Copenhagen in 3 Days | The Video

Finally, the video for Copenhagen is up and ready.  So I hope you enjoy it.  I didn’t really film as much as I’d hoped, but that was because I was just having such a good time that technology kind of just went out of mind!

I didn’t completely fail though so there’s enough footage for a nice little insight into my 3 day break with some friends.


If you do want more information make sure to check out my picture heavy post; which gives an idea of itinerary, and my Copenhagen on a Budget post; which I tell you about the holiday, my opinions and costings.

Enjoy 🙂



  1. I went this summer with my husband and our toddler and it was brilliant. There’s something really cool about the place, I felt woefully unstylish. Therereally is something everyone.

    • Oh gosh yes, everyone is impeccably stylish! It’s a great place to go shopping for that reason. If my budget was larger I definitely would have! x

  2. This is definitely on my list for a future trip, especially after seeing how much fun you had! Will have to check out your other posts on it so I can do it cheaply! xx

    • Yeah definitely have a read. We did it on a generous budget. I think you could do it much cheaper if you wanted to and were a bit more careful over drinking and eating out etc. x

  3. Seems like a fun trip. Is it just me or is everyone going ot Copenhagen these days? This is the second blogger in two day sI see writing about Copenhagen.

    • Gotta be the cheap flights lol. Seriously so cheap at the moment with easy jet! And so near so it’s not that much effort 😉 x

  4. I have never been to Copenhagen. Good to know how to do it on a budget. There are so many places I need to visit!

    • I’ve still got a list of places to visit! It seems to get longer and not shorter too 🙁 x

    • Once I start though I find it hard to stop lol. travelling like opening a cannon pringles lo x

  5. I enjoyed watching your video, it really shows hoe much fun you had. I’m inspired now to take some video on my next holiday rather than just photos.

    • Yes you really must! I prefer taking pictures and often forget about filming, but whenI’m home I’m glad I’ve got a little film memory as well x

    • take advantage and go as often as possible! I’d so marry a Dane if that was possibility hahah x

  6. It looks like you had an Amazing time! It’s so beautiful. Great post, I loved seeing your travels

  7. I love travel posts and I am sure I have read your budget post too , loved the tips

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