful in pregnancy, but so many women bleed throughout pregnancy!

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