Convertibles Bundle Deal by Miles Kelly

There was a great response to the convertible books that I mentioned in my toddler gift guide, and the publishing company kindly sent one of their Christmas bundles for Little London to open up and enjoy.


These bundles are currently on sale at £20.00 and includes three of the convertible books.  So that’s up to 60% of RRP!

So if you were considering buying one of their convertible books for Christmas this is a deal worth considering, especially if you have multiple children to buy for.

If you have a child that’s really into Princess books they also have a £20.00 Princess bundle if the other vehicles don’t appeal.

So something for everyone 🙂  I did a little video to show you the books as I’ve previously written about their tractor book, so thought I’d show you their book in a different light.



    • Very handy! Although we were sent three I’ve kept two aside because they make greta gifts and our little one has twin cousins that would love them!

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