I hold my hands up and admit that I’ve been terrible at getting footage during Little London’s 20th month.  But I did manage to get some random nice bits which I put together so you can get an idea of what my little chub is like at 20 months.


We filmed tiny bits of his Christening day, not as much as I would have hoped but to be honest when you’re the hostess there really isn’t much time to do anything else- least of all hold a camera!

To make up for the fact I had literally filmed nothing and is was approaching his 21st month, I filmed a morning in our lives.  I decided to take him to our local library baby and toddler group.  I haven’t taken him since he was really young, because as a baby he was a fidget and all he would do was pull books off shelves.  It seems age hasn’t helped him out here! He still just wants to pull books off shelves rather than get involved.  Although he wasn’t as bad as he used to be, and there were a few occasions when he went into the middle of the room to just spin himself in circles!

I also managed to get a bit of footage when we finally visited London Zoo.  He was in a bit of a temper that day which is why he has his dummy in more than we would usually allow.  But like Mr Beckham says, sometimes you just know when your child needs soothing and comforting.  He was quite intrigued by the animals, but just as intrigued at trying to get down stairs using his new method.  He absolutely loved the carousel at the zoo as well, but he didn’t want to go on it- he just wanted to watch it.  We probably spent an hour of our time at the zoo watching the carousel going round at various points in the day.

All in all a standard but great month.  These toddlers are a handful but so damn cute!



  1. From pre baby to LondonMum “chub” days, from rockhopping penguins to bubble blowing polar bears, from overseas holidays to UK jaunts (‘cept down ‘ere ha,) from libraries to carousels, from oh so brilliant photos to steaming nappies, from a 1st dodgy haircut to a future heart breaking chocolate covered face, from 0 – 20 months to today … time’s proving 1 thing … you’re both getting better & better & b…..! Onwards LondonMum. (news awaits you ha.)

  2. Aww how cute! Looks like you had a great day at the zoo, even if he was a little grumpy. And the footage from his christening is adorable! Stephanie x

    • I need her to come to the group with us lol, my son is the only one that does it- he needs a partner in crime 😉

  3. He’s so adorable! My little girl is the same age as well and we too have to reach for the dummy on her grumpy days. Xx

  4. So cute! It’s fab that you’re getting all of this footage, I really wish I’d got more of the boys when they were little x

    • It’s the reason I make sure I do it, although some days feel like a lifetime it does go by quickly and I’ll miss these early days when he’s older. x

  5. They are a bit of a handful aren’t they. I think that’s why capturing their cuteness takes a bit of a backburner as I know I’m usually too busy chasing after them

    • Definitely! I’m usually chasing him trying to stop him from killing himself! Honestly they just love a bit of danger don’t they?!

  6. Such a lovely video Donna. It’s so nice being able to capture these memories on camera. I wish i had more videos of the kids. I can’t believe William is 20 months already!! He’s growing so fast x

    • They just get cuter and cuter! The toddler stage is so much fun, but I know it’ll just keep becoming more and more fun x

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