Dry Skin & Nausea| 7 Weeks & 3 Days

Judging by the way this pregnancy is going everything seems to marry up with my first pregnancy- minus the bleeding of course.  Which by the way is still there.

It’s less frequent so I get bouts of confidence and then suddenly it’s there again.  So I’m now starting to just get used to it.

But the rest of my pregnancy is exactly the same as first time around- so I’m thinking I might be in for another boy.


A pregnancy sympton I’d forgotten about was the horrific dryness of my skin.  Honestly it’s awful.  My face feels flaky and crisp- if that’s a way to describe it.

Around my eyes it’s so dry I’m actually concerned about the deep lines it might cause unless I sort it out.

It’s so bad that I’m actually cleansing my skin with coconut oil and a muslin cloth, and then slathering more coconut oil on top as a moisturiser.  And it’s STILL dry!

Nausea has well and truly hit too.  But other than dry retching I’ve not yet been sick.  Close but not quite.  The problem I find with the nausea though is suddenly I’m off food, everything I might like I turn away.  I usually want to eat something very specific.

This morning I turned down a fresh bought almond croissant for breakfast and craved either a pizza or a curry.  I compromised by having minestrone soup.  After all it’s not like I’m going to have every food craving I suddenly might want in the fridge ready to go.

I know I need to get off my butt tomorrow and try and book in my first midwife appointment.  The problem with moving house means I need to wait for my NHS notes to transfer over, but because of the bleeding I’m still very anxious.  Once I’ve got a medical team I’ll feel better- I think.



  1. Have you tried anything from Eucerin or Epaderm. I don’t really suffer from dry skin but I LOVE Epaderm, you can bathe with it as well as moisturise. I love the stuff. I had some dryness from a skin peel and it was a saviour! Weleda also have nice products for dry skin. X

  2. That’s so strange. Every pregnancy is so different. In previous pregnancies I have had horrendous pregnancy acne but this time round I havnt experienced it at all xx

    • I’ve been lucky that my skin clears up minus the horrific dry phase. But otherwise I end up with great skin- it all goes down hill after the birth though lol

  3. Didn’t know the skin can get so dry when you are pregnant! Everyone says pregnant women have a special glow, thought the skin got better, it’s quite scare all the symptoms one can get from a pregnancy!

    • It’s ridiculous! Everything and anything! lol. My sister ended up with skin tags all over her neck with her first baby- I never knew that could happen!

    • It’s just so debilitating. I feel like I can’t leave the house because I just feel like I’m going to throw up!

    • I keep telling myself it’s all signs of a good pregnancy. But it’s hard to see the positive when you feel so horrific at times lol. x

  4. how odd that there is still bleeding. must be so stressful. I find stress dries out my skin too, particularly under the eyes – not sure if that would be related? I like to use an emollient cream, especially before bed and it has worked wonders x

    • Yes I get it under the eyes and top of the cheeks and up the face. I’m going to have to consider an emollient next time!

  5. I remember having similar symptoms a few years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter, although I found the nausea was actually worse than physically being sick, as it was just constantly there. I hope your first midwife appointment goes well 🙂 x

    • Yeah just the constant feeling of nausea is just so frustrating. It’s hard to get things done.

  6. Nausea is the worst, it would be great if you could just be sick and then it go away. I had nausea and was rarely sick just had the lingering feeling all day long and dry heaving. I hope it calms down for you and I’m not sure what to suggest for the skin xx

    • Yep that lingering feeling is just horrible. I tried describing it to my partner and could only say it feels like your starving because your stomach is rumbling and uncomfortable but the idea of food or eating just makes you feel worse.

  7. Oh babe, you’re not having the best time, are you?! Luckily the dry skin can be combatted (have you tried an emollient like Cetraben? It’s the only thing that works for my crusty-ass elbows!), but the nausea can’t be fun at all…

    • Gonna have to hunt down some certraben if it returns. It’s ridiculous how dry it becomes! lol

  8. Will send some bottled Sandbanks sea & air – both famous for their skin ‘return to glowing’ & ‘restoring confidence’ qualities! Yep, having a medical team with you has just got to reassure you on so many fronts – the sooner the better eh?

    HAHA – Will you stop it haha! … Had to laugh LondonMum, sorry, I know I shouldn’t really but, you know me, I’ve had enough of being ‘serious PC’ – (but ‘L’ & I & the B+WC’re still with you in overcoming your undeserved turmoil nevertheless!!) A curry? – A CURRY?? Now you’re talking! Try a vindaloo, or, better still – a Dorset phall – that should speed things up. Aahha, “SOFAS” – plural. See, I told you it could be twins … 1 for each sofa. You carry on leisurely loafing LondonMum – after all, there’s no better loaf than an aptly named ‘Mothers Pride’ loaf (you won’t remember those hahaha.) Look after your fabulous Mum LittleLondon & keep up the UnPC!! – ssshhhh, she’ll love it really ha. Look after yourself LondonMum … NO LIFTING!! … & POSITIVELY ONWARDS! (stuck in a recording studio for 3 days now – oh joy!)

    • I do love a curry hahaha. Not sure a vindaloo would be a good idea htough1 God knows what would happen with that! (I shudder to think). It’s definitely not twins- that’ I’ve made sure of…. my stomach couldn’t handle that kind of stretch! Phew!

    • If you ever decided to have a bay you amy end up the other way and end up really greasy! lol. There’s just no telling what symptoms you’ll end up with!

    • It’s one of those things you only ever imagine the good of, but then hits you and you realise pregnancy is just not fun whatsoever! lol

  9. Gosh, I’d forgotten about all these problems. I used to add geranium and rosehip oil to E45 and go to bed with a massive white layer on my face … proper old fashioned cold cream

    • DO you know what I haven’t but have heard great things about it for eczema sufferers- thanks!

    • I sailed through my pregnancy with mason, but I did forget that I did have nausea for the beginning part. I’ve now started to remember the rest of my pregnancy with him and am thinking it wasn’t quite as plain sailing as I remember! lol

  10. Oh no, I feel for you the nausea can be awful and make it really hard to get out and about, hope it passes soon x

    • A couple of weeks ago I had a good spell and thought it was done for- I should never think that lol. It returned and I’m back to blah!

  11. Babe you should sniff ginger or lemon, or drinking ginger ale or lemonade, which can help ease the feeling of nausea.
    Hope you better soon, and congratulation to become mom !

    • Yeah I’m starting to realise fizzy drinks do seem to help. Even fizzy water. I do love ginger ale too 😉

    • I can not remember what my skin was like post birth… eeeekkk hope it’s not dry again! I’ve managed to get it under control!

    • It varies day to day really. Some days I’m perfectly fine and other days I feel awful. It’s been getting progressively better I find though. 🙂

  12. your dry skin is still bleeding?, is that hurt?. Have you ever tried Exfoliate or go to sauna. But remember to ask some advices from your doctor and it the amount of time you spend inside to 15 minutes or less. Hope the nausea ends soon.

    • Sauna is a no go when pregnant 🙁 But for the skin it’s just the hormones unfortunately. It does calm down in time but it’s so uncomfortable.

  13. Reading your story so that I realize that I was in that case too. I think that during the pregnant time, there are many things make the skin dry. You should ask for advice from the doctor before using anything because it may cause a bad result.

    • Very true, coconut oil I know is ok because they say it’s great for stretch marks too.

  14. Hi have you ever tried Aloe Vera? It is really a magic for the skin, it can treat sunburn and acne, moisturize your skin. It’s kinda hard to eat for some people but it really works if you eat the raw aloe vera, 1 leave everyday for 1-2 months. I mean the actual aloe vera leaves, not the canned one. Just peel off the skin of it, crush the meat inside and eat.
    In case you couldn’t eat the raw aloe vera, you can also juice it but add just a very little amount of sugar.

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